Great news for folks who have managed to get their hands on an unlocked iPhone 5 and are looking to start up T-Mobile service with the handset. Reports are coming in this weekend that some of the carrier’s retail stores have started receiving shipments of iPhone 5-compatible Nano SIM cards…

TmoNews reports:

 “A bit of a surprise today as T-Mobile stores begin to receive NanoSIM cards used in conjunction with the iPhone 5. Our original expectations had T-Mobile NanoSIM cards arriving sometime in the middle of October, but we’re not one to complain about anything arriving ahead of schedule in the wireless world.”

There’s no word on how widespread availability is, and the site’s tipster says that stores only began receiving the Nano SIM cards yesterday morning. But the fact that they’re shipping is still great news.

Remember, T-Mobile is in the middle of rolling out a major new “bring your own iPhone” marketing campaign, including in-store activation of unlocked iPhones, and iPhone HSPA+-friendly network upgrades. It’s also started advertising its new line of “truly” unlimited data plans for smartphones.

Unfortunately, Apple hasn’t started selling unlocked versions of its new handset yet. But we’ve confirmed that the Verizon model is GSM-ready, and there are several 3rd party vendors selling unlocks as well.

So again, if you have an unlocked iPhone 5, and are looking to switch to T-Mobile, it might be worth checking out your local store. There’s a chance that they may have some Nano SIMs in to get you going.

  • Will it b LTE?

    • ic0dex

      No. Each Carrier has its own frequency to use LTE. For example Verizon’s iPhone 5 is unlocked, you can use it with ATT 3G/4G, T-Mobile 3G/4G but no LTE.

  • pawfyd

    I don’t know about other countries, but T-Mobile is the worst carrier in Poland.

  • Latinpride011

    Still on the Edge network in the tri-state

  • Since last week, I am on the T-mobile network with my iPhone5 and so far I can’t complain much except from the fact that when I’m going to rural places(I’m a trucker) I get the no service mention but I spoke to T-Mobile representative and they said that by the end of next year they should assure with a G4 nationwide.

    Unfortunately for the moment they don’t support LTE with iPhone but it doesn’t make it so much slower cause the iPhone itself is sooooooo fast that there’s not much of a difference and for the price I pay is a great bang for the buck.

    I believe that T-mobile will keep up to their words and that I will no longer get the no service mention and it’ll be nationwide.

    • javierE186

      Hey just wondering how is MMS working for you? Some have said that MMS doesn’t work on the i5 with iOS6. It’s one of the main reasons why I still haven’t gotten the i5 because I do not want to be one of those people who it doesn’t work for. Also did you use the same carrier settings on your i5 that one would have on the i4 or the 4s?

  • The most underrated carrier, in my opinion.

    • Manuel Molina

      To true. They make the most strides and attempts to help customers. If they had LTE, I would have left Verizon already to make my bill cheaper.

  • I hope they’re planning to rejigger frequencies so that they end up with iPhone-compatible 3G/4G service here in Chicago. My Verizon contract is up in March. Maybe I should buy a Verizon iPhone 5 now and then put a T-Mobile SIM in it early next year.

  • Had my AT&T i5 unlocked and ready in a drawer waiting for T-Mobile nano sim.
    I just don’t know bout not being jailbroken on iOS6… Need my BiteSMS and IntelliscreenX

  • tmobile sucks…

  • Dean_ ampos

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