Sebastien and Jeff talk about the obvious podcast name change, why we did it, and what the future holds for Let’s Talk iOS. We also discuss clicky keyboards, the frustrating aspects of iOS, and our top items from the previous week. It’s a episode that’s jam packed to the brim with goodness. Don’t miss it.

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  • You guys are the best!

  • I love your podcast you guays r the best

  • queen_ir3ne

    Sebastien, I love your accent. 😛

  • Johnathan Jennings

    What country is Christen from? Sorry if I misspelled it.

    • I’m from France

      • Gorgonphone

        hey cool i have a classic retro Auxerre football jersey.. 😀

      • Hold on to it. It’s a collectible

      • AndroidSucks!

        Yeah i have 2 actually one says playstation and one says playstation2 😀 i love them

      • Johnathan Jennings

        I’m going to Paris on June 10th. Is it a nice city? I’ve heard it’s trashy and the worst part of France. Is this true?

      • Jeff

        Paris is awesome.

      • From what I heard, they are not too keen on having travelers. For example, if you ask them directions to one specific street, they will point the other way.

      • Johnathan Jennings

        And there’s no reason for that.. Dicks.

      • This is a generalization probably based on a bad experience or worse, lies. Just like any other place in the world, if you are respectful of the people there, the people there will respect you. I have yet to hear from a US friend of mine not having a good time in France.

      • You’ve heard wrong things about Paris then. Paris is a beautiful place, especially in the summer because most parisians are on vacation out of the city.

      • Joe B

        So Sebastien you speak French? Me too! Je parle Francais, c’est une langue vraiment merveilleuse!

      • Oui

      • Joe B

        C’est vrai. Vive le francais. C’est le meilleur.

  • Waw great thoughts

  • Sentry

    You guys need to fight back against this iTunes bullshit. It feels like they automatically assumed jailbreak talk = piracy/illegal hackery talk. iDB users should send in complaint emails to them, or something.

    I don’t see how one second you’re in the featured section then kicked off the next. Jailbreaking isn’t illegal in any way, so not sure under what guise they’re allowed to do that.

    Either way, congrats on reaching the milestone (even if bittersweet), keep it up.

    • Unfortunately, I don’t think fighting Apple is the right move. If anything, it would definitely put us on some sort of blacklist. The bottomline is that iTunes is their own and they have the right do kick out anyone they don’t want in there. I know it sucks, but that’s the reality. Now if people want to email Tim Cook about it, I can’t stop them from doing that.

      • What about a petition? I bet you could get hundreds and thousands of signatures and then send them a link to the petition…

      • Sentry

        Perhaps not in a literal sense, but surely if they see the user demand they may bend. Either way, wish LTJ the best going forward.

      • Joe B

        LTJ? I think you mean LTiOS. (let’s talk iOS)

      • Isn’t that kinda abuse of power? Fighting something that is legal is just not right….IMHO.

  • Guys, why not make your ouwn app so can make posts of podcasts u want what ever what they contain,

    • It’s expensive and would need to be regularly maintained. I believe in one of the earlier Podcasts (cant remember which one) Sebastien said it is a matter of finding the right person which is very difficult as iDB would have to put a lot of trust in the developer/s.

      • Joe B

        Yeah kind of expensive you have to pay 100$ per year to apple too.

  • charlie feathers

    I say forget Apple. Change the podcast name back and keep doing the great job you have been doing. Like Jeff said you don’t need apple for Let’s talk to continue to be successful! : ) You shouldn’t have to stop talking about jailbreaking or hiding that from the title because of apple. That’s what it’s all about! ; ) Best podcast!

    • Joe B

      I think they should keep the name.

  • Gorgonphone

    lol apple is mad cause we are jalbreakers … apple can go to hell..

  • Gorgonphone

    find another outlet… apple will noy let you you use their system to talk about jailbreaking their stuff.. dont stop talking about jailbreaks.. IOS alone is too boring in its own

  • “Why dont you drive a bus to the store? you can take your friends to the store” LMFAO you killed me with that Sebastien.

  • I can’t believe they kicked you guys out. I can’t understand Apple’s point of view but still, it’s not like you guys are bashing Apple in anyway. This podcast is very respectfully done. Oh well, I’ll keep listening here avidly… I hope it all works out.

  • Matthew

    Will you still talk about jailbreaking?

  • Sebastian!! Sparrow!!

  • i still could download ep10 in the podcast app

    • That’s because you have subscribed to it. Once you’re subscribed, you
      will get the new episodes without a problem. However, if you’re looking
      for Let’s Talk Jailbreak in the podcast section of iTunes, it’s nowhere
      to be found

  • I just wanted to let you know that i am listening to the podcast now through Itunes. The episode (10) downloaded automatically as usual.

    • That’s because you have subscribed to it. Once you’re subscribed, you will get the new episodes without a problem. However, if you’re looking for Let’s Talk Jailbreak in the podcast section of iTunes, it’s nowhere to be found.

  • If you guys didnt know, Grabby almost instantly updated with that lock on feature after Axis was released.

  • Francisco Herrera

    You guys do an excellent job. For once a podcast i look forward to every week. One of the reasons i held out from switching from a blackberry to a iphone was that apple thinks they control the universe. Lets talk jailbreak!!!

  • If this was recorded off a phone… I wonder how much your phone bills cost 😛

  • Jeff I just did the stupidest thing ever. I Installed Jellylock and Atom but the craziest thing is that they both work. Jellylock takes care off the apps & unlocking, while Atom takes care of bringing up Siri. I love it!

  • With all of the exposure (and subscribers) that Jeff’s videos get on YouTube, you’ll continue to do great by just promoting it there and on iDB. You really don’t need iTunes.

  • asdlb4

    Your argument about Velox is easy. You don’t drive a bus because it is heavier, uses more fuel, and takes up more room. Why would you use a massive tweak that is a memory hog, when you only want a small part of its capability, when a slimmed down tweak will do the same thing and be less likely to bloat your device and conflict with other tweaks?

  • mav3rick

    To Sebastien & Jeff,
    Just a story: got my iPhone for $900 in their store mainly for the build quality. Couple times went back in the store but because my questions were not about how to swipe fingers on the screen I was treated by their pure “geniuses” with “we are like car sellers, you can only buy products here, for features and technical problems contact Crapple engineers.” Got soon frustrated about so dumb limited user features on iOS; basically you can only buy apps and use them. With the iDevice itself you can do NOTHING! It doesn’t even have the quick settings to not spend so much time for only switching Wi-Fi, Data, and so on. And to open one file in different apps it perfectly stupid copies the file in all apps. Still amazed how so many good devs struggle to create so nice looking apps, some with smart features, on so limited environment.

    From the freedom of Android got back on iPhone due to Evasi0n and iDB which is covering so good the very clever implementations of tweaks from so skilled jailbreak devs. Tweaks which make us able to normally use some devices which are for so many hours a day swiped, handled and used to help our lives.

    Don’t bother, Crapple does not care about you because you don’t use their devices in the dumb way they want to. All jailbreakers try to really do something with devices they OWN. Was surprised that Crapple even let your podcast on their turf in the beginning. All your podcasts were listened and they will be because it’s about tweaks to bring life into OUR DEVICES. If the topic will change towards the title changed, sorry but don’t need to listen again blind words about the jailOS…

  • Terry Cooke

    loving your podcasts, listened since the first one, hope your still on iTunes 🙂