Wall Street has often questioned whether Apple CEO Tim Cook could ever fill the managerial shoes left by co-founder Steve Jobs. What’s more, some anti-Apple analysts like Rob Enderle in an article titled “The impossible task of fixing Apple” opines the board should fire Cook over the recent stock slide.

Despite those doubts, employees of the iPhone maker give Cook an approval rating just shy of Jobs, according to a new survey.

Cook – who oversaw one of Apple’s rockiest financial periods – gets a 93 percent approval rating from company employees, Glassdoor announced. The web site is similar to Yelp, but posts anonymous ratings of corporate management rather than businesses…

Some Apple employees (we don’t know whether they work alongside Cook) describe him as “a CEO who demands work before 6am everyday” and requiring “accountability without control,” according to anonymous comments Glassdoor provided toTUAW.

At another point, an Apple engineer located in Cupertino wrote that “no work/life balance is to be expected at Apple” and executives expect employees to be “reachable after hours.”

Take the comments with a grain of salt. The descriptions of Apple’s work environment come from anonymous commentators who are posting on their own accord – so only those with a gripe or a compliment are heard.

This most recent good news for Cook follows a similar Glassdoor survey in March when the Apple leader fell from his mantle of top CEO.

Over the years, Apple has taken steps to improve its image among workers at home and abroad. After a major PR blunder involving plans to layoff its iconic Apple ‘geniuses,’ the firm had to backtrack.

Along the way it has introduced measures to give employees more room for advancement while also keeping better tabs on the working conditions of its supply-chain partners overseas.

Do you approve of Tim Cook’s leadership?

  • Justin

    Steve Jobs was great, and Tim Cook is getting there.

    • Steve was Steve, a visionary, what Cook will never be.
      That does not mean Apple will fail without Steve, it’s just different and potentially with less innovations.

    • Gorgonphone

      no one can be compared to steve.. but apple need someone that can do what steve did

  • Anon

    Cook needs my help. I will make the an iPhone called “iPhone Legacy” the ultimate phone this world has never seen! You can record video of yourself and send it to a friend and it will appear as a hologram to your friends 🙂 When you’re not using the phone it transforms into a watch “transformer” style. and will display all your notifications. Battery lasts for 4 months on 1 charge. 🙂 and last but not least, if you want to talk to someone just think of that person and think of the message you want to send. and then just think SEND and Legacy will send it for you 😀 iPhone Legacy. Purchase next year 🙂 By Anon – Cooks advisor.

    • Lolpakayu

      I told you son, go ahead and sleep!

      • Anon

        I only understand English. F*ck out the way. -hodgetwins voice.