Unlocked 16GB Yellow iPhone 5c first to sell out

yellow iPhone 5c yellow background

The iPhone 5c became available for pre-order at 12:00 am PST this morning. Since then, hundreds of thousands (millions?) of people around the globe have placed orders for the new handset with Apple or one of its retail partners.

And for the most part, launch day supplies have held up. Last year, it only took an hour for iPhone 5 shipping times to slip on certain models. But this year, most configurations of the iPhone 5c remain available 10 hours after launch…

Supplies in Hong Kong were the first to fall, with shipping times dropping to to 1-2 weeks around 6 am this morning. Canada’s Apple store is showing similar shipping times, with every 5c model saying ‘ships between 9/20 and 9/24.’

Sprint is also showing signs of weakness, telling customers that “because of high demand” some phones could ship in to 2 weeks. The most popular configuration appears to be the unlocked yellow 16GB, which is sold out in most stores.

yellow 5c out

Apple is offering the 16GB iPhone 5c on most carriers for $99 with a new two-year contract, and it’s $199 for the 32GB. The unlocked GSM version of the 16GB handset is going for $549, and the 32GB version of the 5c is going for $649.

The iPhone 5c is being sold this year alongside the iPhone 5s—it’s the first time Apple has offered two new handsets. The 5s, however, isn’t up for pre-order, and won’t be available for purchase online or in retail stores until September 20.

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