australian parliament house

Over the past year or so, members of the Australian Parliament have been investigating whether or not its country’s residents pay higher-than-average premiums on electronic products and services. And it looks like it’s now prepared to speak directly to the makers.

The Standing Committee on Infrastructure and Communications in Australia’s House of Representatives released a memo yesterday, stating that it has called upon Apple, Microsoft, and Adobe to speak at a public hearing regarding its probe at the end of next month…

Ed Husic of the AU Parliament, who is heading up the investigation, tells Kotaku Australia:

“These firms should have cooperated and been prepared to be more open and transparent about their pricing approaches… In what’s probably the first time anywhere in the world, these IT firms are now being called by the Australian Parliament to explain why they price their products so much higher in Australia compared to the US.”

And looking at it, there’s definitely a price difference between the two countries. While the iPad mini starts at $329 here in the US for the entry-level 16GB Wi-Fi only model, it costs folks in Australia $369 in Australian dollars, which equates to roughly $380 USD.

But the $50 inflation seems like pocket change compared to that of other regions. For example, customers in countries like Russia and Brazil pay in upwards of $1000 just for iPhones (though to be fair, a lot of this likely has more to do with the government than Apple).

At any rate, the Australian government has obviously found enough evidence in its investigation to press further. The public hearing will be held on Friday, March 22 at 09.30am in Committee Room 1R1, Parliament House. And it’ll be interesting to see what they find.

Do you find Apple products are priced higher in your country than other places?

  • I think the Government (along with the residents) don’t understand why we are paying more for the same product given our dollar is at parity or higher than the US dollar at the moment.

    • Gerard Hampton

      its a scam to make up the money theyre losing in other countries. Retailers are really getting hit hard because grey market buying is becoming so popular its slowly sending companies broke. Have a look at the camera sites for example, theres cameras at half the price of retail.

  • Why is the title “Apple called to testify before Australian Parliament in pricing probe” and not “Apple, Microsoft and Adobe called to testify before Australian Parliament in pricing probe”.

    Not everything revolves around Apple…

    • This website is called the idownloadblog because its all about apple devices. So when you are on this website, everything does revolve around apple.

  • sambuzzlight

    stop fucking crying about it. do they have any idea how much iphones fucking cost in 3rd world countries??? 1000$+

    • Gerard Hampton

      Australian $ is worth more than the american dollar so how can the same product cost more instead of less? If you live in a third world country and want an apple product instead of a real apple then you have some serious issues.

      • Ahmadjoon

        Kidding?it is just better than american $

      • sambuzzlight

        good for you, doesnt matter where i live

  • In Italy Mac Book Retina costs 500$ more than America…
    That sucks very much

  • Vasco Breitenfeld

    Yes, in portugal the ipod touch 5g costs 329€ and in the us i costs 299$

  • OMG… You guys don’t understand. As an Australian, the price of stuff here are already tax-ed. whereas America and Canada, the price doesn’t include the tax. And in the end, the price would be really similar. Like less than $10 off.

  • Yuri

    In South Africa we are paying $383 for a ipad mini

  • Pashto

    It doesn’t make sense we often also pay more than USA when buying software online! Like seriously WTF

  • Patrick

    In mexico we paid like 700 dollars for an iPad mini and 1500 dollars for an iphone

  • These items are being shipped to your country’s and that not free.. Someone has to pay..

    • marco1993

      you cant blame it on shipping costs

      I have read articles which said that shipping cost close to nothing for tech giants like apple, microsoft and adobe

      even if there is a shipping cost for the physical items be it a computer or a phone why is softwares of adobe cost hunders of dollers more even if you are downloading it

    • Abuthen

      Dude, these items are made in China .. and they didn’t swim to USA for free either

      • So you get my point then.. It doesn’t matter where it made it comes from apple

  • In Brazil, it is partly Apple’s fault, yes. No taxation would make a non-contract iPhone cost the absurdity of U$1500. Look it up on Apple’s brazilian website.

    The catch is… You end up obliged to have a contract, which isn’t normally much of a disadvantage, but there has to be a contract.

    On contract, I’ve payed U$600.

  • Well, i live in a country where Pcs and mobile phones are tax free, but do I get to buy them cheaper? No, the iphone cost more because they just take the bigger margin and sell it at relatively higher prices.