TypeStatus — a new jailbreak tweak that we previewed in the wee hours this morning, has gone live on Cydia. This tweak places a handy ellipsis notification in the status bar when someone is in the midsts of composing an iMessage reply to one of your ongoing conversations.

If you want to try TypeStatus out, then head over to Cydia’s BigBoss repo where it can be downloaded for free. As always, we urge you to share your sentiments in the comments below.

  • Not quite up yet

    • DanielMaciasJr

      Refresh Sources.

  • Justin H

    The Developer should add a thing that shows you how many messages you have waiting. Example: If you have 3 messages waiting, it’ll show 3 in the bubble in the status bar… been waiting for something like that forever. I know IrealSMS or Bitesms does that but I don’t want that whole piece of software, just that simple tweak.

  • M

    Jeff, PLEASE change the background on your new videos. It’s so distracting I can’t even watch or pay attention to the app you’re discussing.

  • Marconi

    It’s not working … I cannot find it on Cydia

    • wonderboydave

      go to changes tab in cydia, press reload. viola; there’s the tweak.

  • Marconi

    Ops …. Suddenly appear on Cydia

  • It does not work for me when typing from the quick replay window on Bitesms 🙁

  • it would be nice to see who is writing back…like it would show the name of the person on status bar while their typing

  • What’s the difference between TypeStatus and Predictor?

    • TypeStatus simply shows a status bar icon like the battery icon.

      Predictor brings up a gigantic ugly banner notification to let you know who is about to send you something.

      • Thanks for the info! Yep. TypeStatus is much better.

  • i hope when you are already on the message app, the status bar icon that shows, someone is typing doesn’t show up.

  • it be better if works with whatsapp etc instead of just imsg ?

  • John714

    doesn’t work for me… I just noticed that the now typing status doesn’t even work on wile i have the iMessage app open… any one know how to fix this??

  • refresh!!! but nowhere to be found in cydia/bigboss repo ????? Jeeeeeff

  • Looks like a fun little tweak, I’ll give it a try.

  • I preferred the original 3 dots that were mocked up in your twitter screenshot. I tried doing some myself with photoshop and had moderate success. Hope that may be an option in the future!

  • Thoughts

    Hey Jeff, here’s another tweak to put out there to your contacts. Lots of people have old iPhones that the kids play with, at least I have. Without a valid carrier connection we use them as wifi only, iMessage is great while in Airplane Mode but brings up a “You must disable airplane mode to send or receive messages” alert that you have to tap cancel or disable on. Would be great to have a tweak to get around this, Popup Blocker disables airplane mode when you receive a message.

  • Carlos Hernandez

    Where is it in Cydia?! not found!! someone explain..

    • Thoughts

      Open Cydia and let the repos refresh then search for it

  • Would be great if we could have the same for whatsapp for example. Is that possible?

  • it looks like the bigboss repo is down

  • great tweak!

  • Jerry

    Where is it

  • the bigboss repo is back if you want to download it now

  • FlamingOzone

    Does this work with bitesms?

  • I refreshed the repos and it doesn’t seem to be in BigBoss.

  • wouldn’t this drain the battery faster, as your phone is constantly monitoring the imessage connection?

  • AFSOC Patriot

    Does not work. Uninstalled, reinstalled, respring, restart still nothing. For all four of us. Good idea but failed launch. It’s ok bugs to be expected.

  • Firefit85

    Predictor does the same thing but it lets you know exactly who is typing the message. Way more useful!!

  • Matthew

    Please Jeff go back to your old style of videos! I don’t like the new style and many others agree with me.

  • disqus_whl1V2F9ZY

    not working currently, when it was working very good idea. would love if the icon was a bit clearer and crisp so it looks like a stock apple icon

  • Guest