The social networking giant Facebook has updated its web interface and the Android app today with a tremendously useful, long-overdue new feature: the ability to edit a status update after it has been posted. It’s coming real soon to the iOS edition of the mobile Facebook app, the company has confirmed. Editable status updates function just like an edit history feature for comments, meaning your audience will get to browse revisions to each and every status update.

This is God-sent for folks who post statuses in two or more languages on a daily basis, like myself. Deleting and re-posting a status update (and losing all the cherished likes, shares and comments in the process) just because of a typo (especially on mobile) quickly gets old.

This is definitely going to be a nice addition to my social networking arsenal…

This feature is launching on the web (see below) and via a Facebook Android app update later this afternoon and is coming to iOS real soon.


According to TechCrunch, people should be able to edit all posts and comments from the web, Android or iOS. The ability to to edit comments was added to the web interface in June of last year.

Editing the status update after it’s been posted will be as easy as tapping the down arrow in the top right and selecting ‘Edit Post’ to change the text.

Your revisions and original post will still be viewable if friends check your post’s edit history, though. For comments, hovering over or tapping a post will reveal a pencil icon on the right you can click to start editing.

If you’re on Facebook, I’m guessing you’ll find the change tremendously useful, especially after a nasty status update following a late-night chat session with your ex.

I’m also guessing editable comments will come to Facebook-owned Instagram at some point. Google’s own social thing, Google+, has had post editing for a while and it’d certainly be nice to see editing come to Twitter.

The universal Facebook app is free on the App Store.

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  • John Sklikas

    Yeah but you still can’t edit a comment from the iOS app (you can edit only from the desktop site)…

    • Jonathan

      Read the title. “Coming to iOS soon”

      • John Sklikas

        I didn’t say post, I said comment, read my comment again…

      • Jonathan

        Slap me, lol. sorry 😛

      • John Sklikas

        Haha it’s fine 🙂

      • Kevin Osborne

        Jonathan loves to flame on iDB constantly. All he does is sit on here calling people out for things.

    • CryptoCoin420

      used to be able to in one of the older iOS Facebook version, i remember being able to tap and hold and edit, for some reason they took that feature away. SMH! Stupid FB

  • Jonathan


  • CryptoCoin420

    This should have been an option from the GET GO i mean come on!!!!! I hate it when I make a typo from my iPhone then I have to go to the desktop, just to copy the post, delete it, then re-paste it with the edited version of the post. Absolutely ridiculous! I just was complaining about this yesterday!!

  • Mark

    I’d love to be able to edit my status, but why does it need to have a viewable history?

    • mahe

      well … otherwise you would be able to do some big shit with it ..
      You post a status
      someone comments
      You edit the status and change it so something with a complete other meaning/content

      So the already posted comment(s) get a complete other meaning too (if they fit)

    • bigtalk

      so others can know when others are trying to be slick..

    • Mark

      I completely understand the good side of this, and I’m not against it, but a small edited icon is probably enough to indicate that the post has been edited (no matter what the content is). That’s why I’ve modified the post cause I want to get rid of something irrelevant, or decided not to show something crucial that I’ve posted by mistake, this usually happens to me especially when I copy a big chunk of texts and don’t really have the time to revise and go through it, or even still have something that could distract the reader which btw is what I do as part of work and as a head of an organisation.

      Don’t get me wrong, but I would love to re-use or recycle recent status updates to keep the page consistent and not nested with the same information again and again.

  • Sigurd Boe

    I think you are over hyping this feature. Yes its great, but calling it a god-sent is maybe too much. Yes I type multi-languaged, and yes I delete and remake my statuses if I make typo’s.

    • bigtalk


    • CPVideoMaker101

      yeah, since god doesn’t exist, implying god like would be delusional.