Facebook is Ready to Bring FaceTime-Like Video Calls to Messenger App on the iPhone

Earlier this year Facebook added Skype video calling to its social networking service. The new feature allows users to make free video calls to other Facebook friends from their computers.

We’ve been expecting Facebook to bring the service to the mobile space since it was introduced this summer, but we haven’t heard anything about it… until now. We’ve just gotten word that Facebook is testing a new Messenger app with the ability to make video calls.

Last night we received a tip from the folks over at iPhoneItalia that Facebook has just seeded a new version of its popular Messenger application to developers. The update includes a video calling feature that is likely based on the aforementioned Skype technology.

The interface is extremely simple. Users are able to make calls out from their friends list, and those receiving the call have the option to answer or decline it. Its basic design reminds us a lot of Apple’s FaceTime interface, although it could change between now and when it’s released.

Apple might want to keep an eye on this project. Facebook consists of over 700 million active subscribers — almost 3X the size of Apple’s iTunes account holders. Once this app is complete, it could pose a real threat to FaceTime, as Facebook Messenger has to iMessage.

Will you use Facebook’s video calling feature?