Amazon’s advertising strategy took on an interesting twist indeed. Even though this commercial surprisingly praises both tablets, it paints the iPad as an overpriced choice versus the Kindle Fire HD, which starts at $199 for the seven-inch version.

Both tablets offer “stunning HD”, the commercial proclaims. What Amazon “forgot” to tell viewers is that its 1080p screen is no match for the iPad’s Retina display: the latter has a million more pixels (2,048-by-1,536) than the Kindle Fire HD (1,920-by-1,080). Nothing like the good ol’ fine print, eh?

And this is Amazon’s YouTube blurb:

Our newest commercial shows iPad with Retina Display and Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ side-by-side. Both have large, stunning HD screens. In fact, you may not be able to tell the difference… but your wallet definitely can. Meet the new, larger Kindle Fire.

In case you’re interested in Amazon’s tablet, you can save a cool $50 on the 8.9-inch cellular (4G LTE) Kindle Fire HD version by entering promotional code FIRELOVE at checkout ($30 on the Wi-Fi-only model).

This offer is valid through February 8, 2013, while supplies last. Only U.S. shoppers can apply and the promotion is limited to one discount per customer.

I’m being curious: would you rather buy a seven-inch Nexus or Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD?

  • Ipad 4 with great performance
    Best display even amazon admits
    Best tablet apps
    Best eco system
    Full size 10 inch screen
    No bloatware ads on lock screen
    Always updated

    How can apple than sale in cheap prices thats my question ?
    They cant sale it cheap Becoz there profit comes from hardware not from digital content. Like google and amazon.

    • voyaflexel

      dude not funny. You didnt said anything about jailbreak!

      • fatyss


      • Sorry dude got out of my mind 😉

    • Kurt

      amazon didn’t say it’s the best display, which it doesn’t have. its less than “full size 10 inch screen” its 9.7. Always updated? if you have the current model only. why exaggerate? what are you getting out of it?

      • I think this AD was more of a “Hey look at us, we’re slightly cheaper, your probably not a techie, so come check us out, you probably won’t be disappointed or even know what your missing”

      • Kurt

        i agree, except for the slightly cheaper. it’s quite a bit cheaper. If you have the money, you should pay for the ipad. The apps are great~ and the screen is great

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    You can clearly see iPad is much brighter.. 😀

    • dafaq?

      Do you know that the kindle Fire HD has some new technologies which doesn’t RELEASE lots of light so your eye won’t be tired easily?

  • Way better than Samsung ads

    • Samsung ads? I always thought it was some kind of a joke like “Funny or Die” or something like that…

  • Ipad has indeed more pixels, but that is due to its bigger screen size. I’d prefer to see the ppi number because that tells the truth better

    • kindle hd is 254 ppi, ipad is 264 ppi. amazon is right, you probably won’t be able to tell the difference.

      • Kurt

        what about the nexus 10.1? 300 ppi?

  • Falk M.

    I can tell the difference as soon as I start scrolling something on my dad’s Fire HD.

    It’s not a bad device, but jerky scrolling at that price is overpriced.

    The iPad is overpriced as well, but you get the best engineered tablet and still a better GUI (personal preference) and so much more.

    Heck, out of the box you don’t even get Google Play on the Fire HD, you have to root for that. o_O
    And the Amazon App Store is a big letdown.

  • RarestName

    I’d take a Nexus over the Kindle.

  • Why is it that Apple is always everyone’s target these days? Oh, let me guess… 🙂

  • seyss

    kindle is cheap.. my uncle has one. had lots of trouble

    • thank god Amazon customer support is great for the Kindle line, I’ve had a couple replacements myself.

  • MarcPhilippeB

    Unfortunately the display is not the only thing that makes the iPad x-times better.

  • I think the 2 are actually close enough in size, resolution, and pixel density that their ad is not particularly misleading.

    • this is true, they we’re proclaiming to be better in any aspect except price

  • Lol, yeah he not exactly wrong here, it’s “probable” that if you vision isn’t good, that you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. And if you bought one and not the other, how would you ever know the difference? There’s no dispute when both are in hand though.

  • Mcsquared

    Amazon should make a comparison commercial for their product vs the nexus