Microsoft films its own Surface RT drop test

For today’s WTF moment, I present you this publicity stunt depicting the Surface RT falling from about 30 inches high and onto a hardwood floor, courtesy of Microsoft’s Surface Reliability Lab and straight via the Surface team’s official channel on YouTube. Unlike your ordinary drop test, this one has a twist to it, just watch. Spoiler: it survives the drop. Fortunately, Microsoft didn’t go as far to credit the gizmo’s vapor-deposited magnesium chassis for that.

Of course the clip is geeky – this is Microsoft, after all. The company is many things, but you can’t blame them from exploiting social media on a Friday to spread the word about their iPad contender. The Surface RT runs an ARM-based chip, it looks snappy, and its tile-based interface introduces a fresh new approach to tablet computing. I’ve also included another video that shows off some of the features, right past the fold…

You can buy a 32GB Surface RT (which has 20GB of free space) from Microsoft’s online and retail stores beginning Friday, October 26, for a cool $499.

This excludes a Touch Cover – that’s an additional $119. The Type Cover is ten bucks pricier at $129.99 and is available only in black. If you buy a 64GB Surface RT with a Touch Cover included, the combo will set you back $699.

In case you haven’t seen the inaugural dancing commercial, here it is right below.

I take it you haven’t seen Microsoft’s top dog Steven Sinofsky using a Surface RT as a skateboard?


Talk about publicity stunts…