ios 6.1

Following up Saturday night’s release of the fifth iteration of the iOS 6.1 beta, Apple has seeded the final version of iOS 6.1 to the public (download link). The release comes nearly three months after the initial beta of iOS 6.1 was issued to developers.

So what did Apple do to its mobile operating system during all of that time? Well, most of the changes here were expected. There’s now more carrier support for LTE, and Siri is now able to purchase movie tickets through Fandango.

Keep reading for the full change log…

The update contains the following new features and improvements:

  • LTE support for more carriers (complete list of supported carriers at
  • Purchase movie tickets through Fandango with Siri (USA only)
  • iTunes Match subscribers can now download individual songs from iCloud
  • New button to reset the Advertising Identifier

Also as expected, iOS 6.1 adds Bluetooth keyboard compatibility to the Apple TV—perfect for performing searches through iTunes or YouTube. And, as noted by 9to5Mac, Apple has also included new Map APIs for better app integration.

Perhaps the most exciting thing about the update, though, has to do with the impending jailbreak. Hackers have indicated that they have an untethered jailbreak in the wings, but have been waiting on Apple to drop iOS 6.1 to release it.

As of now, it looks like iOS 6.1 is available both OTA and on Apple’s website. Jailbreakers: we believe that it is ok to update. But just to be on the safe side, you might want to wait until after these guys get done checking it out.

As always, you can download iOS 6.1 for your specific device on our Downloads page.

Stay tuned.

  • Marcos Sánchez Ramis

    musclenerd: “yep 6.1 is safe.” everyone update now! so excited 🙂

  • 4p0c4lyps3

    Once again, thnx apple. Those sound like spectacular changes to ios…lol. So lame. Not very savvy.

  • pauleebe

    If it’s been confirmed safe, I would update NOW! Why? In case Apple distributes 6.1.1 to close the holes and you didn’t get to the 6.1 signing window in time, then you’re SOL if the jailbreak only supports 6.1 and you’re either on 6.0.X or 6.1.1

    • pegger1

      and if the jailbreak doesn’t support 6.1 only 6.0.X, then you screwed yourself.

      • pauleebe

        The evad3rs have confirmed it works on 6.1. 6.1 is safe.

      • pegger1

        They haven’t confirmed. What planetbeing said was “appears to be vulnerable to the exploits”. I don’t call that a confirmation.
        And last line of the article above “But just to be on the safe side, you might want to wait until after these guys get done checking it out.”
        While it may be safe to update. There’s nothing to gain by updating early but lots to lose.

  • Jermy Childress

    No need for the Viagra today!

  • koonlay

    Yipiiii! Super news.
    Yeaaaaaa! It’s oooouuuut!

  • astereostudio

    I don’t get these X.X releases. Apple should just stick to point releases (6.0.1). 5 betas for what amounts to bug fixes and a new advertising toggle is not significant enough for a more “major” X.1 release IMHO.

  • Folks, It is already confirmed 16m ago.

    “planetbeing ‏@planetbeing

    iOS 6.1 appears to be vulnerable to the exploits we are planning on using. :)”

  • Shitz about to get REAL up in hurrr! Free LTE tethering all day long!

  • hasan51h

    Installing in my iPhone 5 and 4 .

  • hasan51h

    The passbook app got new redesigne in 6.1 .

  • asdfasdf

    Is this build exactly like the beta 5? Or should I upgrade?

  • this is strange, i just updated my iphone 4 to ios 6.1, but when i want to change my wallpaper i only get a black screen no iphone wallpapers… wft ?

    • jan

      I have the same problem, how can i solve it??

      • have u solved it ? or still need my help, i just fixed it !

      • jan

        I haven’t solve it yet, how did you do it??

      • download i-funbox. connect your device and go to the system files. then navigate to: Library–>wallpaper–>iphone and than u see your wallpapers there. now leave that window open and go to your desktop, create a new map, and then copy all the wallpapers from your device to that map on your pc. After that delete these files from your iphone. than u want to reboot your iphone, after the reboot u navigate again to the wallpaper folder in yout device. u want to copy the wallpapers that u have in your new map to the iphone again, and than reboot your iphone again, and your wallpapers are back to normal.

        if u have any problems let me know. 🙂

      • jan

        Thank you so much it works now correctly. Nice work man:)

      • glad i could help u 🙂

  • Liam Mulcahy

    The jailbreak is coming!!!

  • iDon’tWantToShareMyDetails

    What a letdown, the sixth iOS is just disappointing The only half-decent feature (DND) was tweak and by the looks of it, most of the features are completely pointless outside US (that’s not the whole world Apple). Honestly if there was no jailbreak i would’ve already tossed my phone in the bin.

  • iPhpone 5 can now take it true thrown as the best phone on earth…

  • ghulamsameer

    This is probably not a big deal to many, but in 6.1 your lock screen fades on instead of turning on immediately. It’s a nice aesthetic addition.

    • gilad weiss

      that was there since 6.0 beta. i noticed it right away

  • NoBrainer

    Wtf?!?!? Haha oh my goodness!! Four hours ago i was like “Aw fuck it, it will still take at least a weak/month until the final release, let’s take a nap”, and when i woke up it was there!!! Yes! Thank you lord!!!

  • Marshall

    Hi, may i know is anyone having battery drain issue on iPhone 4S? Coz i’m still staying 5.1.1 and afraid of iOS 6 mainly are becoz of battery drain issue.

  • Be careful Gridlee app fans, iOS 6.1 and the ability to add Roms don’t play well! I hope the developer has time to get an update out before Apple pulls the app.

  • sadaN

    Why is 6.1 not showing up in my iTunes? 🙁

  • After I updated to 6.1 on my iPhone 5, I think they removed the 3G toggle.. My phone is always on 3G network now where it has a weak signal in my area.. I prefer 2G for better battery life.. Any one having the same problem?!

    • I am having the same problem! LTE not even working!

      • It’s frustrating.. Cuz I don’t receive calls cuz I only have one 3G bar here.. Hope there is a fix or at least put back the 3G toggle in the settings..

  • Is anyone else’s LTE acting funny? My LTE Isn’t even working properly after the update…

  • Interesting. My iPad mini used to have the weather widget in notification center. After updating to 6.1, it’s gone.


    In the music app, while connected to the same network, you can play your Mac iTunes music and turn on the screen saver as well as using airplay on the Apple TV.

    Pretty friggin cool.

  • any1 experience after updated to 6.1 ur data cannot use which mentioned could not activate cellular data network? n gt any solution for this?

  • joshua catimpo

    how come in other countries ios 6.1 is already released? but in some countries like here in singapore it says ios 6.1 beta 4? im gonna guess it is the location of your idevice why it is not detecting the 6.1 full, right?

    BTW im not a developer, i dont know why would apple release beta versions in public even if you need a dev account.

    iphone 5 32gb factory unlocked

  • saiarkarmin

    Hello dear, may I request u to solve my problems. My device is JB iPad 2
    with ios 5.1.1.Now I wanna to update ios 6.1 and I was restoring ios 6.1
    with the latest itunes, the alert messages: error -1 was popping up.
    Now i can”t do anything and whenever my idevice is connected with
    itunes, it is in recovery state and ask to restore. Waiting for yr ans:
    Thank u so much!

  • ahmed

    what new in ios6.1 for 3gs i m now on 6.0.

  • Thank you guys for all the hard work you put in on this jailbreak! You Rock