iPhone 5 teardown (iFixIt 001)

A recent MarketWatch article has blamed high iPhone 5 repair costs on Apple’s tight control of the supply chain, which in turn dictates aftermarket prices.

Perhaps responding to the criticism, the company has reportedly started selling a replacement screen component for the iPhone 5 for $149.

Tipsters claim that the replacement display is offered in-store only, with or without AppleCare+.

Although $149 is notably higher than the corresponding iPhone 4S screen assembly which costs about $95, Apple’s asking price undercuts the repair wizards over at iFixit who offer an iPhone 5 replacement screen for $200.

And in response to Apple’s competitive pricing, some service shops are now starting to tweak their repair rates accordingly…

MacRumors scooped the story:

MacRumors heard from a tipster this morning that the new repair policy had been implemented and the changes have since been confirmed in a forum post from iPhone repair site Quick iFix.

The repairs are available for cracked displays as well as screens that experience multitouch issues.

We couldn’t corroborate the story at post time, but will update the article in case we learn anything new. Apple’s $149 screen replacement could be appealing to folks who smashed their iPhone’s screen and opted not to purchase the AppleCare+ protection plan.

For those unaware, the AppleCare+ extended coverage costs $99 upfront and $49 for each of the two accidental damage issues covered by the warranty plan.

It’s interesting how Quick iFix quickly discounted its own iPhone 5 display replacement from $174.99 down to $139.99 in order to remain competitive.

The article goes on to speculate Apple could be switching to a subscription based AppleCare, where the plan would be tied to customers rather than individual devices.

Coincidentally or not, iDB heard that Apple will be changing how device repairs are handled this summer.

Specifically, a Brazilian Apple Authorized Service Provider reportedly received an email notice from Apple detailing the switch from replacing faulty devices with refurbished ones to performing repairs in-house, including the iPhone’s screen, camera, sleep/wake buttons and the logic board.

Image top of post via iFixit.

  • Om

    “I shall replace my iPhone screen from the Apple Store.” Said no one ever.

    • Redwan Mohammed

      hahaha xD

    • Boss

      LoL Probably costs Apple less than $1 to make / purchase the glass

  • Jerry

    Does this price include the screen and replacing it?

    • Kurt

      Don’t forget that pesky sales tax.

  • rockdude094

    This is not the apple I know !

  • Gorgonphone

    wow…. lol i treat me iPhone 5 like its s new born baby..lool never ever drop

    • Stefano

      Drops iPhone six time by Wednesday

  • felixtaf

    This is actually a good move. The internet is filled with fake craps all around. And few genuine sites are selling screens for high price. So 149$ screen repair from Apple is a good move. Its high, but better pay 150$ for a Apple one than <200$ for a fake/genuine one.

  • Jerry

    This store gave me a estimate of 270$ to replace the iPhone 5 screen because I asked for a friend LOL. Apple could to under cut everyone else and still make profit and I rather go to apple to know I’m getting the real thing.

  • Ronnie

    Just called an apple store, I mentioned I saw this and the person on the phone put me on hold, then can back and said I should bring it in. I asked point blank, “Is it true that you now replace iPhone 5 screens for $149”. The worker said, “Uhhhh, you should just bring it in”. I then said, “Why can’t you answer the question”? He said they are not allowed to.

    • Kurt

      Too bad you didn’t record that. Would be funny to listen to

  • jose carlos

    The company that repair these iphones are just going by Apple over profiting GANGSTER SYSTEM!

  • jacob wolin

    if you have applecare, how much does it cost to replace the screen? i have a jailbroken device

  • tony

    screw that ill do it myself like always. i drop my phone alot!