Attachments+ for Mail adds powerful options to the stock Mail app

Attachments+ for Mail is a new jailbreak tweak that modifies iOS’s stock Mail app to be able to handle a wide array of attachments. It integrates directly with libfinder to provide an iFile-like interface to peruse iOS’ native file structure.

Attachments+ for Mail allows you to attach files of any type directly from the file system by means of the copy and paste menu. The ability to preview files, attach multiple files, and compress files prior to attaching, is also present. Check out our full video walkthrough of the tweak in action inside…

Features of Attachments+ for Mail:

  • Save and ppen all file types, photos, and videos
  • Inline attachment support
  • libfinder iFile like native file browser interface
  • Preview files
  • Compress files

The thing I like about Attachments+ for Mail is that it integrates directly into the stock Mail app as if it were a standard feature. For $1.99 on BigBoss repo, it’s a good deal for jailbreakers who happen to be heavy email users.

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