iPhone 5 appsNow that Apple has released iOS 7 for everyone, at least 18 percent of us will be checking out what new features all of those iOS 7 updated apps have, while some lucky Apple fans will be testing out the slow-mo camera and Touch ID of the new iPhone 5S.

Whether you are looking for new apps to compliment your new iOS look, or just want a good old fashioned strategy game, we have a list of apps and games that will make your weekend go by way too fast…

Gestrument LE

Gesturement LEYou don’t have to be a music maker to make music on the iPhone. These days, there are plenty of apps that let you create amazing sounds, beautiful songs, and shredding guitar riffs without having to know a single note on an instrument. This app lets you make interesting and unique sounds by dragging your finger across an XY axis. Choose from dozens of different presets and fine-tune your favorites to create musical variations that will make your friends think you’ve been taking lessons in secret. This app is available for $0.99.

Google Wallet

Google WalletTired of being asked if you use Square Wallet? Don’t like Paypal? Google’s iOS payment app makes it possible for you to send money to anyone in the U.S. with an email address. You can add your loyalty cards, offers, and more, making it easy to redeem them in a store. The app uses location-based technology to let you know about nearby sales and offers from Google Offers. Send others money and make purchases online using your debit or credit card. This app is available for free.


ShadeIf you are unimpressed with Apple’s floating cloud animation in the native Weather app, maybe you are looking for something simpler. Shade offers a very basic, but informative look at the day’s weather. With just a glance, find out how hot it is by seeing the color of the screen. Check out simple graphs showing temperature and precipitation. Tap and hold the grid to see a more detailed look at the hourly predictions. Get an idea for what the weather will be like over the next seven days. Add multiple locations to keep track of weather in your friend’s town. This app is available for $1.99.

Pet Peave Monsters

Pet Peaves PetsI’ve already said so in my review of the game, but this little virtual pet game is definitely addictive. I can’t stop playing it. My little monsters are so cute, but also super ferocious. Hatch and raise an adorable monster by feeding it bugs, playing with it, and teaching it to catch. You can even play it a mix tape and watch it dance. Once fully grown, send your Peave into battle against up to four other monsters. Using local Wi-Fi, fight Peaves against each other on multiple devices and watch as they move from one screen to another. This game is available for $0.99.

Total Conquest

Total ConquestGameloft has just launched a new empire building game that takes place in the Roman Empire. As Governor of a burgeoning town, you must decide whether to join allegiances with another town, build your own army, or roll over and let the more powerful army win. You will be able to build and manage your own unique city, defend your city with towers, traps, and walls, and hire citizens to make your army strong. Use your strategy planning skills to overthrow neighboring cities and defend your own land. Team up with friends through Facebook and Game Center to win multiplayer Legion Wars. This game is available for free.


LoungeBuddyIf you regularly travel by air, you probably find yourself waiting to transfer from one plane to another. LoungeBuddy helps you find a social place to hang out while waiting for your ride. This app displays all airport lounges in the busiest airports around the world. You’ll be able to figure out whether you need a special pass to get into a lounge, how much a drink costs, and whether the bartenders are friendly. You can also submit your own experience to help the app add more lounges to the list. If you are looking for a specific amenity, filter the list to find what you need. This app is available for free.

OmniFocus for iPhone 2

OmniFocus 2The Omni Group has recently updated its line of iOS productivity apps to be compatible with Apple’s newest mobile operating system. Instead of simply updating the previous version of OmniFocus for iPhone, the company has decided to launch a whole new app. This app lets you organize tasks by goals and then work toward the goals more efficiently by grouping tasks. Create new tasks, plan your day, get notifications, connect to Siri for extra assistance, break larger tasks up into smaller, more manageable goals, get a forecast of your week’s projects, and more. This app is available for $19.99.

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  • Question

    This is a offtopic question but does anyone know how i could spend the 32 cents left in my appstore account? I want to change my appstore country region for an app. I tried to make a new account for a certain country but i didn’t know the postal codes and stuff lol

    • Moi

      You can google the postal codes and other stuff

      • Question

        Thanks i did it. But the app isnt compatiable with the iTouch 5g lol waste of time :/

      • Moi

        I’m curious , what app could someone go by all of that to get ?

      • Question

        Lol i was trying to get BBM i was curious how it would be

      • kayla

        Its releasing tomorrow!

      • anonymous

        perhaps BBM and New Zealand account.

      • Raul M

        what is BBM? lol

      • Chris Holden

        2005 has the answer..

    • Chris Winebrenner

      Buy an app when it says add a debit card add it and it will charge the rest of the amount over 32 cents to the card seems like the only way to do that

    • Ishaan Malhotra

      You can get bbm on ipod only if youre jailbroken. If u have credits left, u cant change your country.

  • omrishtam

    total conquest=clash and clans gameloft verison….

  • Diego Gastón Milano

    How come no one said anything about Shade°? It’s awesome!

    • We said something about Shade. It’s listed in our selection of the week

      • Diego Gastón Milano

        Not you the guys at iDB, rather I meant the people in the comments. 🙂
        I read the full article and I had never heard of it until then.

  • CokaJailbreak

    Dear Jeff, or any of the other iDownloadblog staff,

    I am a very big fan of your site and I love your videos. But the way you record the iphone screen is really nice, I just wanted to know what program and or app that you use to do that?

    Thank you!

    • Chris Holden

      a magician never reveals his secret

    • Om

      I think he uses AirPlay to mirror the screen to his Mac, and then records it. I’m not sure.

  • Question

    Slowww news day. I love this site but i hate saturdays and sundays because its usually when there isnt much new news.

  • Joseph A. Ahmad

    Hmm, I keep running into really cool weather apps and get tempted. But Shade° seems more than just novel, so I think I’m going to give it a try.

  • HaRmAn

    total conquest stuck on content downloading at 2%

  • Guest

    what happend to Apples “clumsy ninja ” that was goin to be realesed a looooong time ago ?

  • Alexis

    If you’re into the Shade App, I’ve made a similar one : Nice Weather. Check it out, it’s free !