Apple expanding LTE support to 36 new carriers next week

iPhone 4S Verizon LTE

During Apple’s quarterly earnings call yesterday, Tim Cook announced that Apple would be adding 36 additional carriers to the list of compatible LTE providers for its iPhones and iPads next week.

The good news is, Cook says these carriers will be in countries that are not currently supporting LTE. So for those of you who have a 4G iPhone or iPad and don’t currently get LTE, be on the lookout…

Here’s Cook’s full statement on next week’s LTE rollout (via MacRumors):

“Today we have 24 carriers on LTE around the world for iPhone 5. Those are in countries like the US, Korea, UK, Germany, Canada, Japan, Australia and a few others. Next week, we’re adding 36 more carriers for LTE support in countries we’re not currently supporting LTE. “

Apple has been slow to roll out LTE support to international carriers, which got it in hot water last year. It was forced to change the name of its cellular iPad model, due to limited availability of 4G.

Cook didn’t name the 36 carriers that would be getting LTE next week, but he did mention that they are located in regions like Italy, Denmark, Switzerland, and in several Middle Eastern countries.