Facebook 6.1 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 003)

The social networking giant Facebook just issued an update to its native Facebook client for iOS devices. In what is the first ‘point’ update since the major Facebook 6.0 release from a month ago, the new Facebook version 6.1 enhances your experience with three helpful additions.

For starters, your Facebook Events now load faster on the iPhone and iPod touch. And, if you check in to a venue on your iPhone or iPod touch device, you’ll notice that Facebook has improved the Places editing experience.

In addition to these two iPhone-specific enhancements, I bet you’ll love the improved photo viewer button on both the iPhone and iPad. For more on that, go right past the fold…

As you could imagine, the enhanced photo viewer button lets you save a photo to your iOS Camera roll or share individual snaps to your friend’s timeline.

As an added bonus, you can use the button to make a photo your profile picture. It’s admittedly a pretty useful enhancement: previously, the app would only let you comment, like or tag people in photos.

Facebook 6.1 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 001)Facebook 6.1 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 002)

The Next Web spotted two additional items not covered by the official changelog:

Interestingly, some iOS users are reporting that this Facebook update (or at least one that seems to have arrived at the same time) appears to feature a beta-looking icon. Furthermore, some say they are seeing the new News Feed.

Here’s a screenshot depicting the new News Feed.

Facebook 6.1 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 004)

And this is the new beta icon some people reportedly see.

Facebook 6.1 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 005)

Looks like a mistake to me – I like the previous better.

The social networking behemoth unveiled its latest News Feed redesign a month ago.

Per usual, Facebook is a free download that supports all form-factor iOS devices natively. If you use Facebook’s Pages Manager app, it was updated last Friday with support for photo filters, stickers and more.

And the popular Messenger app also gained stickers recently and has brought back the useful swipe-to-delete for messages.

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I’m being curious: did you get the new icon with this update?

  • Now I wish they would make it so notifications show up right away.

    • Gorgonphone

      omg ji though thats what they did…. arrrgh

    • jose castro

      ive never had a problem like that

  • Eric M

    The new icon feels like a mistake

  • Gorgonphone

    yup hear we go again.. more bugs

  • I have the new icon!!!

  • I haven’t got the new icon but that maybe because I use ayecon?

    • Taseraq Filemonsen

      I’ve got the new icon and I use Ayecon :/

      • Just noticed that I had the new icon but it has disappeared after a respring and back to ayecons icon now

    • marcus1324

      Definitely because you use ayecon. I have that theme as well.

      • I had the new icon and I use ayecon. It was so ugly I used iFile to rename ayecon’s Facebook icons to override the awful ones. Interestingly, the file names had all been changed to include “InHouse” into their file names.

  • hasan51h

    I have the new icon .

  • ricky_nguyen

    no matter what facebook comes up with to try and change people’s opinions, it will always be the same old boring status updates that everyone says… So that is why I got rid of it once and for all permanently.

  • Nizar

    Hmm..You forget to mention the “CRASHING” feature!

  • chris125

    I have the new icon as well

  • I freaked out a little when I saw the app icon… so that’s not a good thing Facebook.

  • New facebook update crashes every time…

    • My Wasted Fantasy

      Sorta like the twitter app with me..

  • I got the new icon. the grid looks weird.

  • Isa Altintas

    FlatIcons users, don’t update!

    • Name the icon Icon-InHouse@2x.png

      • Isa Altintas

        Via iFile? How do we do that?

    • My Wasted Fantasy

      To late..

      • Isa Altintas

        For what?

      • My Wasted Fantasy

        I Updated D; *sad face*

  • John Smith

    I don’t have the new icon, but I am using ayecon 1.3.4 (not the latest). I’ve had the new timeline for a while now…think since the 6.0 update. I think I signed up for “beta testing” (or more of prerelease I guess) by signing up to get Graph Search early. For instance, I had the chat stickers for a week or so before they were officially released, and I get all of the newly implemented features about a week or two before too.

    • John Smith

      Updated my ayecon to 1.3.5 today, and I got the new icon, but once I updated my Facebook to 6.1.1 the problem was fixed 🙂

  • I got the new icon on my iPhone but not my iPad…

  • its a bug, facebook release a new update, it changes the icon again.

  • My new icon is just a facebook icon with the background fully blue vs a blue background with light blue strip on the bottom… not as depicted above.

  • i got the new icon but then as there was ANOTHER update around 5 minutes later.. it got changed back to the old icon.

  • J™

    1st update got the new (beta) icon, few hrs later another update and the icon reverted to the old one… the beta icon looks pretty nice to me but doesnt matter…
    is the notification sound fixed???????

  • Well, I just received an update for 6.1.1, no changes except… ah, they fixed the app icon, haha. Great job Facebook.

  • tasuga

    I got the new icon mixed with flaticon… Doesn’t look that bad. Then it dissappeared…

  • “new” icon was just fixed with update 6.1.1

  • ACH

    Aren’t those additional photo features already available by “tap and hold”?

  • What’s new on this news feed?
    I don’t see any difference between the screenshot and like I have it for a long time …

  • The new facebook app 6.1.1 doesn’t work with messagebox keeps crashing !

  • Hugh Malkin

    Event discovery is still lacking. Try http://www.hugecity.us and now in iPhone app store.