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  • This weeks top story was iPhone 5S and that’s it …

    • Just Saying…

      • Onyxus_Music

        Even though the 5s is the new flagship iPhone, I feel like the 5c has been getting more coverage. It’s logical, since it’s something “new.” I say “new” because people, who know a little more than the average person about iPhones, know that the 5c is, actually, and iPhone 5 covered in plastic.

      • Tommy Gumbs

        I have never seen plastic with colors harness so much attention. All Apple did was figure out a way to offer more choices and increase there margin

      • While still using a year old hardware.

      • I admit that, you’re right the new is still new.

  • Matthew

    iTunes 11.1 beta 2 was released a while ago.

    • Still waiting for windows version.

  • Tulai Paul

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  • David

    I’m disappointed in the way the fingerprint “TouchID” system was implemented on the 5s. I think that particular system should only unlock nefarious data.
    What apple should have done IMHO is couple the touchID system with the notification center. Allowing the user to see information only valuable to them using the sensor and as the user keeps their finger depressed on the sensor more and more information comes to life. All without draining the battery.

    I would have also liked to have seen other options available for using other fingers (or “digits” if you want to get technical).

    All in all. Good implementation on the hardware and firmware end.

    But the software end and everything from a user stand point could have been better.

    ps: However don’t get me wrong. I think apple still did a good job here in some small respects and i see this being helpful especially to enterprise business users who want redundant auditing.