Facebook Messenger updated with Stickers, swipe-to-delete

Facebook Messenger 2.4 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 002)Facebook Messenger 2.4 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 001)

The social networking giant Facebook today issued an update to its standalone Messenger app for the iPhone and iPod touch. Facebook Messenger version 2.4, available now, has brought out the popular Stickers feature that was rolled out nearly a month ago in the major Facebook iOS client update. And if Stickers are getting on your nerves, perhaps the reappearance of the swipe-to-delete functionality is just what you needed all along? I’ve included a few more tidbits right below…

The new Messenger app lets you delete conversations from your inbox just by swiping – thank you, Gods of Facebook, for that!

Facebook showed off Stickers alongside Chat Heads at its Home media event on April 4, 2013. As you can see in the screenies top of post, to add Stickers to your messages, just tap the smiley icon in the text entry field.

Some Stickers are free and others – you guessed right – are purchasable in the in-built Sticker Store revealed upon tapping the basket icon.

Here is your changelog for Facebook Messenger version 2.4.

Bring your messages to life with stickers:
– Just tap the smiley to add a playful kitten or another cute critter
– Send any sticker with one tap
– For more sticker options, tap the basket

Other new features include:
– Delete conversations from your inbox just by swiping (back by popular request)
– Bug fixes

You can download the Facebook Messenger application free from the App Store. The 18.2MB download works natively on the iPhone and iPad and requires iOS 5.0 or later.

The Stickers feature is on a staggered rollout that Facebook said should be done “over the next few weeks.” Oh, and if Stickers aren’t live yet for you in the main Facebook iOS app – and you’re jailbroken – the FB Chat Heads Enabler and Facebook Sticker Enabler tweaks will enable Chat Heads and Stickers in the Facebook 6.0 app.

facebook tweaks ss

Have you ever used Stickers?

Though I kinda like them, what’s the purpose, really?

They’re huge – oversized, some would say – right up to the point where ordinary users could easily mistaken them for regular smileys.

Juts my $0.02…