Drop test: iPad vs. Nexus 7

Google unveiled the Nexus 7 last month to much fanfare. And although its price and screen size don’t really line up with the latest iPad, many reviewers are still using Apple’s tablet as a point of reference.

You’ve probably already seen all of the speed and performance comparisons between the two slates, but what about durability? That’s right it’s drop test time. Nexus 7 versus the iPad, round one, fight!


The folks at SquareTrade have done it again. They’ve pitted two competing products against each other in a series of completely non-scientific drop tests to see which one proves more durable. And the winner?

It would appear that the Nexus 7 comes out on top, thanks to its size, weight, and rubberized backing. Surprisingly, the tablet managed to survive a number of falls without suffering any major screen damage.

It’s also impressive that the touch screens on both the Nexus 7 and iPad continued to work after being completely submerged in water. I’ve always found that severe water damage results in immediate malfunction.

As we said before, these tests hold zero scientific value. And in the end, it’s probably a good idea to put a case on either tablet. But still, we have to admit, it’s always fun watching people intentionally break things.

What’s your take on the drop test?