Mailbox 1.0 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 004)Mailbox 1.0 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 001)

Unlike Sparrow, the popular iPhone email client whose chances of seeing a native iPad version went down the drain after Google acquired the team back in July 2012, Orchestra’s Mailbox will make the leap to the iPad, developers confirmed Thursday on Twitter.

“An iPad version is in the works,” the tweet reads. Developers wouldn’t state whether the iPad build is weeks or months ahead.

Mailbox has been picking up serious steam since Dropbox last month acquired devs to help reach “a much different audience much faster.” Just ten days ago, Mailbox version 2.2 arrived, adding subtle enhancements to gesture controls and more granular smart snoozes…

Support for multiple email accounts and other email providers is also being worked on, but they have no ETA yet.

Mailbox for Mac is “under consideration,” the team confirmed.

“We’re excited to support other platforms down the road,” another tweet reads.

The iPad build “most likely” will not tap the reservation system, though they could make no promises in regards to that. As for iCloud support, the team just hinted that “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” 

Landscape typing will be supported in a future update, as well as Send As and email aliases, font sizes, opening .pkpass files with Apple’s Passbook iOS app, better HTML rendering and more nice-to-haves.

An Android version is on their roadmap, too.

Mailbox 1.0 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 005)Mailbox 1.0 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 003)

I’ll be keeping my breath for native Gmail support.

Im liking a lot how Sparrow handles Gmail-specific features like labels and stars with ease so similar features would be welcomed in Mailbox.

There are, of course, some handy workarounds to Gmail-specific functionality. For example, a little known trickery enables Gmail folder syncing and archiving to original Gmail folders.

Another annoying “omission” in Mailbox: a read message can’t get resend to the top of your inbox as if it were new. Of course, one can always snooze a message to make it come back at the top after a set period of time.

Mailbox is available free of charge, which is a big deal given its premium features.

Mailbox Beta for iOS (iPhone screenshot 001)

Mailbox isn’t without its share of teething issues: an app developer earlier in the week pointed at a security flaw of sorts which lets anyone download your Mailbox contacts, attachments and message details, no jailbreak required and provided they can physically access your device.

In my view, Mailbox – despite a few annoying limitations here and there – is the most effective iOS email client and arguably the best-looking. The software is immediately available to anyone as developers recently dropped reservations.

The reservation system has proved wildly successful in keeping Mailbox in the headlines. In just under a month following its App Store release, the team filled an astounding one million reservations.

  • I’d be happy if they added landscape. How this was overlooked, is beyond my understanding.

    • Diego Gastón Milano

      OMG! Are you serious? I’m glad I haven’t even given this a chance yet. Double Pass then!

  • I would get way more traction out of a Mac App than iPad. Just saying. hint hint

  • Meh.. The Mail app is just fine for me. I don’t need these fancy features.

    • How do you know if you haven’t used it for a whole. I thought the same thing until I used it for a while and fell in love. You don’t have to use the advanced features. It just looks better than the stock mail app.

      • Diego Gastón Milano

        Well, I could give the fancy add-ons a try… on my other non-Gmail accounts too. 🙂

      • I understand what your saying but why have features like reminding yourself to read an email? Why not read it at that moment? Sure it looks like a good app but the features are just too much.

      • If there is an email that is fairly importation but can wait. For example, my school emails are important but not critical. I do however still need to read them. I can’t ignore them or forget about them.

        To each their own I guess though.

  • I wish they added Yahoo support since not the whole world is using gmail -.-

    • Diego Gastón Milano

      I wouldn’t even try this without landscape support. Email is different than SMS so landscape support is a must. This is probably the reason why Facebook hasn’t introduced landscape support- you won’t be adding tons of lines on a social network versus email.

  • They’re building for different platforms before allowing other mail providers to use the app? Shocking.

    Not impressed. I’m not going to switch to GMail just to use an app. It is better designed than the default mail app – but GMail only is a joke.

    They keep saying other provider support is coming but… Judging by where their priorities seem to be lying – i may as well just uninstall it.

    • Diego Gastón Milano

      I believe what they are doing here is they are trying to work on scalability (aka. making it cross-platform), gain more popularity through that (especially on Mac users) and finally introduce more mail providers. I’m not sure this is how it will work better but one thing’s for sure- that is way faster than bringing Hotmail and Exchange to the game.

  • MrShutEmDown

    Guess this was their answer to exposing everyone’s security, contacts and content of emails.. lol. Wild.

  • Al

    I’ll definitely have to see that to believe it..

    Sparrow said the exact same thing… And look what happen afterwards…

    • Yeah but Google bought them. Dropbox bout these guys. Much different strategies.

      • Al

        Valid point. Maybe the fact it’s a GMail only app is making it less appealing.

      • Diego Gastón Milano

        You got it!

  • Joe Benning

    Not a bad app, just wasn’t for me. Even though I waited for 697,899 people to get it before I tried it….

  • Diego Gastón Milano

    So- NO landscape, NO Exchange support; NO, thanks.

    • I completely agree! Don’t get why iDB is so obsessed with crappy Mail and Multitasking alternatives. Neither Mailbox or Auxo are that great at all.

      • Diego Gastón Milano

        Well, I wouldn’t call neither Mailbox or Auxo ‘crappy’, it’s just they don’t add anything productive or anything I can find useful. They are a good tweak and app, respectively, although the latter -Mailbox- is very limited and lacks a lot of vital functionalities. I can, on the other hand, speak for Auxo as I bought it and tried it and, I got rid of it the first day as it would make multitasking a pain when it comes to easily identifying what’s the app I wanted to switch- it will never be as easy as having a simple app icon, you don’t even need labels. But that’s just me, although I heard the same from other users.

  • NEED MICROSOFT EXCHANGE TO WORK ON IT. Am I asking for too much?

  • mwpitt52

    The reservation system turned me off so much I never downloaded the app. Most reviews i have read everyone try’s the app then deletes.

  • fjpoblam

    I’d truly appreciate any new and more sophisticated mail app that’s not joined at the hip with Gmail. I got tired of the Gorg and cut the cord. My email is domain-managed, with an imap connection and mailboxes synced on all my devices. Hence, for now, I’m (as far as I know) pretty much tied to the native mail apps: nothing more sophisticated to be found.