After great wailing and gnashing of teeth about its banishment from Apple’s App Store earlier this year, AppGratis is back – for Android users. The app recommendation engine was yanked after Apple outlawed iOS apps which promoted other apps.

Now in the Google’s Play store Android repository, developers claim AppGratis “is designed from the ground up” for the iOS rival. Yet, the service appears much like the AppGratis ejected from the app’s first choice, the App Store…

The recommendation app pledges one daily free app, along with discounts on in-app Android purchases of up to 90 percent. The apps that are recommended claim to be “hand-picked and tested thoroughly (by a real human being),” according to the Google’s Play store app description.

Perhaps most noticeable is AppGratis’ promise to send Android users only one notification per day about available apps.

In April, after booting AppGratis from the App Store, Apple disconnected existing users from receiving push notifications for app deals, resulting in the Paris-based developers sending an email newsletter to inform users of the change.

AppGratis for Android (screenshot 001)AppGratis for Android (screenshot 002)

After Apple introduced the new rules against recommendation apps, some developers moved operations onto the web. Appolicious, for example, took that route with its recommendation engine for education-focused apps.

AppGratis for Android (screenshot 003)AppGratis for Android (screenshot 004)

So far, there have been no objections from Android users in Play store reviews as people generally seemed to rejoice at getting an app already made popular on the iPhone.

If you’re eager to give AppGratis a try, you can download it to your Android device free right from the Play store.

  • Dan


  • mehrab

    That heading lol

  • pauleebe

    Congratulations Apple. You are helping Android achieve one of the few goals that makes iOS superior to Android: App quality and options.

    They really had no reason for getting read of AppGratis …

    • Sure they did! what they where doing is promoting apps that where based on how much money developers paid instead of the app selling itself.

      • Falk M.

        It’s called marketing. Good Lord…

      • No there falsely being shot up to number one preventing the good apps from reaching it because they can’t compete for exposure.

      • sleeperjoe

        That basically sums up the problem with AppGratis. However, the words Free and Discount make some people irrational/illogical even when it’s just to get crappy apps.

        Good riddance to AppGratis and let’s hope they ever return.

      • pauleebe

        [To add to Falk M.] So what you are saying is that apps also shouldn’t be allowed to be advertised within another app, such as in iAd?

        Apple is being hypocritical and over-controlling here. Too much of their own arrogance is just hurting their cause.

      • Completely different they aren’t artificially boosting the apps exposure. These guys had hundreds of accounts artificially boosting bs apps.

      • Falk M.

        Neither should be forbidden.
        Your assumption I’m against either of those is a bit of a stretch.

  • This blog is going to shit, you guys really need to stop talking about Android or just post a link and make an android exclusive blog. It promotes fanboy talk, and degrades the quality of the blog.

    • Dan

      That’s where you’re wrong. People like you who can’t have a civil discussion and are devoid of diplomacy are the ones that degrade the quality of this blog. Some people are open minded and like to stay informed about both sides of the fence.

      • That’s great an all but there’s blogs for that and subreddits.
        I come here to listen to Jeff’s peaceful voice and check out the tweaks he promotes. I don’t come here to here to listen to a bunch of idiots who complain about why iOS doesn’t have this or that and that’s why androids better.

      • AMB_07

        Yet you clicked on the article, read it and commented on it. If this blog is ”going to shit” then that makes you one of the reasons why it is doing so.

      • No Im not promoting Android on an iOS blog.
        I came here to say they shouldn’t be, Its irrelevant to iOS.
        Just move to a different story if there isn’t enough news. This article contributed to 0% iOS discussion. Nobody here cares what Android gets. We need to focus more on iOS.

  • Thi Han

    Appshopper does the same thing

  • I tried AppGratis for a couple of weeks. To be honest I was greatly disappointed by the apps offered there. Personally I prefer AppShopper. Better selection and ability to set watched apps. Do not understand, how come AppShopper was able to work around Apple new “law” by making recommendations “social” feature yet AppGratis just gave up? *not that I miss it*

    • Because AppShopper is legit and they aren’t artificially promoting apps. They actually make good recommendations, and that’s why the quality of AppGratis is shit. If your product is good it will sale itself. AppGratis was basically controlling the AppStore. Why the hell do you think Candy Crush is a top game right now. It got there because the dev paid a shit for advertising and app boosting.

      • Makes a lot of sense. In that case, it is a good thing they are gone.