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Our problem with Apple

Chuq Von Rospach has a great piece about how Apple could have avoided much of the controversy following last week’s Mac event. It’s a great read, but the one line I will remember is that one:
We demand Apple innovate, but we insist they don’t change anything.
This truly resonated with me because it’s a feeling I’ve had for a long time but never was able to express in a clear and simple manner. Chuq did in in just eleven words.

Read the whole piece when you have a few minutes.

Scott Forstall and Apple: no hard feelings, really

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal about his new role as a Broadway producer, Scott Forstall had few but nice things to say about Apple:
Asked about the split, Mr. Forstall said he was “so proud of the thousands of people I worked with [at Apple] and with whom I remain friends. I am delighted that they continue to turn out great and beloved products.”
The whole interview is an interesting read, along as you care about either Scott Forstall or musicals in general.

Reclaiming moments with Apple Watch

In his secret history of the Apple Watch story, David Pierce concludes that the device might be able to help us reclaim small moments of our lives, something I’ve tried to explain several times in my posts about the best Apple Watch features Apple hasn’t told you about, and a day in the life of an Apple Watch user.