Brazil Sells the Most Expensive iPhone 4 in the World

The new 8GB iPhone 4 was supposed to be a low cost iPhone. At least that’s what it’s like here in the US. It’s a whole different story in Brazil, where the device is selling at a hefty price, making it the most expensive iPhone in the world, as reported by TNW.

Indeed, carriers Vivo and TIM just started selling the iPhone 4 8GB in Brazil for a whopping R$1,799 (US$970) without a data plan. […] As for their competitor Claro, it only does slightly better with a Rs$1,650 price tag (US$888). […] While subscriptions make smartphone prices go down dramatically in most countries, it is not the case there either; at Claro, subscribers will have to pay no less than R$270 per month (US$145) to get their phone for free.

That’s even more expensive than India’s iPhone 4S!