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When you consider the amount of hard work that went into providing the public with an iOS 6 jailbreak, and how long it took for that solution to come to fruition, protecting the jailbreak is of paramount concern. Recently BigBoss added a section to each page of its highly visible repo addressing the concern, that’s how important it is.

There are some basic fundamental steps that you should take for the sake of preserving your device’s iOS 6 jailbreak. That’s simply because, as you know, you never know how long it will take for the next jailbreak to come around. Once Apple inevitably addresses the exploits used in the evasi0n untethered jailbreak, chances are we’ll have to wait deep into iOS 7’s lifecycle before we get another jailbreak, if we do at all.

So again, it’s of real concern for those of you who love your jailbroken device, to read the following 3 tips and strategies, and implement them.

Step 1: Save your SHSH blobs

Every time new firmware is released, saving your SHSH blobs should be a knee-jerk reaction. It’s a fundamental step when it comes to preserving your jailbreak. I won’t go into the details too deeply here, as we’ve already covered saving SHSH blobs in depth on a previous post.

Saving your SHSH blobs for your device essentially allows you to revert to a specific firmware even after Apple has stopped allowing that firmware to be used. SHSH blobs are unique to each device and to each firmware. That means that these blobs cannot be shared with others. You are solely responsible for making sure that these precious files are saved.

Yes, it’s true, Cydia will try to save every essential blob for jailbroken devices, but you should still strive to save your own blobs for each firmware release, for each device. This can easily be accomplished by using a tool like TinyUmbrella.

Note: At this point, you cannot downgrade using the blobs for post-A5 devices, this is just a precautionary measure to take in the event that a downgrade method for iOS 6 does become available in the future.

Read our full SHSH blob tutorial here.

Step 2: Use Mobile Safe Mode

Everyone’s done it, myself included. If you’ve been jailbreaking for any fair amount of time, you’ve probably experienced shipwreck one or two times as a result of a bad app or tweak install. The first rule of thumb, stay away from shady looking apps and tweaks. If you’re worried about this, then wait until we cover the app or tweak before installing it.

Even still, you should know how to recover your device properly if you install a tweak that renders your device stuck in a boot loop. If this happens, don’t panic and restore your iPhone to the latest firmware. If you do this, the chances are high that you will lose your jailbreak. Instead, take advantage of a built in protection feature that comes when you install your favorite apps and tweaks.

Mobile Substrate β€” you’ve probably heard that name before, but perhaps you didn’t know exactly what it meant. In a nutshell, Mobile Substrate is the framework which allows 3rd-party developers to provide extensions to system functions. If you’re jailbroken, you probably already have MobileSubstrate installed on your device, as it is a prerequisite for nearly every tweak out there.

The good news is that Mobile Substrate includes a Mobile Safe Mode feature that allows you to boot up your device without loading any jailbreak apps or tweaks. This lends the ability to get back to your iPhone’s home screen, even if you installed a faulty tweak that forced you into a boot loop. From there, you can uninstall the faulty tweak and get back to normal.

Read our full Mobile Safe Mode tutorial here.

Step 3: Read and Watch iDownloadBlog

Simply staying informed with the latest relevant information is one of the easiest ways that you can protect yourself. A lot of times developer and hackers pass on essential news that’s pertinent to the jailbreak scene. You can find that here. For instance, did you know that iOS 6.1.1 is fully compatible with the evasi0n jailbreak? In fact, we already have a tutorial showing you how to jailbreak iOS 6.1.1. Staying in the know keeps your one step ahead of the game.

Our video walkthroughs also keep you alert to the latest apps and tweaks available on Cydia. If we have a problem with a specific app or tweak, then chances are you will too. Stay in the know, by reading and watching our jailbreak app and tweak coverage.

Those are 3 simple steps that you can take to protect your iOS 6 jailbreak. We’re confident that you have additional tips to add to this list, so we encourage you to help your fellow jailbreakers by using the comment section below to chime in.

  • Step 3. Lol

  • First time I’ve used TinyUmbrella. Great guide. Thanks!

    • Jeff

      Thank you. Now you should feel a bit safer about your jailbreaking future.

      • i used tiny umbrella before jailbreaking. can tiny umbrella be used after jailbreaking ?

      • 2008crna

        In short, yes. In fact anyone can save their shsh blobs with TinyUmbrella, jailbroken or not. The only caveat is you have to save the blobs for YOUR device while Apple is actively signing the iOS version.

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  • Thanks Jeff, awesome post to keep us informed as usual! πŸ™‚

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      You’re very welcome.

  • Step 4. Update to the latest version of evasi0n (through cydia or desktop version). The latest version prevents OTA (over the air) updates from being recognised so you are less likely to accidentally update to new iOS versions which may patch the jailbreak.

    • Jeff

      Good tip.

      • Jeff what tweak(s) are in the picture used to make the post “Pod2g calls for Apple to open up IOS for tweaks and themes” ( i would put a link but im unable to.

  • iHamzaDev

    Step 3 isn’t very necessary. Should be called ‘Two Steps’.

  • step 3 the most important !!!

    • Jeff

      Yes, step 3 is of utmost importance ^_^

      • Can I suggestrequest a step-by-step guide for creating a FULL backup of your iphone? Maybe there’s some software available that will allow clone-to-image type of thing, then restore-from-image?

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      But only if it’s an article by Jeff!

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  • You’re awesome Jeff .THanks For the Tutorial…. Step 3 The Most importan part ..

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  • Jeff, what about the whole root password and username process? Are users still vulnerable to people trying to get into their iDevice?

    • As long as you change it, no. You’re only vulnerable if you have openSSH installed and don’t change the password.

  • Joonyaboy

    4. Software Update Killer
    5. ResetAllKiller

    • Ernie Marin

      step 4 was replaced by the latest evasi0n update.

  • Jeff, off the topic title questions, any alternative to Color Mail Labels you reviewed ealier?

  • Why not just use ISHSHIT on your jailbroken iPhone?

    • Ray V

      Doesn’t list iPhone 5 as an option I believe.

  • Ray V

    xBackup to save all your Cydia sources and packages. It’s saved me before and works on iPhone 5.

  • I remember foolishly installing a tweak shortly after the 5.1.1 jailbreak was released, and it was known that this tweak puts you in a boot loop. I was just too lazy to check those compatibility lists. This was before the mobile substrate was updated to allow you to boot into safe mode. Was forced to do restore ‘n jailbreak ‘n do everything all over again.

  • What about changing the root password??? That’s definitely something every user should do just in case some virus or something is released.

  • Jeff you amaze me. Quality videos easy to follow tutorials. Videos out quicker than I can read refresh my page usually. You are the man!

  • If you’re lucky you can use Tiny Umbrella wirelessly!! I was saving them for my iPhone and it showed my iPad (which wasn’t plugged in). It managed to save the iPad SHSH even though it wasn’t connected.

  • Zapatista

    Can i ask for help here?pls help me how to fix cant update apps on appstore.

  • Jeff how awesome you are πŸ™‚

  • I was messing around with my 5 this morning after installing and uninstalling some stuff and it froze on the apple logo. I tried hard resetting a few times and the apple logo went away… and is now replaced with a black screen πŸ™ The last thing I did was uninstall the updated version of MC pro bc it wasnt working properly and wasn’t showing up in activator.. it went to restart my SB after uninstalling and I’m stuck. I’m trying to avoid restoring bc it took me over a week to get my phone the way I want it and I haven’t had a chance to back up anything with cydia or springtomize.
    * I also tried booting by holding the volume button and got nothing

  • Why do I have like 10 more steps I can name off the top of my head

  • T3shi

    I need help πŸ™ i have an iphone 4s 6.1. and got it jailbroken with evasion, so my question is, how do i update to 6.1.1?? do i have to back up and then update to 6.1.1 and jailbreake again or can i just update to 6.1.1 via itunes and then jailbreak again?? and if once jailbroken, is it possible to back up to the unjailbroken version, just how it was before jailbreaking?? sorry for it, but i am not experienced about those things and dont know much about it, but i love my iphone and i dont want to do anything wrong and destroy it in any way…i would be very pleased if somebody could explain me those things! thank you very much in advance

  • f1ght3r

    It’s ironic that just a few mins after I read this I updated my tweaks from cydia and am now stuck in safe mode. Thank god for Pkgbackup!! I will be restoring and rejailbreaking now πŸ™

    • f1ght3r

      Also I should add, crashreporter comes in handy *most of time*

  • excellent write up Jeff to let others know the importance of this jailbreak and future of other ones!

  • Kidlol

    Do you think I should do it I did it before in ios5 but I feel scared and don’t know what to do

  • dhody

    thanks 3gs 8gb iphone originally on 3 uk
    jail broken but sim card not working. showing no service.
    plz advice on

  • dhody

    is it because the iphone was having a 3 uk card installed when i did the process of jaibreak . plz advice.
    regrds ssd

  • Im getting this error….
    “For version [iPhone5 6.1 ]
    – This device isn’t eligible for the requested build.”

  • mohammed sinnan

    can i upgrade my ios version from 6.0 to 6.1.2 and then jailbreak my ipad 2

  • Sahil

    now that apple doesnt allow to save SHSH blobs for iOS 6.1.2.. i tinyUmbrella i requested it to download the blobs from cydia. and luckily it did find SHSH blobs saved for my device..
    my query being… is this the same as the blobs saved originally from apple (i.e. not via cydia)..??

  • Sir FunnySpaceBear

    Is it still possible to upgrade from iOS 5 to 6.1.2 and install Cydia?

  • Well, I have iPhone 4s running iOS 6.1.2 jailbroken using Evasi0n. The iPhone crashes a lot and when I tried to restore it with itunes using IPSW file I get the error message: An unknown error occurred (3194
    I tried another PC but same message appeared.
    Any idea how to fix that .. or how to restore the iPhone to the same iOS 6.1.2 ??

    • jatt z

      Same here.. Seeking help.

      • Barnito

        did you save your shsh blob with ifaith? do that and it will build a signed IPSW update that you can restore by pressing and holding shift when you click “restore iphone/ipod” in itunes, then select the IPSW that Ifaith built. You can do this even if you are on 6.1.4 from DFU mode as long as you have a device that can use shsh blobs. I believe iphone4 can use them.

      • Barnito

        it will restore you to stock unjailbroken state that you can rejailbreak

  • Stc Nexrophiliex

    Shsh backdate restores are no longer possible. I have tried every method and ended up having to learn how to tether jailbreak 6.1.3. SHSH BLOBS ARE OFFICIALLY USELESS.

  • Zrah

    I wanted to know if I can use the same sim card or should i but another sim card for the new provider for my phone, I know its silly, but I am a real newbie…