Affix brings an OS X inspired shortcut to Notification Center

Affix Gear Icon

I always love it when I see a new tweak by rvirajm. You know that you probably won’t be getting some blockbuster tweak like Auxo, or Velox, but what you will get is a well thought out tweak that makes the iPhone a better device to use. Affix is the latest such example of this trend. It’s a tweak that places a handy shortcut to the Notification settings page at the bottom of Notification Center.

If you’re an OS X user, then you’ll no doubt recognize the inspiration behind this tweak. Take a look inside for a few more details.


Affix is, as you would imagine, is a simple tweak. In fact, there are no settings or options to configure for it, just install it and you’re done.

Once Affix is installed, open Notification Center and you’ll notice a little gear icon in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. Tapping this icon will open up the Settings app to the Notification section. This is great for quickly customizing the look and feel of Notification Center.

If you’re a biteSMS user, then you may want to keep in mind that Affix’s gear icon resides right where the biteSMS quick compose button normally is. That means that you’ll have to disable quick compose in Notification Center for biteSMS so that the buttons won’t conflict. With that in mind, it would be nice if Affix contained at least one option to position the shortcut button in different areas within Notification Center.

If you’re someone who’s always venturing into the Notification settings on your device, then Affix may prove to be a real time saver. You can find it free of charge on Cydia’s ModMyi repo. Let me know what you think about it in the comments below.