Want apps that are already compatible with the iOS 6 and the iPhone 5? Want to update your music library without using iTunes, reply instantly to text messages, and organize your photo albums?

SpiritOfLogic had their three flagship apps PwnTunes, iRealSMS, and PhotoAlbums+ ready for iOS 6 and the iPhone 5 well in advance of the evasi0n jailbreak

PwnTunes $6.99 (50% off)

As we’ve covered before, PwnTunes makes it easy to drag and drop your music files onto your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch without requiring third party software on a PC. Just drag the files onto the ‘iTunes Music (loading…)’ folder. If you want to ditch iTunes on your iPhone 5, this is the most convenient way to do it, though the tweak is pricey.

One thing to keep in mind is PwnTunes doesn’t give you direct access to your device’s filesystem, so you’re still going to need a file browser or an FTP client if you want to get into your device’s internals. On the bright side, PwnTunes doesn’t reserve space for its own partition, as we’ve seen with other virtual hard drive apps.

iRealSMS 3.0 $8.99

irealsms ss

The most obvious tweak to compare iRealSMS to would be BiteSMS. The main difference between the two is BiteSMS is a replacement app while iRealSMS acts more like an overhaul with expanded features. There’s the familiar QuickReply and QuickSend features, but iRealSMS also includes a folders-view for your text messages, includes inbox, drafts, outbox, and sent messages. There’s also the option for setting up a blacklist for spam, built-in SMS backup, text to voice, password protection, and support for contact pictures. The only feature it’s really missing is SMS support for the iPad and iPod touch.

iRealSMS just received a minor update which adds support for using Activator to open QuickSend with one of its many gestures and plugins.

PhotoAlbums+ for iPhone/iPod $4.99
PhotoAlbums+ for iPad $6.99

PhotoAlbums+ password

PhotoAlbums+ is a photo manager for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. In addition to the ability to move photos into different albums instead of simply copying them, there are a few premium features such as the ability to set passwords on folders that distinguish the app from freebies like Photo Organizer.

Of the three tweaks, Photo Albums+ doesn’t come with a free trial. Also note that the iPad version is a separate purchase.

Share your thoughts on SpiritOfLogic’s updated apps in the comments section below.

  • And PwnTunes is still not factory Mac OSX compatible 😛

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    iFunbox (for storage) and iTools (for music transfer) are free alternatives to PwnTunes

    • Neil Popson

      But that defeats the main purpose of PwnTunes. You don’t need any third party software on your PC if you have PwnTunes on your iDevice.

      Don’t get me wrong though: I definitely think PwnTunes is overpriced. I bought it a few years ago – and it worked pretty good – but nowadays I just use Spotify so PwnTunes is rather useless to me.

      • +1 on Spotify. I have been able to unsync my entire music library from my phone freeing up precious space.

      • ReanimationXP

        PwnTunes ($7) is overpriced, but paying $10/mo to stream music you already have isn’t expensive. You people crack me up.

  • I bought PhotoAlbums+ yesterday, now I only have grey pictures as photos in my albums. couldnt get support via twitter as of yet. registering on their forums is also not possible since I get an error when registering.

    • Hi, can’t remember which, but try both mobile and full screen versions of the website to register

  • why is irealsms so expensive?

    • Worth it..what apple can’t offer it ..update for lifetime ..I using it almost 5years ..they did good jobs on every iPhone since 3GS .

    • Lordthree

      BiteSMS license is the same price.

  • i brought PwnTunes 13$ and PhotoAlbum+ 5$, PhotoAlbum+ worth 5$ but PwnTunes waste of money

  • PhotoAlbum+ is interesting, but too expensive

  • RarestName

    BiteSMS is not a replacement app. It is a tweak which comes with an app. Not to mention that they made it free with ads.

    • The app that comes with it can do everything the stock messages app can and more, so it definitively is a replacement. And what’s wrong with ads? They keep it free. Don’t want ads? Then buy it.

      • RarestName

        In which part of my comment did I state that it being free with ads is a disadvantage?

      • The way your comment is worded just makes it seem like you are putting BiteSMS down entirely. Guess I was wrong, sorry.

  • I bought PhotoAlbums+ long ago, but I stopped using it after I noticed all these duplicate photos in the DCIM folder.

    • you get duplicates because you are Copying the pictures, you need to move them.

  • sambuzzlight

    photoalbums+ works flawlessly on ios6 cant say about pwntunes since i bought it but never used it on ios6. your money wont go for waste i am sure!

  • I don’t want to play the bad cop on this one but I would stay away from PhotoAlbums+ as well as any ‘enhancement’ of the same nature for the Photos App, such as Photo Organizer (Free); why? The first one will take up twice as much of space of your device since it creates duplicates while the second one may lead you to lose your pictures if you delete the albums they are contained in. Hopefully they will fix this in the next version of Photo Organizer but otherwise, I don’t encourage these tweaks.

    One more thing, I haven’t tried Photo Streams on iOS 6 with any of these two tweaks so I don’t know if they are even compatible with it.

    • PhotoAlbums+ only makes a duplicate photo if you select Add to Album. Using Move to Album doesn’t.

  • Hey can someone tell me how this new Gremlin Framework is working out for him ???
    It would be so damn cool if it actually works ! U could import any mp3 and video into iPod and the best thing u can sync them with iTunes, at least thats what the description says

  • Tikimaker

    I used to use PWN tunes but didn’t like the fact that each time I would sync I would have to put the music back into iTunes. I have found that safari download manager works great to DL mp3s then I can SSH the music to my computer then add to iTunes. It sounds like a lot of work but it really isn’t.

    • PwnTunes syncs any music you have in the My Music folder to your iPod library, just turn on needs sync in the PwnTunes settings and then click on the music app.

  • Somebody bring the pull to refresh icon from iPhone 5 to Cydia.

  • i bought ireal last year when i had my iphone 4 and was waiting for update for my iphone 5…i love it because i can make the pop up boxes purple!!

  • SimonReidy

    iRealSMS was a great app back when I had my iPhone 3G, but in my opinion it just hasn’t kept up with the times. There are rarely any new features added and the UI is now very dated compared to that of BiteSMS’s nice looking QuickReply/Quick Compose popups.

  • Damani Brown


  • GuyBey0ndC00L

    iCloud Drains Battery: This isn’t the place for this but I hope people can past the message.

    I found something good and also troublesome when using iCloud yesturday. Its drains your iDevice battery a lot.

    The Good: keeps everything updates and sync together which is what we want

    The Bad: I use Apple’s Note app all the time. With iCloud On, all my note sync and get updated all the time. I notice the notes updating before my eyes over LTE with WiFi off. I type a message to myself. First note typed over wifi, second note I typed on LTE. Guess what they both updated. My point is iCloud is updating in the background when ever you add something to your contacts, email, notes, apps uses, etc.. draining your iDevice battery even when on standby mode. I couldn’t believe it myself. I deleted my iCloud account for a day and my battery was amazing. It lasted so much longer than usual.

    Tip: I got this tip from a friend he told me just delete your iCloud when your using your iDevice normally. Than enable your iCloud account make a quick iCloud Backup. When the Backup is done delete it off your iDevice again. All your apps, notes, and everything else thats in iCloud will still be there when you reenable iCloud.

    This helped my iPhone 5 battery last so much longer. Hope it helps you guys too.

    • great tip. But to be honest i just prefer to back up to my computer. its just hassle free, never really liked icloud.

      • GuyBey0ndC00L

        I like to have both just in case. It’s always good to backup as many has you can. Just wish we could name out backups.

  • i have 50 websms on o2 provider in germany.Is there a way to send these sms without an app??i mean the o2 app?replying is very annoying an bitesms doesnt connect to it…hmm

  • still wating for iAP Cracker…

  • na3eem

    and the difference between Pwntunes and Mewseek is?