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Here’s some good news: research firm comScore Wednesday announced that during a three-month average ending January 2013 Apple crushed Samsung in United States smartphone sales. Specifically, the iPhone maker was the top US smartphone vendor with a 37.8 percent market share in January 2013, which was up 3.5 percentage points from October 2012. Samsung was second with a notably lower market share of 21.4 percent, a slight 1.9 percentage point increase from October 2012. All told, Apple’s 3.5 percentage point gain was Android’s loss as we see Google’s mobile operating system dropping for the first time. So much about the supposedly “weaker than expected” iPhone 5 demand

I wonder whether the Wall Street Journal will care to spin this as bad news for Apple.

Per data, HTC ranked third with a 9.7 percent share, Motorola came fourth (8.6 percent share) and LG rounded out the top five with a seven percent share of domestic smartphone sales. Furthermore, HTC was down 1.7 percentage points and Google-owned Motorola lost 1.4 percentage points of smartphone share versus October 2012.

comScore 201301 (US smartphone vendors)

Android of course remains the top mobile platform as it is available across a vast range of form factor devices from a bunch of vendors, whereas iPhones are only made by Apple. But even though Android in January 2013 took 52.3 percent of the US mobile OS share, its share slipped 1.3 percentage points versus October 2013.

Apple’s iOS during the same period increased by 3.5 percentage points from a 34.3 percent share in October 2012 to a 37.8 percent share in January 2013.

BlackBerry (5.9 percent), Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform (3.1 percent) and Symbian (0.5 percent) all lost ground to Apple as well.

comScore 201301 (US mobile OS share) vendors)

The data is derived from an online survey of a nationally representative sample of mobile subscribers age 13 and older and refers to a respondent’s primary mobile phone. It does not include data related to a respondent’s secondary device, like a tablet.

Another research firm, Strategy Analytics, previously found that the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S each outsold Samsung’s Galaxy S III during the 2012 holiday quarter, making both devices the two most popular smartphones on the market in Q4 2012.

Furthermore, as comScore’s data examines the three-month period between October 2012, when Apple launched its iPhone 5, and January 2013, it brings into question suggestions by crazypants analysts that Apple is facing “weaker than expected” iPhone 5 demand.

These estimates are purely based on supply chain reports and Apple CEO Tim Cook warned that one should not take rumors about order cuts at face value.

“The supply chain is very complex and we have multiple sources for things”, he told analyst on a conference call. “Even if a particular data point were factual, it would be impossible to interpret that data point as to what it meant to our business.”

That’s not to say that iPhone 5 demand won’t weaken.

iPhone sales are prone to seasonality. Apple typically sees the strongest sales during the first two quarters of new model’s availability. Demand then tappers off in the following quarter, and especially the fourth quarter of availability as production of a next-gen model starts ramping up.

  • ap3604

    iDownloadBlog, please explain why this is “good news” for the rest of us please?

    (Outside of being a Apple stockholder and trying to push the price higher of course)

    • TesticularFortitude

      Maybe it serves as validation for those who need to feel like they’re apart of the ‘cool club’.

    • This is good news because this is an Apple-focused blog edited by Apple enthusiasts. This being said, when Apple is doing better than the competition, this is good news. When Apple is not doing better than the competition, this is not really good news.

      • ap3604

        Ah I think I get it now, so its like when sports fans cheer on their favorite sports team.

        “When they win, I win” sort of thing. Makes sense thanks 🙂

    • Kurt

      It comes from non-scientific, online survey. Who knows what the truth is. And frankly I don’t care. What I care about is, features. What phones gives us the most features.

      • Leo

        This came on the News kid. CNN.

      • Kurt

        CNN is not trustworthy news son. Unless you consider getting a tickle up your leg when obama speaks, by the hard news reporter, news

  • TesticularFortitude

    This is great and unexpected news. I had no idea Samsung and Apple were atop the heap. Even though we’re reminded of it every week.

    • Kurt

      haha… who knew!

  • wonderboydave

    s4 comes out, samsung is on top of apple, SURPRISE; 6 comes out, apple is on top of samsung, meh.

    • Kaptivator

      Need a same day release and then we can really see who’s #1. Doubt it will ever happen. However, it would kill the whole Apple Vs. Samsung argument.

      • Now that would be real interesting!

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    Sooo.. Apple isn’t doomed?

    • Leo

      Hell no! lol

  • Leo

    Who likes samsung products nowadays?? seriously??

    • GalaxyNoteFTW96

      100 million people and counting (including me) who purchased the galaxy S models and Note. I love retarded apple comments like yours 😛

      • Supafly_Boy

        Then what the f*ck are you doing here?!

      • 90 million from Asia.

      • Leo

        doubt it.. facts or ur a fake 😉 i doubt people rock that phone… doubt it!

      • Kurt

        Asians are far smarter than Americans/Europeans, so…

      • also far more likely to buy anything cheaper.

      • Kurt

        I’ve been living in Asia for the past 7 years. You have no idea what you’re talking about. Electronics and fashion they spend more. Way more.

      • thats nice, ive lived in Asia for 20 years. By you saying fashion i believe you must live in HK or Korea. They do not like to spend more money on anything they do not need, in general. Samsung is an asian brand, too.

      • Kurt

        ah, South East Asia is a whole different story. I can’t comment on that.

      • I edited my comment above* before you said this by the way.

      • Leo

        dude.. not one single person i know rocks the gs3 they rock phones like iphones, htc and motorolas but gs3?? come on now!!

      • Kurt

        sounds like you and your friend are a bunch of followers

      • Leo

        i think people go for better quantity and quality.. great material.. not cheap plastic?

      • Kurt

        you and your kiddy friends don’t have to do what the “popular kids” do in your high school you know

      • Leo

        Hey in collage 80% rock iphone 5 and iphone 4s… dont belive me? visit us in boston’s harvard collage you’ll see… remember US is iPhone terretory.

    • Kurt

      They make the best phone. Who would NOT like them=idiots

      • Leo

        i think ur the only one who has a gs3 lmfao.. you’re so out or style kid.

      • Kurt

        i wish i had one. i pay someone to take my iphone 4s

      • Leo

        awww ur stuck with the 4s… wait for the 5S or just go for a pro upgrade and get what the worlds rocken… iPhone 5… also ull be virus free and if you jailbreak ull alter your phone and take it to the next level and way far from what an android laggy os does.

      • Kurt

        But Samsung phones like the note 2 have no lag whatsoever and have less bugs. iOS 6 is so buggy unfortunately. I’ll buy the ipad 5, but no more iphones for me. I need a change after all these years with the same OS that looks and acts the same. If you are happy with it and enjoy being like everyone else, by all means keep doing it. Change is good for me and my wife though.

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    IN your face! Samsung FTW!

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    “The data is derived from an online survey…”

    No need to read further.

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