With Scott Forstall’s departure, watchers and users alike are keeping their eyes peeled for Jony Ive-ification of Apple’s mobile operating system. It is no secret that iOS is showing its age in several key aspects, especially compared against Android. The concept of alerts, despite advancements such as Notification Center, is still too obtrusive and leaves a lot to be desired.

That’s why I approve a new solution proposed by an Apple fan who has envisioned friendlier and actionable iOS alerts…

The Verge highlights a concept by its forum member who dreamed up a new visual style for iOS app and system alerts. The top image depicts the new pop-up form alert style. For reference, right below is the slim banner view.

See how the new notification style involves actionable alerts that let any type of messaging app put up a compose sheet akin to Facebook and Twitter sheets in iOS 6.

I’m all for getting rid of app switching whenever possible and being able to respond to messages from the notification itself would be a great time-saver. Finally, right below is his idea of app-specific alerts, ranging from pesky permission requests to reminders to low battery alerts and more.

If the animated GIF above won’t load, check out the MOV file here.

The same guy is also behind the iOS app switcher concept, which is now currently being developed into a jailbreak tweak.

Something tells me eager jailbreak developers are already investigating feasibility of this particular iOS alert concept.

What do you think?

Does iOS need friendlier and less obtrusive alerts?

  • iOS needs to be completely redesigned because everything just seems old and it’s getting really boring.

    • asf

      After reading this comment I thought you were trolling, but then I saw your avatar.

      • Emre SUMENGEN

        +1 🙂

        And, although it is old, I don’t think it’s bad looking.

        Good is not equal to “new” or vice versa… People should understand that…

      • goofygreek

        i dont think anyone will ever say its bad looking. But the first post is right, it is old and boring. Its essentially the same look and feel os since 2.0 days.

      • casbouy

        oh man only if these guys patented these ideas..

      • Emre SUMENGEN

        What’s wrong with that same look? I’m not looking for a fun look, I’m looking for practicality, speed, ease of use and compatibility… These things, iOS delivers. Yes, if it can be enhanced, of course it would be a good thing.

        But I doubt a “rewrite from scratch” is necessary, or good…

      • its boring

      • as hell

      • Emre SUMENGEN

        … have to agree to disagree on that…

        (What’s with the split comment?)

      • Emre SUMENGEN

        I guess we’ll…

    • Falk M.

      It’s quite obvious you’re not a developer.
      Also, you’re showing quite well you don’t know how Apple likes to redesign it’s OS’s.
      Apart from the pretty hefty jump from Mac OS 9 to Mac OS X, they don’t like to make radical changes and I think: Good on them!

      Baby steps, that’s the best you can and should do.

      Radical, radical, radical… Just because you think it’s boring.

      • sadaN

        Totally agreed, intuitiveness is the best part of iOS in my opinion, always knowing where things are gonna be despite of the version, plus getting eventual improvements to UI and accessibility.

        On the other hand there’s still LOTS to be improved, just have a look at the jailbreak community. I’ve always had all my devices jailbroken since 2007 to add things that’ll improve my experience in terms of navigation, accessibility and other things that Apple has been leaving out for so long, simple things such as toggles in Notification Center, SwipeSelection among others.

        I mean, Apple doesn’t wanna allow us to customise our phones system-wide? That’s cool, it delivers security that no other phones do, BUT WHY NOT IMPLEMENTING THESE THINGS THEMSELVES? Are they somehow unable to develop decent software? I doubt so, because the one reason that made me switch to Apple products is how their software and hardware talk together cross devices in a non-fragmented way.

        Me? Fanboy? Fuck you! I just know what I like, I’m not forcing or trying to convince anyone to use this or that…

        I honestly think jailbreak is the way to go for Apple to stay alive, either by hiring acknowledged people from jailbreak community or by buying their ideas…

    • notewar

      Im hoping to see a “theme store” in iOS 7!!!

      • Dan

        don’t hold your breath

      • A theme store would NEVER happen… lol

    • im not trolling or android fan and still i agree with it….iOS is getting old

    • its been really boring for 2 years..

  • I saw this on The Verge the other day. It looks great!

  • i dont think it needs a total redesign. It’s a working totaly fine and a mobile os after all.

    • It needs to get people back to iOS, people who switched to android and WP for the looks, it isn’t necessary, but it would be a good thing…

      • Im ready to switch to Windows Phone.

      • Johnathan Jennings

        Me too, switching from iPhone 5 to windows phone tomorrow

      • Emre SUMENGEN

        Tried… Didn’t like it. Was back in a week 🙂

      • Obsidian71

        Very few have switched and those that have don’t matter.

      • What do you mean they don’t matter? In the mobile space it’s all about numbers and iOS is targeting everyone, not just you!
        Apple just needs to make the iOS design as good as their hardware design. That’s a fact and everyone wants that.

      • Emre SUMENGEN

        Good design is what everyone wants, right.

        But I doubt Apple is targeting “everyone”… They would have started pushing different size phones, if they did.

        They are rather targeting the customer base, who would be delighted to have an Apple product.

    • HX7

      Using iOS since the first iPhone was released.
      I think iOS needs a little change. :).

    • Emre SUMENGEN


      If it’s working, don’t poke it!

  • One of the main things I hope Apple does it get rid of the “glare” on the top of some icons. Ew…

    • Couldn’t disagree more

      • Emre SUMENGEN

        Jamie: +1000000000

        I absolutely love the UI elements

      • So the random glare that isn’t even on all of the icons is a good thing? It makes everything look messy and non-unified.
        I’m just saying, make the icons look better together or let us use winter board without a jailbreak.

  • Notifications need to push or squash down the UI when a banner comes in, like the CoverMeNot jailbreak tweak does, and an instant reply feature so you don’t leave the app you’re in, to reply to an email, SMS, IM or whatever.

    • Emre SUMENGEN

      What? Why would a notification banner, whose main purpose would be NOT to disturb me, push my foreground app downwards?

      How does it matter from having a popup on screen?

      I’d even say that notification banners should go slimmer, so that they can run through the statusbar and leave my app alone!

      • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=neogin8GKmA
        Covering up UI elements is not ideal.

      • Emre SUMENGEN

        I know CoverMeNot, I tried it.

        It’s not ideal to push UI elements out of screen is not ideal either.

        As I said above, I’d choose to make notifications even slimmer than it is right now, so that they fit the statusbar. Thus, you would not need to hide/cover or push down UI elements…

      • I tried a jailbreak tweak for a thinner banner as well, but I found it to be so unobtrusive, that I often missed them!

      • Emre SUMENGEN

        StatusBulletin or DietBulletin?

  • Be nice if we see a complete redesign of iOS in the iOS 7.

  • Hasanshukur

    The one thing that they should put is something like bitesms. No need to exit and enter hundred times from apps

  • HX

    The.Gif actually loaded up for me.
    What I’d like to say is that android is open to new ideas that’s the reason why it gets different and new and plus the fact so many companies are working on it to improve it. Where in the case of iOS it’s
    Just apple alone. I myself am an iOS lover but I remember how boring my 3 days were when my 4S was not jail broken.
    Apple should actual hire new Devs to give thier ideas and actually redesign the iOS. It’s just these tweaks and themes making us feel better. Apples taking out the same layout since 2007.

    • Emre SUMENGEN

      I’ve been using the iPhone since it’s been jailbroken (1st gen, 3G, 3Gs, 4, 4S and soon I’ll be on the i5). I also used iPad and iPad2, jailbroken.

      Now, my main tablet is an iPad Mini (HP Touchpad and Transformer are getting dust in the drawer) and I was really skeptical about not having a jailbreak ready for it.

      But, it turns out, I’m mainly missing SBSettings (or NCSettings)… Other than that, iOS is pretty useful itself.

      Yes, with a jailbreak, you can change everything. But, I guess I’ve learned, that I honestly didn’t want to change much… At least on my tablet 🙂

  • HX

    I admit that Apple has done years of research on the iOS but it’s about time that we want something NEW.
    Really new, above our expectations.
    Apple has very less time before its sciecere fans start to get bored of its same layout.
    Frankly speaking. I see very little difference between and iPhone 2G
    And an iPhone 5 ( with jailbreak they might vary) but practically they are
    Much similar.

    • Emre SUMENGEN

      Having little difference is not a bad thing (for a UI)…

      Apple’s main customer base is very loyal. And, people don’t (usually) want something entirely different when they buy a gadget, so that wouldn’t need to get used to it from ground-up…

      At least, it is that way for me…

  • i would like to see Apple do away with the glossy effects on everything, it looks really dated now.

    • Guest

      What??? I still like it?

  • seyss

    this and that widget concept would be great additions.. iOS6 was so frustrating. I wish they’d realize that and just release these 2 additions in 6.1

  • JomanJi

    Too little has happened to the world of iOS since iOS 4….

    • Obsidian71

      Nope. Apple’s only delivered iCloud sync/backups, ushered in a new Mapping platform, revamped notifications and added thousands of new frameworks. They’ve basically been sitting on their arses.

      • goofygreek

        Really, your excuses are a maps program that failed badly at first, (but since has gotten better), the notification drop down menu they copied from android 2.0 days, and please elaborate a little more on these thousands of frameworks that have been added for developers.

      • Obsidian71

        Maps is server side so improvements were always going to happen but why left facts get in the way of an opportunity to drive page hits for tech blogs.

        iOS 6 is awesome for developers. Lots of new stuff. Social Framework for plugging in auth support for multiple services. Collection View for crafting better UI. Multiple audio output (Algroriddim Djay already uses it), Auto Layout which makes creating more flexible UI using constraints. AF Foundation improvements for video.

        Apple is a design company. They develop tools that allow developers to make apps you want to use. They don’t spend their time making the OS so glitzy that you stay outside of apps endlessly messing with widgets and other nonsense.

      • goofygreek

        yea, i guess that would have been a little much to post in your previous comment.

      • don’t feed the troll, dude 😉

  • ghulamsameer

    I can kind of see Apple’s stance on this. The OS has been stale for a long time, but the sales are haven’t been stale. I am very interested to see what new changes will be in iOS 7.

  • Tony Chen

    Yeah, iOS definitely need to be completely redesigned, it does seem boring and old after seeing it for so long, I just recently made the switch to Nexus 4/Android 4.2 and i’ve been finding it quite good

  • I would love widgets on ios like what dashboard x does but sadly that’s probably not gonna happen

  • Obsidian71

    Some of you guys aren’t getting it. Your OS isn’t supposed to be entertaining. Your not bored because your OS hasn’t changed you’re bored because you yourself are not doing anything creative or substantive so you piddle around with interface elements to fill the time. It’s no one else’s fault you are bored but you.

    • Riza

      Ofcouse we are the one got bored
      Thats the human Nature,
      Thats why Apple and all other Companies Change there Design time to time,
      But ios


    How is that popup design better than the current one? It’s even more obtrusive 🙁

    • The 2nd picture is the current banner one with a reply button on the end.. The first is a concept for a redesigned alert style

      • Emre SUMENGEN

        So? Let’s read again: I said how is that better than the “current” design. I’m not comparing the two proposed here… I’m comparing both with the current in iOS…

        About the first: I honestly don’t want the notifications to get bigger… I’d go for smaller even… You know, it’s enough that I’m notified. I can swipe down the notification center and read the whole message there.

        About the second: I’d really really not want a notification to STOP my game, splitting the screen into two. It would bring no functional advantage over the current “popup” but it would possibly add a little more slowness as there would be an animation (screen splitting and sliding up/down)…

        Thus, neither of these is enhancing the current implementation. And, I personally would not opt for something that will slow me down without providing additional function. I doubt John would either (based on his and his teams’ design work since).

        A good thing can be: Expanding notifications on NC, or being able to dismiss individual notifications there, just like in ICS/JB. The notification center, is an very good place to enhance.

  • Thomas Gehman

    That’s actually really pretty… Totally seems like something Apple would do!!

  • Sentry

    I think you guys forgot to include a pic of the main part off the concept; quick replying. :p

  • jvi1000

    Actually, this concept is worse than the current one. Ive will not abandon skeuomorphism. He will simply execute it better. For example, the volume knob when you play music has a machined aluminum texture that shimmers realistically when you tilt the phone. It is a nice, subtle, natural detail than enhances the experience without distracting or confusing the user. This is a successful use of skeuomorphism.

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    iOS will remain boring because Apple makes their product for all ages ages and skill level….

  • godfromthesnake

    less obtrusive alerts? isn’t that what they are suppose to do is alert you.

  • notewar

    Im hoping to see a “theme store” in iOS 7.

  • Not sure if iOS 6 or iOS 5 or iOS 4 or iOS 3 or iOS 2 or iOS 1

  • I just got my first iPhone 5 and its great since I never had previous iphones

  • Lets say I have a few ideas too and am able to present them in a way like seen above…
    Where can I publish them?

  • iOS is Aerosmith

  • iOS isn’t half bad, just need a few improvements to the current OS and it’ll be good.
    Having settings shortcut and widgets ‘iOS’ style will be nice. They take too long to improve and advance, Android is kind of catching up with them.

  • Fevostone

    Wen is this jailbreak coming out I’m getting sick of waiting 🙁 some news wud be nice anything even tell us if there not doing it so I can go to Samsung coz its getting to be a pain in the arse now all I want is summit like this quick reply and ill be fine that’s all I need or and remove all background lol I like my mobile nice and quick and easy com’on dev team sort it out or just let us kno the score man?????????????

  • maurid

    How is that GIF any different from the standard Location pop-up?

  • Sir.Rhommi

    Please Apple, Pay Attention

  • IOS must be completely redesigned, the lock screen was a joy to witness before but now it is completely boring and there is no such thing as home screen where you can add short cuts and use that screen to look at live wallpapers and now instead of live wallpapers apple should come up with some new interesting things such as slde show or so on. The noticification bar must have features or stiches for Wi-Fi, do not disturb,etc. And the lock screen must be made versatile so that we can change the way we unlock(access messages directly,etc) the phone and these different lock screens for idevices must be made available in the app store in other words IOS should get a versatile lock screen and of course a home screen because when you have icons all over your screen it looks very clumsy and you can hardly notice the wallpaper. There should also be a way to change the font.