iOS 7 concept revised

Remember the iOS concept video we saw earlier this week from André Luis Moreira? It turns out that Moreira had just posted an updated version of the concept on The Verge’s forums. The updated concept is similar to what we’ve already seen, but features essential refinements to the original design, in addition to being resized to fit the iPhone 5‘s 4-inch screen.

Read on to see what’s new, and what has changed in Moreira’s new concept video…

The first thing you’ll notice is the SBSettings-like Quick Settings page now features a new edit mode, instead of the menu we saw earlier. You can access this edit mode by pulling the Quick Settings pane all the way up and exposing a hidden layer of animated gears. From here you can access more features from Settings, and even choose which sliders you want to regularly be able to access from Quick Settings. The new edit mode is flashy, but it’s also functional.

cogs edit concept

To edit the Quick Settings list, pull down until you see the gears.

Moreira also addressed one of the potential problems you might have noticed with the old concept: in the initial version, it wasn’t possible to enter Quick Settings from within an app, you’d be shuttled off to the app-specific Dynamic Settings instead. Now you can shake your iPhone at any time and access Quick Settings, even while editing text. I’m not sure if shake gestures are the best way to solve the problem, but it gets the job done.

dynamic shake concept

The concept now supports shaking for Quick Settings instead of entering an app’s Dynamic Settings pane.

One final note: It occurs to me that the previously mentioned ‘passcode off’ lock wouldn’t be a foolproof method for preventing theft, considering it’s always possible to put an iPhone into an idle DFU mode. While the recovery mode would thwart this security measure, as a legitimate user, you wouldn’t want to be barred from recovering an unresponsive phone.

Would you like to see Moreira’s iOS 7 concept adopted by Apple or made into a tweak? Share your thoughts on what you would you keep and what would you change in the comments section.

  • It’s a potential tweak, but doesn’t look apple-ish. Maybe if apple ever does this then they would refine it.

  • Fuck yes!

  • wonderboydave

    reminds of me ubuntu os with all that swiping. lol

  • Joe

    It’s nice but essentially a rip-off of the android notification system since ICS. I’m still waiting on (second to a iphone 5 jailbreak of course) toggles to place on my home screen.

  • Andre Garrido

    Make a tweak out of this concept for god sake!!!

  • Johnathan Jennings

    The only part I like is the new numeric keypad to unlock the phone..

  • Plz @planetbeing or someone would port ubuntu on iphone 4s and iphone 5 and ipad 2 and above

    • tggt00

      XD I just dont have words about how much you are a noob..

  • I think Apple will implement this in a better way, maybe not yet in iOS 7 though

  • I would be even more of an apple fan if they implemented this into ios

  • No! How is this any simpler than to just open up the settings app? What Apple should do is have a hidden shelf in the Notification Center like IntelliscreenX does but with settings toggles that run like NCSettings. Yes IntelliscreenX has settings toggles but they are trash, especially the brightness setting (try it and tell me it’s not trash). I also like how NCSettings has a flashlight toggle (better than having to download an app).

    You might not agree with my ideas but I know most people would agree that Apple needs to LET US disable/hide their apps. I’m talking about the Compass, Contacts, Newsstand, Stocks etc apps. I’m sick of having to create a useless folder.

    • As for the flashlight, you don’t have to download an app.. Just go into your camera (the lock screen shortcut is perfect if you’re on iOS 5 or above), switch it over to Video, and set the flash to on. You don’t even have to press the record button

      • It’s way slower though, especially if you take a lot of pictures and impractical

      • That would take four gestures and be time consuming since you have to wait for the shutter. A NC toggle would take three gestures and be instant, assuming you don’t have a password lock.

      • True, and I do find it annoying, as well. I do miss my Notification Center toggle I had for it when I was jailbroken.. I just don’t like wasting the space for an entire app if it’s built into the OS, no matter how slow

  • Chuck Norris

    I think Apple should add IntelliScreen X and give credit to Intelli people. That probably won’t happen and they’ll say “We thought of adding it.”

  • Its going to be a while since Apple adopts this, unless we make a petition or get it seen in the Millions. I would like to see it first on Cydia!!. This is amazing and seems like something apple would include with IOS 7. Maybe

  • another rip off from android…innovation my ass… make something new to surprise us

  • I would totally want this in iOS 7.. And since I watched the video on my iPod touch 5th Generation, it felt like I put it in some futuristic Apple Store Demo Mode

  • They shood

  • Too many settings for a “quick” settings. Definitely don’t like the look of it either and the music on the lock screen looks messy. I really did like the multitasking and how you can acess the particular apps settings when you are using that app.

  • He spelled “dynamic” wrong in the notes app lol.

  • Should be like SBsettings hidden shelf, swipe to slide down.Otherwise too complicated.

  • Joaquin Yunes

    Really like it!! I always wondered why apple don’t let us setting a password to turn off our devices.. By the way, i like this concept

  • Way to complicated/androidish.

    ‘nough said.

  • disqus_h92

    I hope Apple soon will seed iOS 6.1 so that jailbreak for 6.0 will come out 😀

  • fvckin blablabla concept… i need this real… since out blablabla concept many years ago…

  • Holy Moses!

  • do it, this would be huge!