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It’s not unusual to see Microsoft and Apple products pitted against each other in a TV ad. Back in the early 2000s, Apple had success with its ‘I’m a Mac’ spots. And just recently, MS took on both Apple and Samsung in its ‘Don’t Fight’ commercial.

But this new Windows 8 tablet ad takes the rivalry thing to a whole new level. Using the voice of Siri, Microsoft highlights a number of things that the iPad can’t do, that a tablet running its latest OS can. As always, we have the video for you after the fold…

The ad, which is entitled ‘Less Talking, More Doing,’ shows an iPad next to an ASUS VivoTab Smart tablet running Windows 8. And as a hand demonstrates some of the different things the 8 slate can do, a Siri-like voiceover admits that the iPad can’t replicate them.

Some of the VivoTab’s features highlighted in the commercial are the ability to run multiple apps side by side, and run MS Office apps. In response, the Siri voice says “I’m sorry, I can only do one thing at a time,” and “I guess PowerPoint isn’t one of those things.”

As John Gruber points out, it’s funny how the tables have turned since the ‘I’m a Mac’ days. Actually their messages are still the same—Apple products are too simple, Microsoft products are overly complicated. But the difference is who’s chasing who in marketshare.

According to the latest numbers from research firm IDC, Windows RT and 8 tablets combined for less than 4% of tablet OS marketshare in Q1 of this year. Apple’s iOS, on the other hand, accounted for nearly 40%.

What do you think of Microsoft’s new TV ad?

  • Ignotus Perevell

    They have right 🙁 I always want my iPad can do all that! I hope someday the iOS get better!

    • Lordthree

      Is this a joke?

      • No, it’s a suggestion from an iOS user who does his thinking himself instead of ignoramusly following herd master Crapple’s behind…

      • Lordthree

        Apple behind? In what? This ad did nothing to highlight ANYTHING windows tablets do better. You sound like a payed M$ shill

      • Chuck Finley

        And you sound like a rabidly stupid Apple fanboy.

      • Lol, sounding like a young and trully innocent iSheep. Improve on those English comprehension skills of yours then re-read my post…

      • Lordthree

        Alright moron. You responded to this “They have right 🙁 I always want my iPad can do all that! I hope someday the iOS get better! ”

        The statement has as poor of grammar as I’ve ever seen, but you try and insult me with ‘reading comprehension” remarks and “isheep” bullshit like a 14 year old pissant. You made no valid point. Make sense or F off- you add NOTHING with comments like yours.

      • Your lack of english comprehension is clearly showing, idiot. FYI, poor grammar isn’t the same as reading comprehension. Consider paying attention in your kindergarten class instead of playing on your toyPad…

        Sure his comment contains poor grammar (as his first language clearly isn’t English), but on first read I could understand what he meant to say.

        You on the other hand clearly had little or no clue of what I posted, hence why you were interpreting (as indicated by your comment) “following herd master Crapple’s behind” as “following herd master Crapple is behind” instead of “following herd master Crapple’s a$$“.

      • Boss

        You’re one of those people who probably only use the iPad for Games / Video

      • s0me

        i too use my ipad for games videos and reading IDB, i like my ipad and i would love to have a win 8 tablet too

      • Ignotus Perevell

        It’s true it’s just a suggest! 🙂 I want multitask, I want a revamp iOS I want some big change since I buy my iPad 2 years ago! If someone says dont ever want that before they’ll lying! 😉

      • Ignotus Perevell

        And I’m using my pad for editing docs, download files, read cbr, Avi movies, stream content, xbmc so shut up biacht! 😉

    • rasengan720 .

      then install the metro ui pad theme for the ipad.. but still you cant come up to that but you can atleast get some of it 😛 this is only a suggestion.. please do not start commenting against this 😛


    • Mathieu Reid

      Hi I’m a Mac, and I’m a PC.

  • ibem

    The Windows phones

    Suck !!!

    Anyway !!

  • Since they only accounted for 4% of tablet sales they shouldnt try to compete with apple? Thats stupid. No reason for us iOS fans to get offended or nerd rage by this. Simple fact: Competition is GOOD for consumers. Period.

    • Common sense? That’s rare nowadays from fanboys…

    • genXhippie

      “No reason for us iOS fans to get offended or nerd rage by this.”

      I concur.

      “Simple fact: Competition is GOOD for consumers. Period.”

      Yes, competition is a must to help assure that companies provide us with the best possible product(s).

  • Jacob S

    ‘What do you think of Microsoft’s new TV ad? ‘

  • Farbod

    Where is Jeff?

  • genXhippie

    I like ad,it’s pretty clever imo. That being said, I have two iPads, but no tablet(s) running W8. I love competition, as it provides us customers more options and often lower prices.

  • show the Surface Microsoft..!! not ASUS !! no price win there i guess.!!

    • Lol, there actually is a price draw for much more functions.

      The Surface RT base model is 32 GB (~8GB taken by the OS and ~8 GB taken by a removable stock image, living ~16 GB for personal data) and priced at $499.00. On the contrary, the iPad base model is 16 GB (~ 1GB taken by the OS, living ~15 GB for personal data) and priced at $499.00. Yet the Surface RT offers a lot more functions out of the box, thanks to its built in ports.

    • MS doesn’t show the Surface in fear of the blue screen of death during the commercial shoot.

  • Well I spend 3-4 times more time trying to get siri do things for me than doing it myself, especially with a slower 3g connection.. IMO advertisement is well thought and done. Food 4 thought: Companies like M$ knows exactly what reaction their ad going to get from people and yet they still do it.. Anyway, both OS’es is limiting my lifestyle, I prefer Linux

    • lol
      Please entertain me and tell me how do you properly update an Ubuntu system from your phone. Testing your Linux knowledge since you want to just throw that word out there.

      • lol I never do any maintenance from phone, I have a pc for that. But if I would need, Im pretty sure there’s plenty of terminal emulators for that in app store. and sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade does not show any knowledge of linux whatsoever. could come up with something of how to make home server with dropbox synced and watched directory torrent server which is managed with icontrolbits from iphone, how to configure samba/ftp/lamp/mpd services or compile gentoo from source that at least would show some knowledge.

        And I’m not just throwing it in here, I do mean that both ms/ios/osx are limiting MY needs and if you want to stock somebody, you can go to some pc store and question kids buying cheaper pc due to linux os instead of ms.

      • Good job : ) I had to ask the most basic thing, because surely if you didn’t know that I would have been laughing. So good job I like your style, and I use OSX exclusively because its where all my software works. For instance I do audio production and I can’t run Pro Tools on Linux but if I could I would ; )

      • well I am Linux sysadmin for alr 7 years. I know what you mean, I tried to do some music production with Linux.. can’t do that, too much of the hassle.. But this is because companies like adobe or pro tools goes where majority of users are leaving us behind.. Oh well. A lot of things have changed since 2006 when I started using it, slowly, but getting there 🙂

      • Yeah I love that world Linux is great. I also do sysadmin work but focusing on wireless infrastructure and I work from a terminal 90% of the time. I find it easy and fun to do.

    • Chuck Finley

      Watch out guys, we’ve got a computer hipster on the loose.

  • Canchume

    Well and the motherfucker keynote where is it ?

  • So this is the way Microsoft advertises their flagship device…
    This clearly shows they have no confidence on their product.
    Booooo Microsoft.

    • Chuck Finley

      You’re just entirely glossing over the “I’m a Mac” adverts then?

      • The difference is, those I’m a Mac ads are a ton more clever than this one. $hotty commercial.

      • Chuck Finley

        No, they really weren’t. They were obnoxious, pretentious and so far up their own asses they could headbutt themselves in the brain.

      • One was creative and witty, this one…a total tool of a commercial.

  • Jerry

    I like it, even tho I am not a windows 8 fan.

  • pauleebe

    As Microsoft is developing PowerPoint (and office) for the iPad? Lol.

  • Sebastián Junca 

    Its funny how the actually use more the ipad than the windows 8 tablet on the ad… sure it because W8T may crash and won’t run as smooth as the iPad. Nobody argues iOS needs a mayor update, but i wont change my iPad, simplicity matters a lot.

  • That’s a dumb ad. Can’t do Powerpoint? Who’d want to. Keynote kills PP. Plus, wayyyyy too much air time for iPad. These Windows OS commercials are just doing it wrong. Still!. Quit showing your competitors so much.

  • Plistumichu

    2 things
    1) MS still did not get that tablets do not need to be a full PC. It’s a new device category (do your homework and check the iPad keynote please).2) Do you need an iPad in order to give to the user a reference about what device/target are you pointing the commercial? Really? C´mon!

  • Gorgonphone

    that was boring

  • I could quite easily spend hours analysing this advert and showing its flaws. First of all though how are they even allowed to use Siri’s voice is that not copyrighted? Secondly a big thanks to the iDB reader that suggested Splashtop to me as I’m now regularly using it to access Office (e.g Word and PowerPoint) on my iPad so whoever you are thanks for your suggestion. In regards to playing chopsticks they didn’t show the Microsoft tablet playing chopsticks and I don’t even know where to begin about the whole iPad can’t do multitasking thing. Bottom line is Microsoft I just don’t care!

  • Sorry Microsoft, the iPad is still better than your crappy tablet.

  • 1. Microsoft doesnt even have a virtual assistant
    2. How is Siri supposed to know PowerPoint if its Microsoft
    3. Windows OS sucks
    4. Split screen multitasking is stupid and annoying

  • Because they have no other fire-power to rely on.

  • Mitch

    This commercial is a bit flawed. “Sorry, I dont update like that” What is that supposed to mean? How does the windows 8 tablet update unlike the iPad? “I’m sorry, I can only do one thing at a time?” Well, this is false. An iPad can multitask. This was implemented in the ipod touch 3 and beyond. What I think they’re trying to get at is screen sharing two apps, a viable point but poorly explained. “I guess one of those things isn’t powerpoint” This is laughable because it completely disregards the well made and powerful keynote app, which can read and save as a powerpoint.

    Now, I love competition as it lowers prices and creates innovation, but this commercial was a poor job by Microsoft.