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You may have heard that Facebook has issued invites for a media event due this coming Tuesday to “come and see what [they’re] building”. People in the know claim the news conference is a pretty big deal as Facebook could announce a brand new mobile operating system, even a so-called Facebook Phone of some sort. And now, another source has stepped forward with knowledge that the social networking giant will also launch an iPad version of its mobile Messenger app, which in a recent update has gained VoIP capabilities

Alexia Tsotsis reported on TechCrunch Sunday afternoon that Messenger for iPad could be Facebook’s “one more thing” surprise this coming Tuesday, January 15.

Specifically I’m hearing that Messenger for iPad, replete with all the Messenger features we’ve come to love like emoticons, photosharing, read receipts, location tagging, group messaging, and the new voice-recorded messaging feature, is ready for the public eye. And basically, it’s what exists on the iPad but in a bigger format.

The reporter also heard that Messenger head Peter Deng was “cranking” a couple of days ago. Another indication: Microsoft, which partners with Facebook on search and ads, is killing its Messenger service “exactly a month after whatever it is is being announced”.

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Question of the day: what’s missing in this picture?

An iPad version of the Messenger app is probably a no brainer.

May 1, 2012, 9to5Mac reported that Facebook was working on an iPad build described as being similar to its iPhone counterpart. The publication’s Mark Gurman had a chance to take a peek at an early build and reported that Skype video calling was in the works, with performance being “smooth most of the time”.

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In December 2011, iPhoneItalia claimed that video calling via Skype was coming to Messenger for iPhone, a free download from the App Store.

That never came to be, but keep in mind that Facebook probably didn’t scrap Skype integration plans. Quite the contrary, it’s now more likely than not that the project simply hit unexpected roadblocks, resulting in delays.

Between Facebook’s cooperation with Microsoft and its subsidiary Skype and the last Messenger update which has enabled VoIP calling (initially limited to Canada), video chatting is the next logical step.

video call facebook

Facebook would be foolish not to exploit its social graph and the 1 billion user base to its advantage, especially as other companies vie for your attention in the fragmented messaging space. I have no doubt that pretty soon Messenger will grow to become perhaps the most important mobile property in its stable.

After all, that’s what many people use Facebook for most of the time, to chat with their friends.

I can totally envision Facebook’s Messenger software becoming a unified messaging solution which marries standard messaging features to VoIP and video calling. All your friends are already on Facebook so it makes sense to consolidate the various messaging contexts in one app to rule them all.

I’d be the first to applaud such an effort.

Switching from the mobile Facebook app to Skype just to continue my conversation via video or VoIP is unwieldy and so last century.

And while we’re at it, how about updating the new Poke app and, more importantly, Instagram with some much-needed iPad love?

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  • NoBrainer

    I hate this stupid Messenger App. Why having a dedicated Messenger App instead of putting everything into one App, the native facebook app? Guess the only reason is money..

    • Why money? All Facebook’s apps are free

      • NoBrainer

        two apps = more downloads in the app store than with just one app.
        More downloads = better for facebook and facebooks investors
        happy investors = more investments

      • D R

        Are you retarded? happy investors != more investments

        Unless FB issues more shares, there are no “more investments”.

        And only truly stupid “investors” would pay more for FB shares because FB claims more downloads due to splitting app functionality into multiple apps.

    • I see where you’re coming from, but some users like me, prefer to have chat as a separate (optional) app, I use chat ALOT more than I browse my feed, and messenger has a more attractive interface (in my opinion) loads WAY faster (on my iPhone 5 anyway) and is just generally easier and quicker to use

  • 4p0c4lyps3

    Screw FB. So pathetic.

    • charlie

      what’s wrong with facebook? o.O

      • 4p0c4lyps3

        U rlly need to ask? Ur name is ‘Charlie,’ rite? And u r a man asking this? So so sad.

  • The Messenger app is not working PERFECTLY per say on iPad. I have been following iPad specific changes in the messenger app since forever. And it has improved over time, the Only current issue has been that the logg on screen does not work properly. You are able to log on though.

    This status has been unchanged for almost a year now, where everything else has worked as intended.

    No iPad specific features though, only improvements in how the UI is created so it will work splendid on iPad also. Hoping for contacts sidebar similar to mail and notes when it hits iPad… To be fair, this is very simple to make (I am serious its like iPad programmin 101, and the way the iOS SDK works now, no fundamental changes would be needed)

  • Chuck Norris

    I agree NoBrainer. They should put everything back into 1 app. Who remembers chatting on your iPhone with other people on their iPhone? Who Remembers chatting with people without it sending a message to them. They’ve really killed Facebook. I hear Twitter is starting to rise.

  • and dose that need a media event? OMG so silly

    • The rumor is that it’s probably gonna be the “one more thing” at the end of the event

  • why? i feel like we dont need this and we dont want t

  • boooooooooooooo