You’ve seen Samsung marketing department’s response to the massive iPhone 5 launch. Here’s more of the same. Another one right after the break…

Not wanting to give Samsung any more free air time, I’ll refrain from commentary but you’re more than welcome to comment on these ads down in the comments.

Of course, Apple already posted its response earlier in the week.

By the way, Samsung expects sales of the new Galaxy Note 2 phablet, which launched today in South Korea, will triple the original Note – even after Apple sold a record number of the iPhone 5 units in its debut weekend.

As for its legal fight with Apple, you already know how Apple is looking to triple the $1 billion in damages the court awarded to them in August, when a California jury ruled the South Korean firm violated Apple’s utility and design patents.

Now, according to The Korea Times, Samsung mobile chief Shin Jong-kyun is turning for help to its partner Google and major U.S. telcos.

Samsung has already been in talks for the development of modified products aimed at escaping from Apple’s design-related patents.

The paper goes on to note that Apple’s slowing innovation in products and Samsung’s shortened product cycle make it tougher for Apple to compete.

Matter of fact, I’d like to hear what you think.

Is Apple losing out to Samsung in the marketplace.

Here, it’s a simple YES/NO poll.

As always, feel free to explain your vote and opine on The Korea Times story and these new ads down in comments.

  • Christophe

    Shamsung is always jalous of apple

  • booyashaka

    samsung thinks of apple too much

  • Personally, I prefer the headphone jack on the bottom…

    • nftnft

      Why, I like it better on top, I mean, I feel like the plug will be easier to break if it’s at the bottom. >.<

      • pegger1

        Why would it break? Do you stand it up on it’s end?
        With it being on the bottom the headphone cord falls more naturally instead of with a bend.

      • nftnft

        Yes, I do, usually when I’m in bed!

      • Its better on the botton, because, when you have your phone in your pocket and take it out, its really nice if its upside down so when your hand reaches your head to talk, its the right way around. But for some reason, apple, until now, thought it be best to have your phone the wrong way in your pocket, so that using it as a phone became more diffucult. Try it a few times, put the thing in your pocket, both ways and see what happens when you awnser it, or do anything with it for that matter.

      • Liu Zhenyu

        Cuteeeeee and smart! Muah. I’m a nice guy don’t be scared *wink*

      • Liu Zhenyu

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      • Emre SUMENGEN

        Your explanation is logical, and seems right. But I still think I liked it more up…

    • We will see the next Samsung phone do the same thing.

      • Nicolas Loots

        And Apple will probably sue them for that.

  • its always the same with “SameSong”……. this wont affect iphone sales in any way.

    I want to see the S3 on apples “thumbs” commercial

    • Why? So you can see how much more real estate the S3 has? Or any other Android phone that was out since 2010, for that matter.

      I really look forward to the day when Apple will come out with an iPhone bigger than 4″ (at this rate, 2018), and see what their reasons are for abandoning this “great” function.

    • maybe no effect on apple, but it does give them alot of attention, just look here.

  • Nick Morris

    You know your doing things right when the competition is always attacking you. When Apple starts attacking Android/competition…I’ll be worried

    • well they did by suing Samsung, Motorola etc. 😉

      • and won, what’s the problem? You don’t believe in the legal system?

      • goofygreek

        They havent won everything.

      • Which is not the point. Winning the lawsuit was just a cherry on top for them.

      • Not in one that has an american company against a korean company with the average american joe on a jury bench. I mean comeon, if there was a american-korean in that jury he voted apple just so he would not be thought of as unpatriotic

      • Emre SUMENGEN

        What does it have to do with being patriotic?

    • They are attacking android silly….just with lawsuits instead of ads.

      • Emre SUMENGEN

        If you’re right, and have (or think you have) proof, you go to court.

        If you’re not right, or don’t have proof, or don’t trust your proof, you go to tabloids.

        Apple is doing the first, and Samsung (and also Motorola lately) is going for the second…

        You figure!

      • maurid

        But Samsung is not saying Apple infringed any of their patents, so they have no reason to go to court other than to defend themselves from Apple’s ridiculous lawsuits.

        So your argument is invalid.

      • Emre SUMENGEN

        Actually, both Samsung and Motorola have LOTS of cases, where they are claiming Apple is infringing their patents. And, although some of those cases have been ruled (in favor of Apple, as far as I know, but I may be wrong), others are still ongoing…

        By the way, if you came second, you obviously are not the first in the race… So, it’s not logical that the winner just copied you… That’s why they are suing Apple with patents, related to essential technologies -legacy or standard, if you will- instead… Just because they have nothing that Apple copied? (Ok, maybe Google can come up with the Notification Center :P)


    • Ummm this is a terrible point. What about the “thumbs” commercial? Its a direct attack on larger phones.

      • Nick Morris

        agreed, didn’t see that one until now. Although at least it’s not targeted to just one maker. I’m starting to get worried…a little 😛

      • Kurt

        and you can hold it in a firm grip and top all four corners. so regardless if you have a phone that is 3.5 inches or 4.8 you need to move the phone to reach where you want.

        nice how apple made a bunch of cut aways as if we didn’t notice that they shifted the phone in order to tap on other parts of the phone. umm, you did realize that right guys?

      • Emre SUMENGEN

        Yes, definitely… You’re right…

        It’s the same thing, using a 3,5″ device and a monsterous 5″ device…

        Not for me man, not for me!

      • Kurt

        was that sarcastic?

      • Emre SUMENGEN

        Good catch…

    • Not because they are good, but because they are popular. Look at political ads. Are the attacking each other because the other side is “doing it right”? No, but because the other side is popular and everyone wants a piece of the pie.
      How many Mac-attack ads are there? Does that mean Apple isn’t doing it right? Your argument is full of holes.

      • Nick Morris

        Why are they popular?

      • getaklu

        because iSheep are being re-produced in huge numbers

      • Products can popular for different reasons. Because they are well advertised, (over) hyped, affordable… Yugo was popular in the 80s. Does that mean it was good? No, it is among the top 50 worst cars ever made.

        What do you call a Yugo with brakes? Customized.

      • Yugo was extremely popular in the 80s? What country did you live in? Those things were known to be total crap before the first one was sold.

      • I live 300 kilometres away from the factory where Yugos were, until recently, manufactured. They’re still very popular there, in Serbia.

        “…known to be total crap…” Actually, in 1989, when Yugo arrived in the US, everyone stormed to buy them. It was extremely cheap and that was its main selling point.

      • You’re not familiar with the sales of Yugos in the US apparently… From 1985 – 1991 (the only years they were imported) there were just over 140,000 sold, which equates to .0021% of all new cars sold in the US during that time. People weren’t exactly storming the dealerships to buy a Yugo.

      • Liu Zhenyu

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      • Liu Zhenyu


      • Liu Zhenyu

        Next time be nicer to Tr1pTr0p. You’ve been warned

      • Liu Zhenyu

        I had a feeling, especially sounded like you, anyway, sorry if I was mean to you before, especially when people insult apple for no reason.

      • Emre SUMENGEN

        You two, get a ROOM!

      • Your argument has even more holes because both parties attack each other, Samsung is singling out Apple because they are jealous. You don’t see Samsung attacking HTC or Motorola do you? They don’t have to because they outsell those 2 companies. They can’t stand that they are being beaten and kicked to the curb by a company that “they think” makes inferior hardware and that will always be Apple’s advantage. Ohh and how many Apple attack ads do you see? They spend more time advertising their own hardware instead of wasting money attacking their rivals. Ohhh and please don’t bring up the Mac vs PC campaign because those were far from being attack ads. What Samsung is doing is blatant and unprofessional. Also check the build quality of an Apple device and tell me that they are not higher quality products. Last time I checked the S3 is made of cheap plastic and the battery cover feels like its going to break every time you take it off.

      • Are you blind, or you did not see Apple’s “Thumb” ad? Nice job on completely ignoring almost everything I said. When others make attack ads, they are jealous, blatant and unprofessional. But when Apple makes attack ads (Mac versus PC, “Thumb”), then those are classy, professional, “far from being attack ads”, Apple is in no way being “beaten and kicked to the curb” and no way Apple is jealous! No, no, no, no. Apple can’t be jealous.

        What the fuck is wrong with you people??? Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt.

        Oh, and apparently, 30 million people who bought the Galaxy S3 don’t give a flying fuck about build quality, or don’t want their smartphone to be a fragile glass sandwich and a scratch magnet.

        There’s a big world outside that Apple bubble of denial and ignorance you’re currently living in.

      • haha thanks for the laugh man, really thanks!! The ignorance is strong with you!

  • Nick Morris

    Samsung, go talk to Apple when you build your own operating system…

    • Apple Go talk to Samsung when you aren’t buying your processors, Flash Memory and ram from Samsung. At least Samsung isn’t buying from their competition.

      • Bach Nguyen

        Apple has been reducing orders from Samsung. Eventually, Samsung is not that important supplier. In the meanwhile, I don’t see Samsung planning to make its own OS.

      • Why do they have the need to build their own OS? We don’t need another “apple” in the game, with their closed ecosystem.

      • Guest

        You people forgot everything, samsung already made their own OS. The name is BADA and was a total fiasco. It was in the Samsung Wave and Samsung Wave II. My God… that OS was a miss.

      • Obsidian71

        Because …”having your own high volume OS is a license to print money” (Steve Jobs) plus it allows you to tailor you OS to specific hardware. Most systems are closed…it’s the norm.

      • Obsidian71

        David, Apple buys the foundy from Samsung. The SoC designs are their own and will likely be fabbed by someone else like TSMC in the future. The RAM is from Elpida, Samsung isn’t making the screens.

        Not sure exactly where you were going with your rebuttal but it was rather weak

      • Liu Zhenyu

        Typical fandroid using unoriginal argument when it is rebutted countless times, Samsung only builds it to earn cash, nothing else while apple unwillingly buy from them to keep them funded, totally without apple Samsung stocks will fall drastically.

      • Kurt

        shut up fag

      • Liu Zhenyu

        Fagdroids like you are both ignorant and irritating, always trying to find ways to bash apple, even if you have to waste time trolling at an apple blog, I am done conversations with you, since you own several iOS devices as you stated and did not like them, go get a phone of your choice and enter an android blog supporting google while leaving us here supporting apple, or stay at this blog to learn more about your iOS devices if you decide to keep them and stop spending your time insulting people and apple.

      • Kurt

        you’re the only one writing gay crap in every post. I like my ipad and will be buying an ipad 4. or as you will call it the “New iPad 2nd Gen” but this is my last iphone. the OS is ok, but i want something better and more interesting. im not a follower so i can’t take the same old OS for more than 6 years with little change

      • Liu Zhenyu

        It’s not me genius, it was trip trop, he used my name, so I’m not gay, you are

      • Kurt

        maybe people wouldn’t use your name if you quite with your fandroid/fagdroid crap and start being polite with people. oh and stop your obsession with wanting to make out with steve jobs’ ashes. just thinking about it

      • Kurt

        You’re telling him to be polite but did you forget about your reply to him?

        “shut up fag” doesn’t seem polite to me.

      • Kurt

        So in other words you were offeneded and want an apology too. Sorry homo. Feel better?

      • Kurt

        I am not offended and I do not want an apology. You should just know that you were being a true hypocrite.

  • Samsung is in love with apple

  • Interesting how Samsung chooses to make fun of people instead of actually showing their product in use.

    They could show the homescreen, but its the same as every other phone. They could show a native app, but they all suck. They could show their app store, but its weak.

    So they just make fun of people who wait in line and hope that current Samsung users will believe Apple users are on some kind of “Bus” and that their products actually suck. They make the apple store look unappealing, so their customers will never walk in the door.

    These ads are focused on Customer RETENTION, not gaining new customers. Samsung must spend its ad dollars keeping customers on their crappy phones; they are not even trying to compete with the iPhone.

    • “They could show the homescreen, but its the same as every other phone.”

      Yeah, just like how iOS 6 looks the same as iOS 1. Great argument there.

      • Obsidian71

        Yes but there’s one phone. Samsung is making their phone sound unique but in reality it is just like every other Android phone. Nothing special.

  • Headphone jack at bottom is good if the headphone pin was right angled … 🙂

    • pegger1

      Where are you trying to angle it?
      Pointing down is exactly where the cord wants to fall. Any other direction will put a bend.

    • Rummer has it the Iphone 5s will have a smaller headphone jack(proprietary ofcorse) They’ll have to do it to make the phone thinner.

      • name of Hp jack is storm i guess 😀

  • Timothy Do

    Doesn’t matter to me, as long as their is competition in any market, the winners will always be us, the consumers.

    Imagine one company has a monopoly in their fields, such has only 1 cell phone company, 1 cell phone manufacturer, 1 car manufacturer, 1 etc… the prices would go through the roof…

    embrace the competition guys…

  • you guys shouldn’t be mad at Samsung, Apple is trying to sue everybody who innovates touch screen phones been around for years dont let apple fool u they take plenty of ideas including from the jailbreak community. I own iphone 5 by the way and the reason apple wins is because they have a lot of consumers just on the bandwagon who don’t really know anything about technology.

    • Wonder how apple is winning these lawsuits, corrupt judges and legal system?

      • mariotech

        Yes they are tryimg to build a monopoly eliminate the competition

      • Liu Zhenyu

        Hey Oliver! Your last name makes me hungry! SERIOUSLY! I’m freaky like that. I won’t bite tho

      • Liu Zhenyu


    • Kurt

      So you’re a consumer on the bandwagon who doesn’t really know anything about technology? 🙂

    • Craig Melville

      What has Samsung done that was innovative?

    • Obsidian71

      The reason why Apple wins is because they have a solid patent portfolio and a great legal team. Suing is the right thing to do. It’s what separates us from militant rule. The court of law is designed for conflict resolution.

  • first video — at the 8 second mark … i replayed it over and over LAWL

  • I got the iPhone 5 today, extremely happy with the at&t LTE speed!!!! By the way, my office is in Manhattan mid-town, you don’t want to know how heavy is the traffic here!

    • Liu Zhenyu

      I <3 your last name!

      • Liu Zhenyu

        CHANGE YOUR NAME FAGGOT!! I am not gay

  • Samsung are only going after the iPhone because that’s the only rival out there… It’s just shows how low Samsung will go to promote there product..

    • Just as low as Apple’s “Mac vs. PC” ads.

      • True… But wasn’t the Mac vs PC ads Apple way of bashing the rival when they was trying to be on top just like Samsung is doing now… What Apple did then was just was Samsung are doing now and it shows how low these company’s will go to bash each other..

  • I get why two of the biggest (probably *the* two biggest) smartphone / technology
    companies would be attacking each other.
    But that’s like ALL that Samsung does anymore, attack Apple 😛
    And when Apple does “attack” Samsung in court,
    they don’t intentionally make a huge display of it,
    by doing a commercial about it.
    Maybe I’m biased (being a huge Apple fan), but to me, that just shows how
    Samsung feels like their losing to Apple all the time.
    And honestly (again, just my opinion), I think that Apple does better because,
    no matter what people might say about Apple’s maps, iOS6, the screen size,
    ect…, Apple leaves their buyers happy much more often than Samsung, and Android. Now, I like Samsung’s products, but, no matter what Samsung says
    in their adds, they can’t change the quality of Apple’s stuff… simple as that 😐

  • Rafael Damasceno

    I was thinking of Bump which is around for fucking forever.

    • WeebSurfer

      Probably just an attempt to brag about NFC. Show us where it’s used outside of other peoples phones. Tech ain’t there yet. That’s likely why appl left it out… For now.

    • 4″ screen, LTE, etc. has been around “forever”, should Apple not advertise it as one of their new features?

      • Rafael Damasceno

        You totally missed my point 😛 Of course they need to advertise their features. What I meant is that the “apple fan” girl was talking about getting the same share functionality at the iPhone. Guess what, Samsung. “It’s already here.” Bump does this since I can recall.

  • Sand

    Without android applwudnt not needto make any epic phones!
    We need android like android need apple or we’d b the losers the consumers!
    Its great there are two awesome phones out there & anyone who says one kills the other is not even credible! Just preference!
    Both are great phones pending on what your needs & likes are!
    Without competition it’d be bad like how MS was back in the day! A monopoly!

  • *2767*3855#That’s all I can say.

  • ghulamsameer

    I’m sorry, but Apple’s ad was twice as classy.

    • Get over your fanboyism. It’s an ad.

      • ghulamsameer

        I knew I was going to get a response like that one. I respect both company’s products, but Samsung’s ad was really immature. If they would continue to feature their devices instead of bash Apple, like they were doing before the iPhone 5 release, then I would have more respect knowing that they can move on. The GSIII is a great phone and Samsung should
        advertise it like they were doing before.

  • Dan Lopez

    There were 4 people ahead of me in line (I was #15) who had GSIIIs and were switching to iPhone 5. And I had at least 3 or 4! people offer to trade a GSIII and some cash for my old iPhone 4S

    • Yeah I have seen some of my friends did that too! They got S3 or a few other android phones, got excited for a few weeks (some for about one month) then started feeling these phones were nothing but specs, cheap materials, fragmented os, lack of ecosystem and disapointing s voice (a replicated feature of Siri in S3), … However people are different and we should appreciate that fact!

    • Liu Zhenyu

      Hi Dan!!!!!! Tootles 2U!

      • Liu Zhenyu


  • Martin

    IIRC there’s an app called Bump in the App Store that does that same thing (touching phones together to share data).

    • It requires cellular connection and data. There is still absolutely no reason for Apple not allowing Bluetooth data transfers.

      • not only that, but have you ever tried bump without a case? feels like im going to smash it in the process, or something. Not that samsung’s implementation is good, i mean, does that look comfy to do??

      • Liu Zhenyu

        Bluetooth? Mmm, wanna bite me?

      • Liu Zhenyu


  • seyss

    Not to Shamesung, but to Apple itself…

  • Can’t Understand why Samsung love to talk about the “bad” things (well, not so bad anyway) about iPhone, and not focus on talking about their own phones’ advantages

    Making iPhone Bad doesn’t mean i need to buy samsung,man!
    There are many choices out there !

    • Liu Zhenyu

      iPhone is the best Eva! I have rainbows all over my iphone. How about you?

      • Liu Zhenyu


  • Mcsquared

    I go to a very small high school of roughly 600 people, but its a wealthy high-end town and I don’t think I know anybody at all with a galaxy S3 I think there might be 5 people if any in my school who has one (and thats giving the benefit of the doubt).

    Meanwhile anybody whos anybody has an iPhone..

    Its like 80% iPhones
    15%/ older versions of droids (not any of the recent models- like the ones that were made a year-2years ago) or blackberry
    and rest miscellaneous.

    Those are just guesstimates, but, I for certain have never ever in my life say “I can’t wait to get the Galaxy S3” or someone else say “woah you have a S3? Nice”

    But everywhere I go, you hear teens (alot of them spoiled mind you) say they “REALLLY” want to get the iPhone 5 (even ones with 4S’s) or those who have shitty smartphones/basic phones say they hope to get the iphone for christmas.. Not really sure who they are selling these galaxy phones to but its not anyone near I live..

    I even heard of someone wanting to get the windows phone for the holidays, but not the S3..

  • Samsung states an iPhone is what your parents or an old person would want. Well with age comes knowledge, Samsung.

    Does it matter where the headphone jack is?? The S IIII will probably have it on the bottom as they like to copy thee iPhone.

    • Yeah, Apple was the first to put the headphone jack at the bottom, idiot.

      • Thank you for trolling and replying to something you know nothing about. Reread my comment. Your reply makes no sense. And it’s quite hilarious that you go around here looking for arguments. Fucking loser. Look at all your comments. Just a typical “hater”. I’ll await the fanboy comment rebuttal if your smart enough, that is.

    • Liu Zhenyu

      Samsung is a fagdroid. But so am I so whatever. Well an iFag anyway. I guess I’m more of a flamed than anything. Whateva~ tootles!

      • Liu Zhenyu


  • Apple has always done their own thing. I think that slowly, they will start loosing smartphone market share and it will settle at some amount some time later.

    I believe this will look a little like Microsoft and the “OEMs” against Apple, is today.

    If you want a “computer” you get one of those cheap shits that you see all over the place. If you want a real computer that will make you live easier and be appealing and beautiful to you for a little bigger price, get a Mac.

    This will be the same with the iPhone vs others.

    At least that’s the probable outcome in this war.

    • Liu Zhenyu

      If apple was a guy. He’d be all mine. <3

      • Liu Zhenyu


  • Aliasgar Murtaza

    Omg!! Love the ad! Love my sg3 :3

  • Liu Zhenyu

    Scumsung should feel ashamed for their immaturity, a big corporation acting like a kid after an ice cream costing 7% of their allowance was taken away after shameless copying.

    • Liu Zhenyu

      We have the same name?

      • Liu Zhenyu


    • Hyr3m

      “We have always been shameless about stealing great ideas.” – Steve Jobs

  • Kurt

    crapple’s video sucked and was so misleading. all those cut aways inorder to shift the phone so they can tap on other places on the screen.

    i liked samsungs ad. it shows that apple fans are typically, not all so don’t get offended, typically followers (not trend setters) and uneducated on technology. my complaint is that i would like that kind of ad coupled with showing off the samsung phones.

    • Emre SUMENGEN

      At which points in the ad, do you believe it was cut? Can you give us a better detail, like seconds in the timeline?

      • Kurt

        is this your terrible use of sarcasm again that isn’t obvious? go get your iphone, even the 3.5 incher. and you can’t touch all four corners without shifting the iphone or moving the iphone. as the ad says the thumb can reach all places on the phone. but its not true without the help moving the phone! you isheep are so pathetic. you will accept deception as truth???

      • Emre SUMENGEN

        No sarcasm, I just asked a plain simple question, and I did it kindly…

        My hands (although average size) can reach 4 corners of the iPhone 4S screen easily.

        If you “claim” that the video was deliberately cut, isn’t it normal that I ask at what point?

        You really are not used to getting any form of objection, but are very keen on deploying your supposedly brilliant thoughts on others… Dictator or troll?

  • Liu Zhenyu

    SeXy m4m write me!

    • Liu Zhenyu

      Change your darn name or create a new account please

  • maurid

    The “Thumbs” commercial is not only a direct attack to the S3 (as it was an obvious response to Samsung’s commercial), but is also mocking any other “large” phones. And, if you ask me, it’s a pretty lame commercial, if anything.

  • I have to take pity on Samsung for thinking these make good commercials. Nothing but a pissing contest. I saw them demonstrate one feature for about 2 seconds in one of the above two commercials. That doesn’t average out to much. Where are the ads that tug at my heart strings? Where are the ads showing how it connects the deaf, the blind, the children and the grandparents? Where are the ads that show me why this phone will be better than an iPhone at being a phone? All I see here are petty “my phone’s bigger than yours” remarks.

    As many have no doubt noted in the comments of these commercials and previous ones…you’ll notice nobody’s lining up for the Samsung.

    Why don’t these Android phone makers seem to get it? The only people they’re appealing to are people who’ve already bought the GS3. Insulting iPhone users for being iPhone users doesn’t seem like a good marketing strategy to me.