Wallpapers of the week: t-shirt images look amazing

Red T Peter Nguyen splash

On our tenth anniversary for Wallpapers of the Week, I took a simplistic design and a simplistic subject matter as the focus of this week’s offering. Of course, there is nothing simple about the upcoming week for Apple news and fans the world round.

We are on the edge of iPhone history, when Tuesday, the newly planned models will be announced. Earlier this week, iDB highlighted excellent September 10 event wallpapers by Bas van der Ploeg and linked to another set designed by a community standard, Surenix.

In the meantime, we are happy to feature a new set of walls to hold everyone over until the excitement begins…


Over the past nine weeks, I have featured amazing graphic artists that hand created wallpapers perfect for iOS. A majority of the first featured artists have large portfolios and a lot of experience manipulating beautiful pixels. In a turn toward true simplicity, this week I am featuring “artist” Peter Nguyen. When I first received the following walls, I really enjoyed the slight color variations. Asking Nguyen how exactly he managed to create the images, I was quite shocked at his creativity.

The following images are pictures of Nguyen’s t-shirts! The ultimate in simplicity, Nguyen took a close up snapshot of his t’s and cut them to the appropriate resolution. Voila!

Red T Peter Nguyen Preview  Green T Peter Nguyen Preview

iPhone 5: Red; Green


Maybe your t-shirts are awesome too. Send over your wallpaper submissions directly to me for consideration. I receive many images each week and make sure to consider them all. However, with the number of submissions, we cannot spend time resizing them for posting.

For future submissions, please send at least two different wallpapers and ensure the resolution perfectly matches at least one specific Apple device. For example, iPhone 5 is 640×1136 or iPad retina is 2048×2048. Simply submitting pictures taken with a camera or iPhone is not acceptable for full consideration. To make it easy, send me a tweet @jim_gresham or embed the image in an email to jim@idownloadblog.com. I look forward to seeing your walls!


As with most posts, I receive many complaints about not hosting the images for iPhone 4/S or iPad 2/mini or retina. First, an iPhone 5 image will fit an iPhone 4/S. Also, an iPad retina wallpaper will fit an iPad 2/mini. Double tap the image and it will scale appropriately to the smaller resolution screen.

When it comes to other devices, I post the images that were submitted. Therefore, if I feature an iPhone 5 wallpaper and not an iPad image, that is because the artist did not submit alternative device resolutions. If I receive images for all devices, be sure, they will all be linked in the article.

To download the images above, tap the corresponding color link. Once the full resolution loads, tap and hold the image. A menu will prompt you to save a copy to the Camera Roll. Setting the image as wallpaper can be accomplished through the Settings.app or directly from the Camera Roll. If using a desktop, download the full resolution image to the iTunes sync folder.

What do you think about these crafty T-Shirt wallpapers?