Attachments+ for Mail is a new jailbreak tweak that modifies iOS’s stock Mail app to be able to handle a wide array of attachments. It integrates directly with libfinder to provide an iFile-like interface to peruse iOS’ native file structure.

Attachments+ for Mail allows you to attach files of any type directly from the file system by means of the copy and paste menu. The ability to preview files, attach multiple files, and compress files prior to attaching, is also present. Check out our full video walkthrough of the tweak in action inside…

Features of Attachments+ for Mail:

  • Save and ppen all file types, photos, and videos
  • Inline attachment support
  • libfinder iFile like native file browser interface
  • Preview files
  • Compress files

The thing I like about Attachments+ for Mail is that it integrates directly into the stock Mail app as if it were a standard feature. For $1.99 on BigBoss repo, it’s a good deal for jailbreakers who happen to be heavy email users.

Please share your thoughts on Attachments+ for Mail in the comments section below.

  • Shingo Hoshino

    what makes this better than anyattach?

    • I think it’s easier on system resources. The guy who made this also made the free tweak “safari download enabler” witch is better than safari download manager. Everyone should check it out.

    • This tweak allows you to also save E-mail attachments to your filesystem, which AnyAttach doesn’t allow you to do.

  • still can’t get off the size limit, why do we need these stuff when we’ve got iFile?

    Just give me a tweak to screw the limit..

    • Damian W

      iFile is more tedious to use. Plus, it is not integrated in email app.

  • Damian W

    I find Anyattach to be much better in native functionality. First of all, it does not rely on actionmenu tweak. Second, it has a nice integration for dropbox. Third, it looks really good visually having seperate sections for photos, files, and dropbox.

    • This does not rely on action menu.

      • Damian W

        My bad, I thought I read somewhere that it needs actionmenu. It uses the edit menu bar, which is not convenient when comparing it to the simple add button in each email. Anyway, I am more than happy with any attach.

  • Save and ppen all file types, photos, and videos

    … Does not seem right, but either way way, I think this tweak is pretty useful for me (and possibly for others.)

  • I think this is a great tweak, however, iFile is much more powerful as you can do all this and then some from within it. The point of this tweak is the email integration, but unless you have iFile, you’re limited to only accessing the file system from the Mail app.

  • The only benefit of Attachment+ over AnyAttach is that it integrates (according to it’s claims) the appstore app “Klammer”. Gonna try it out and see if it allows opening .msg attachments.

    • Nope, doesn’t seem to be able to open .msg attachments, so it’s claim of being able to open any file type is a total gimmick!! This is why I try apps before reaching for my wallet 😀 save the buck for Klammer and AnyAttach.

  • Alex Janko

    Just a btw… You said “…and ppen all file types…” First bullet

  • We want iphone 5 jailbreak

  • U leting us down

  • We got the arab team

  • fantastic

  • Does this tweak work with Sparrow?

  • Does this tweak allow me to send larger videos in email, does any body know?

  • chepeloni

    Anyattach still not available for iOS 6.x.x