Facebook testing Messenger for iPad with Skype video calling

A new report alleges that Facebook is working to add video chatting capabilities to its standalone messaging app for the iPhone. Additionally, the Facebook Messenger for iPad with video calling is also being tested internally.

Both versions of the Messenger app take advantage of Facebook’s deal with Skype from July of last year which has enabled the social networking behemoth to deliver Skype video calling right within the desktop interface…

Mark Gurman, writing for 9to5Mac, did a nice work testing both Messenger apps, currently in testing on Facebook’s internal servers.

While the application is essentially just a larger version of the iPhone app, the fact that Facebook is working on such an app shows the company’s dedication to all of Apple’s platforms. The Facebook Messenger for iPad application will also provide iPad users with the convenience of a simple application for messaging their friends. There will no longer be the need to access the sometimes flaky and “heavy” full Facebook for iPad application.

As for Skype video calling in the iPhone version of the Messenger app:

We had a chance to try out the new Facebook Messenger for iPhone video chat feature, and performance was smooth most of the time.

Contacts available for chatting are designated by a blue arrow.

While Facebook is currently providing two separate builds, one for the iPhone/iPod touch and the other for the iPad, they’re allegedly planning on merging the two builds into a single universal binary download.

It’s not yet known when the updated Messenger apps will hit the App Store, but Gurman thinks the updated iPhone version with Skype video calling is due on the App Store ahead of an updated Android app.

While they’re at it, why not add support for Timeline to Facebook for iPad, too?

Are you looking forward to these video-enabled Facebook Messenger apps?