We know from before that countries like Russia, India and Brazil sell the most expensive iPhones in the world, both in relative and absolute terms. While the iPhone 5 is yet to launch in these markets (Apple plans to have the gizmo available in 100 countries across 240 carriers by year’s end), with today’s addition of 22 new countries the iPhone 5 is now officially available in 31 major territories around the world.

One thing becomes readily apparent just glancing at Apple’s localized online stores: the iPhone 5 prices vary depending on the region, based on local policies, taxes and other factors influencing price calculations…

A handy chart from the guys behind the Italian Apple site SetteB.IT analyzes prices of the no-contract iPhone 5 across 25 different localized online Apple Stores that as of this writing carry the handset.

Perhaps surprisingly, Italy has become home to the most expensive iPhone 5 that will set you back about €949 (approximately $1,220) for the 64 gigabyte version (via The Next Web).

The sum includes a 21 percent tax.

Chart courtesy of SetteB.IT via Twitter. Click to enlarge.

Per usual, Hong Kong buyers still get the best deal overseas because this special administrative region of the People’s Republic of China has a major capitalist service economy with low taxation and its currency, the Hong Kong dollar, is the eighth most traded currency in the world.

The 64GB iPhone 5 in Hong Kong is a €720 value, or approximately $920. The entry-level 16GB model is a $721 value. It’s interesting that Apple has raised the unlocked iPhone 5 retail prices in Hong Kong and some other countries by about ten percent over the previous generation.

ZDNet has more on that.

In comparison, the same 64GB iPhone 5 model will run US buyers an estimated €715, or $924 after tax. This is just an estimate because Apple currently is not offering the unlocked iPhone 5 in the US.

Even the most pricey iPhone 5 sold officially can’t hold a candle to China, where grey market resellers are selling the device with over a 100 percent markup.

By the way, here’s a nice iPhone 5-related prank to make your day.

Apple hasn’t revealed plans to launch the device in China, but it shouldn’t be too long.

The iPhone maker is thought to be close to cutting a landmark deal with China Mobile, the world’s biggest carrier. China Mobile counts 700 million subscribers and offering the iPhone to such a large audience could double sales of the iPhone in China, according to Brian Marshall of ISI Group.

As for the unlocked iPhone 5, are Apple’s prices in your country the same versus the previous generation or slightly higher?

  • Denmark’s pricing is almost the same as italy, my guess is a little more

    • zik

      here in italy iphone 5 16GB, 32GB, 64GB : 729€ , 839€ , 959€ , very very expensive….! these right Jeff, Italy has become home to the most expensive iPhone 5 😉

      • It would be Chris, actually 🙂

      • Bob

        No one cares about you Chris, only jeff! …… iJoke

      • cruel joke…:p

  • Seeing this makes me kind of glad I am from Czech Republic
    I did the conversion with current currency conversion and the price on our Czech Apple store. (From Czech Crowns to American Dollars)
    16GB – $785
    32GB – $905
    64GB – $1020
    Everything with tax and shipping already.

  • i got from a dealer in canada and shipped it for me to dubai it cost about 1093 US dollars plus shipment which was 300 dollars by the way it is 16 GB iphone 5 black and slate unlocked

    • Bob

      Shipment was 300 dollars? Not sure if trolling.

      • Why? From Canada to Dubai sounds very likely.

      • taxes for gadgets can be v high maybe?

      • because somebody from canada brought it with him by plane thats why

    • In Turkey the pre-order price is 1550 $ and it will cost 1400 $ when it becomes avail. in December:( I am planning a trip to Czech Republic to buy one, and stay there for a 2 day holiday!:) Hey do you know Iphone 5 is being sold unlocked in Czech Rep? and is apple store is close to the airport ? 🙂

  • In my country Bahrain that’s in the Middle East the iphone is $1,177 for the 16gb and $1322 for the 32gb!

    • ic0dex

      What is the minimum wage there $50 an hour?

    • Do they disable the camera there?

      • no they dont disable it they just disable facetime functionality which you can enable by jailbreaking

    • sasan akbari

      Same here in iran! :((
      Apple’s products are terribly expensive in middle east.

      • You think Apple products are expensive there? You should see the Gas prices here in America. I believe the response you’re looking for is touché.

  • hello everyone
    in iraq its 16GB 1400 $ fucking dollars

    • Thats why George bush was so pissed at saddam lol!!!

    • which city in iraq?

    • Mohammed Sahib

      I live in Baghdad, Iraq, and I can tell you only fools buy it from the local market, I could ship it oversees and get it cheaper!
      Too bad apple ignores the growing markets in our countries.

      • i dont buy it from baghdad i ship it from lebanon its much better like u said

  • From Singapore, no telco contract…

    16gb – SGD 948, about USD 772 / 600 Euros / 478 pounds
    32gb – SGD 1088, about USD 886 / 689 Euros / 548 pounds
    64gb – SGD 1238, about USD 1008 / 784 Euros / 624 pounds

  • szamal

    Apple should do something about those prices. They charge more for less features (since i’m polish i don’t get Siri in my native language, flyover in my country, dinner reservations via Siri and so on). I know taxes are higher in europe but still this isn’t right.

  • Puerto rico is selling unlocked iphone 5’s on contract for 99 $ from a company called claro a Verizon subsidiary I have proof if anyone doubts I will post pix and or video and thanks jeff@ idb for showing me how to make a nano sim!

    • Mohammed Sahib

      Send me and I may believe you! 😀

      • Ok what’s your email or twitter I will show u my receipt also look up claro on google u will see they are Verizon under a different name all their phones are from Verizon also I asked how they got the phone price so low they said they negotiate better deals for the customer

      • Mohammed Sahib

        😀 I meant send me an iPhone!

    • Claro is not a Verizon subsidiary, Claro a mexican company bought claro from verizon years ago. They do have iphone 5 for $99 but it’s network locked to claro and very diffcult to unlock, how they do it is simple a $600 penalty for ending your contract early and high monthly bills compare to what monthly plans usually run for.

  • In Lebanon middle east, it’s sold for 1200$

    • last night some one in lebanon say to me that class (the shop) its sold iPhone 5 16GB 1250$ its that right ?

  • DT

    Christian ur wrong at 1 thing.
    The most expensive iphone 5 64gb is sold in india for Rs.99000 i.e almost 2000$ on ebay india.

  • no not really, in Pakistan 16gb Factory unlock is retailed for more then $1210 USD

  • rew

    hell with i 5 phones. i wish apple company to be flopped due to the high price of its products.

  • Aaron Baal

    Looking for a buyer. No bs. Buyer that will ship iPhone 5 s. From US to Middle East. Will discuss amounts over secured line. 16193394695.