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Earlier this month Apple launched Takeback Program, a trade-in initiative encouraging buyers to dispose of third-party (especially knock-off) USB power adapters and buy Apple’s chargers at a discount.

The sudden and unexpected offer is in response to relentless reporting by China’s state-run media describing a fatality involving Chinese stewardess who electrocuted herself after using a knockoff charger to power her iPhone.

Takeback Program started on August 9 in China and will roll out to United States this coming Friday, August 16. While it was initially thought the offer was US and China only, a reliable blogger has learned that’s not the case as Apple is gearing up to launch the trade-in program in its other key markets, including Canada, France, Germany and United Kingdom…

Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac, who was able to get hold of training materials for Apple Store employees, notes the updated support pages showing the Apple USB Power Adapter discount pricing for markets beyond China and US.

Over the past couple of days, Apple has updated its Support Page for the USB trade-in-program to note a few other supported regions and the corresponding discount pricing:

Australia ($14 AUD), Canada ($11 CAD), France (10 €), Germany (10 €), Japan (¥1,000), and the United Kingdom (10 £).

According to Gurman’s reliable sources, each Apple Retail Store will have at least one Genius on staff at all times to conduct the trade-ins for customers.

Apple Takeback Program (other countries, 9to5Mac)

Following media reports that 23-year-old China Airlines flight attendant Ma Ailun suffered a fatal electric shock when she answered a call using her iPhone that was recharging, Apple moved quickly by issuing a charger advisory recommending Chinese customers use the supplied USB power adapter and USB cable to charge their iOS devices.

Apple China (Power adapter webpage, iPhone 5)

Soon after, the firm in a PR counteroffensive announced the Takeback Program on its website.

According to the terms, customers can bring their suspect USB power adapter along with an iOS device to an Apple Store or participating Authorized Service Provider for recycling, or trade it in towards the purchase of an official Apple power adapter at a discounted price.

  • Boss

    Apple should just keep their chargers this price or cheaper without trading in a fake so people won’t have any problems

    • Mohammed Sahib

      Agreed. additionally, people can buy a fake charger for a buck or two for the sole purpose of trading it at an apple store to get the discount!

    • nick

      You do realize that even if Apple sold them at this price, people would still buy the cheap knock offs for even less right? They have found the perfect price for maximizing there profits from the product. People are willing obviously buy them at the current price so why would they drop them down and lose money. Plus Apple’s chargers are great I’ve never had one break on me. Stop being so cheap and realize that you get what you pay for.

      • Boss

        people purchase the fake cause the real one is a rip off i even had to purchase the real one for £15 as i would never use a fake

  • Dave Elg

    Until Apple stops trying to make huge profits off their chargers and cables, the knockoff market will continue to thrive.

  • abdullah575

    saudi arabia please ???!!!

  • Taf Khan

    Maybe Apple will offload its stock of USB chargers prior to introducing wireless charging… Then again it’s most likely to be just wishfull thinking!

  • Arnaud Nelissen

    Will we also get a lightning cable with the power adapter?

  • Kok Hong

    How about I’m in Cambodia how to change it ??