Instead of a boring teaser, the weird Movement commercial, a meaningless self-made drop test clip, cheesy making-of footage and a whole bunch of other all too easily forgettable videos, maybe Microsoft should have employed the talent of Forest Gibson? The guy clearly has a better idea of how to position Microsoft’s Surface tablet against the iPad juggernaut…

Apple’s iPad mini commercial served as a nice starting point for Gibson’s concept ad.

To be honest, I’m not really sure which one I like better.


  • Both epic!

  • That’s cold… haha

  • whats the name of that piano song?

  • Ernesto Carrillo

    Both are nice! But of course, if u like windows, ur gonna like the surface better.

  • goofygreek

    Thats hilarious.

  • Irfan Tarique

    LMAO had to watch it twice to know what the hell was the surface doing

  • Byron Davis

    Spend your money
    Spend your money
    Spend your money
    Spend your money

  • And so the microsoft learned. .hmmm

  • anyone can offer me a website to factory unlock my iPhone 5

    • go to eBay and search factory unlock iPhone 5. It worked for me 🙂

  • microsoft should hire this guy!

  • well that was different.. lol

  • Holy shit that was clever!
    Auto carroted

  • *throws money at screen*

  • Erhm. No.

  • iDevizes

    Does anyone know which app is used? Is it GarageBand? I choose iPad (mini) over Surface defintely after this (fan) ad

    • macboy74


      • iDevizes

        tnx 🙂 top app!

  • I am Apple fanboy, but this is just awesome. Makes iPad look like shit.

    • Lordthree

      The dubstep nonsense makes iPad look like shit?

      • side by side, IMO the microsoft fanmade one was better on a couple of levels.

      • AppleGenius

        So you mean playing Heart and Soul on a piano app makes the iPad look revolutionary? in 2012?

      • Lordthree

        Chopsticks is a lot more ‘classic’ than the dubstep (dumbstep) fad.

      • Lordthree

        Chopsticks is a classic. Warbley dubstep nonsense isn’t. Never will be. Surface is DOA

  • Hahahaha)))) i can’t stop laughin. This ads is so hilarious! I’m an apple fan but this is way too funny! Weird ads can be good at times.

  • rosssimpson

    hahaha, i love apple but that ad is awesome!!

  • JomanJi

    Bet that Apple would sue Microsoft if they published an ad like this…….

  • Xbox 360

    If steve jobs would still be alive you would probably suck his dick

  • i heard surface has problem with hd videos. but i dont know for sure until SOMEONE ACTUALLY SHOW ME.

  • Dislike, to agressive

  • DomPerignon1

    Both clips are AWESOME!!!