How to SSH Into Your iPhone

First, I will explain what SSH is and why we do it. SSH (Secure Shell) allows you to exchange data between two networked devices, using a secure channel. A jailbroken iPhone has the ability to connect with your computer via SSH, giving you read and write access to your iDevice’s hard drive.

You can repair damaged files, install games that aren’t in the App Store, and even turn your iDevice into a portable hard drive. I know it all sounds complicated, but we use applications to make the process as easy as browsing a folder on your computer. This is my quick and easy guide to SSH into your iPhone….

For starters, your device must be jailbroken. You must also have an active Wi-Fi connection on both your iDevice and your computer.

Step 1: Download Cyberduck. (Windows beta version here)

Step 2: In your jailbroken iDevice, open ‘’ and do a search for ‘OpenSSH’. Go ahead and install it, and jump back on your computer.

Step 3: Open the Cyberduck application we downloaded earlier and click the ‘Open Connection’ button.

Step 4: In the server field you are going to type your iDevice’s IP address. This can be found by launching your ‘’, selecting ‘Wi-Fi’, and selecting the blue arrow next to your wireless network. You should now see your IP address.

Step 5: Select the ‘SFTP’ option in the drop down menu above where you just typed in your IP address.

Step 6: In the Username field type in ‘root’. In the Password field type ‘alpine’. Click connect! You are now looking at the file system underneath Apple’s iOS!

Note: The first SSH may take a bit, after that it should be fine. If you get an ‘Unknown Host’ message, just ignore it and click ‘Allow’.

See that wasn’t so bad, was it? My last piece of advice would be BE CAREFUL. Deleting or manipulating the wrong files can turn your iPhone into a paperweight.

Does anyone use a better SSH client? What ways are you using SSH? Tell us about it below!