PwnTunes: Drag & Drop Music Without iTunes

pwntunesPwnTunes is a new jailbreak app that allows you to manage your iPhone media library without iTunes. On the paper, this application looks great for people like me who cannot stand iTunes.

I say “on the paper” because I haven’t tried this PwnTunes myself. I guess the $12.99 price tag turns me off, but also the fact that you can only manage your media library (music, movies, etc…). From what I understand, you’re not able to manage applications, thus still leaving you somewhat dependent to iTunes.

The good thing about PwnTunes is that it makes it very easy to manage your music or other media files. Simply by connecting your iPhone to any PC, you can browse the file explorer to drag and drop your media files.

The big benefit of PwnTunes is that you can for example import music from your friend’s PC without losing music already on your iPhone. You can as easily export your music to your friend’s computer.

PwnTunes is for Windows only. Although it does look like a great application, I think it’s a bit too pricey at $12.99. Make it a $4.99 app and I’m sure it will get much more popularity.

Have you tried this PwnTunes? What’s your take on it?