Compass for Velox places the stock Compass app in an enhanced folder

Compass for Velox

The inevitable deluge of Velox compatible add-ons has began, and it shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. Compass for Velox is the latest such jailbreak add-on to benefit from Velox’s recent release on Cydia.

As you would expect, Compass for Velox adds enhanced folder capability to the stock Compass app. If you’ve found yourself in an unfamiliar area, you can rest easy knowing that the iPhone’s Compass is a mere finger swipe away.

As you can see, Compass for Velox allows you to take a quick peek at your compass instead of having to open the full app all the way. The tweak, according to its Cydia description, uses localized images in order to adapt to your specific language and/or localization.

Compass for Velox is an extremely simple add-on, so you won’t find any additional settings or options located in the iPhone’s Settings app, just install it and go. Personally, I’m not someone who ever finds the need to use the stock Compass app, but if you’re someone who does, you may want to give Compass for Velox a trial run. What do you think? The add-on can be found on Cydia’s BigBoss repo for free.