Concept: how Jony Ive should redesign iOS alerts

With Scott Forstall’s departure, watchers and users alike are keeping their eyes peeled for Jony Ive-ification of Apple’s mobile operating system. It is no secret that iOS is showing its age in several key aspects, especially compared against Android. The concept of alerts, despite advancements such as Notification Center, is still too obtrusive and leaves a lot to be desired.

That’s why I approve a new solution proposed by an Apple fan who has envisioned friendlier and actionable iOS alerts…

The Verge highlights a concept by its forum member who dreamed up a new visual style for iOS app and system alerts. The top image depicts the new pop-up form alert style. For reference, right below is the slim banner view.

See how the new notification style involves actionable alerts that let any type of messaging app put up a compose sheet akin to Facebook and Twitter sheets in iOS 6.

I’m all for getting rid of app switching whenever possible and being able to respond to messages from the notification itself would be a great time-saver. Finally, right below is his idea of app-specific alerts, ranging from pesky permission requests to reminders to low battery alerts and more.

If the animated GIF above won’t load, check out the MOV file here.

The same guy is also behind the iOS app switcher concept, which is now currently being developed into a jailbreak tweak.

Something tells me eager jailbreak developers are already investigating feasibility of this particular iOS alert concept.

What do you think?

Does iOS need friendlier and less obtrusive alerts?