Auxo Glasklart

Remember Auxo, the jailbreak tweak that reinvigorates iOS’ app switcher? You’re probably thinking to yourself, ‘Jeff, how can I forget?’ Well, the team behind Auxo promised that their tweak would be themeable, and while we didn’t see any themes to coincide with its release, theme designers are begining to publish their work to Cydia.

One of the first Auxo themes available on Cydia is Auxo Glasklart. Like most themes, it uses WinterBoard as a framework. How do Auxo themes function and feel? Take a look inside as we take Auxo Glasklart for a ride…

Pretty much everything about Auxo can be changed via a theme, although the few that I tried focused primarily on theming Auxo’s toggles. Most of the Auxo themes that you’ll find on Cydia are add-ons to existing themes. For instance, Auxo Glasklart is a compliment for those running both Auxo, and the uber-popular Glasklart theme from Max Rudberg. Think of it as a compliment to flesh out the entire theming experience.

Whether or not we’ll see more individual themes that aren’t necessarily a part of a bigger package remains to be seen. Personally, I’m quite happy with the way Auxo looks on its own. What about you?

  • pauleebe

    Ugh sexy 🙁 … Need … JB …

  • jose castro

    thats what im talking about… now this is Idownloadblog

  • These thing seems so oldschool now. I want something big. Like playing ipad games with ps3 controller. Controlling ipad from iphone and vice versa. Mirroring iphone into ipad and vice versa. Split screen multitasking like Note 2…….etc etc.

    • Johnathan Jennings

      The first part of what you said just sounds plain stupid. But the multi window thing is already real. It’s called Quasar for iPad.

      • I’ve been changing these themes for more than four years now. I’m bored with this things now. Well, quasar doesnot work that great as it sounds. I’ve tried it few months ago and i deleted it. And i want split screen multitasking in iphone too.

      • Funny how blutrol is updated now to support ps3 controller and its just so awesome not stupid.
        Enjoying real racing 3 on my tv with ps3 controller, ipad and resupported

  • Old! If been using this theme for Auxo almost The Same day Auxo released.

  • what about ios grabber?


    • AGREED, checking Cydia everyday until this hits, cant believe the ipad version was last. Whats with the lack of iPad development in the JB community..

    • Where is the iPad version? I don’t see it. Only version 1.1.4 is there

    • sambuzzlight

      I think it comes out in the next update sometime nextweek?

  • no support 5.0.1? lame

  • iPhone 5 jailbreak please :)))

  • Manosnakes4

    Has auxo tweak any problem with zephyr tweak ?

    • Nope. I’ve been using zephyr and auxo, no problems at all. Both tweaks are officially purchased.