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With Apple releasing iOS 6.1.1 earlier this week—just two weeks after releasing iOS 6.1—ad network Chitika wanted to take a look and see where iOS version distribution and adoption was at in terms of overall percentage of iOS traffic.

To determine this, the firm’s analytical arm Chitika Insights took a sample of ad impressions from millions of US and Canadian iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users during a 24 hour period. And they found that over 80% are on iOS 6…

chitika ios 6-1-1 adoption

According to the team’s data, as of February, web impressions from devices running iOS 6 accounted for 83.1% of all iOS traffic. That’s not bad for software that was one, called ‘disappointing,’ and two, only came out 5 months ago.

As far as the rest of the breakdown goes, there aren’t many surprises. Only 1.4% of users had iOS 6.1.1 installed, because it’s only for iPhone 4S users. And 6.0/6.1 has the biggest share of the pie, because both of them were just released.

There’s also likely another factor that has contributed to the huge uptick in iOS 6 adoption: the evasi0n jailbreak being released last week. It’s being called the most popular jailbreak ever, with over 7 million using it in the first 4 days.

The big takeaway here is that Apple’s update system is clearly working. With current version adoption ratings like 80%, users, and more importantly developers, don’t have to worry about version fragmentation like they do on Android.

  • Aluka

    I used to hate apple but evasi0n helped ME….

  • zapatista

    how to fix this appstore bug?i cant update my purchased apps.pls help..

    • smtp25

      Have you installed AppSync from Cydia? if not do so. You do say Purchased apps but I don’t think I’ve heard about AppStore bug

    • Yuri

      I had the same problem . After i deleted bridge it fixed the problem

  • All thanks to evad3rs!

  • Anthony

    IOS 6.1 is full of bugs, my 3G is not working and battery is dropping like shit i have an iphone 3GS any1 having same problem ?