Apple seeds iOS 7 GM to developers: this is what’s new

ios 7 gm

In a not-so-surprising move, Apple has released iOS 7 GM to developers this afternoon. The release follows Apple’s big iPhone event this morning, where it went over major features from the software and unveiled two new handsets.

The GM, or Golden Master, release should be the final one before the update is rolled out to the public next week. And it’s available now to all registered app developers through Apple’s dev center—no sign of over-the-air just yet…

It’s been more than two weeks since iOS 7 has seen an update. That was beta 6 and included just a simple fix for an iTunes in the cloud issue. We’re expecting today’s GM update to be of similar significance, as Apple adds the finishing touches.

But to be sure, we’re installing the new firmware on our devices, and will be sure to report back with any new changes worth note. And as always, if you happen to come across something, be sure to tell us about it in the comments below!

What’s new in iOS 7 GM

As we continue to dig through the new information in iOS 7 GM, we’ll be listing any major changes we find below: