Get rich with Big Fish Casino for iOS

Big Fish Casino 1

If you find yourself longing for a trip to Las Vegas, where the streets are lined with casinos and there is a slot machine around every corner, there is a way to get the variety and excitement of a city full of gambling without having to leave the comfort of your living room.

Big Fish Casino features free slots, Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, and more. Play on hundreds of different slot machines, compete against friends in various games, and if you play your cards right, you won’t have to spend a dime…

This game includes tons of slot machines with their own fun adventures. Play Forbidden Island for a chance to earn coins when the volcano erupts. Compete against up to five friends in Slot Racers Gold. Go spelunking for treasure in the Enchanted Cavern.

Big Fish Casino 2

Most slot machines feature their own mini games where you can earn additional tickets and chips. There is a “Social Scatter” slot game section where gamers play together and win together. You can also compete against your friends, live, in a game of Blackjack or Poker.

Worried about spending all of your real money in this virtual casino? With enough patience, you won’t have to buy any in-app purchases. There are multiple ways to earn coins.

Every day that you log in, you’ll get a free ticket for a mini game in the Reward Center where you can win free chips and gold for playing. Mini games offer chips, gold, power ups, instant XP increases, and gifts. Get extra tickets every day by adding Facebook friends.

Big Fish Casino 4

There are also multi-hour bonuses. You’ll get free chips every four hours. You can increase the free chip bonus by purchasing items from the Get Chips store.

Just like at a real casino, you can flaunt your wins and share the wealth by sending someone gifts. Gift Shop items can be purchased with gold that you win or buy at the casino. You can buy chip packages, power ups, and gold gifts to either keep for yourself, or send to your friends.

The app was recently updated to have “Super Speed” slot machines with free spins. Plus, the win animations have gotten even bigger so you can really feel like you are sitting at a casino slot machine when it blinks, beeps, and flashes in your face.

Big Fish Casino is available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch for free. Download it in the App Store today.