More iPhone bashing in two new Galaxy ads

You’ve seen Samsung marketing department’s response to the massive iPhone 5 launch. Here’s more of the same. Another one right after the break…

Not wanting to give Samsung any more free air time, I’ll refrain from commentary but you’re more than welcome to comment on these ads down in the comments.

Of course, Apple already posted its response earlier in the week.

By the way, Samsung expects sales of the new Galaxy Note 2 phablet, which launched today in South Korea, will triple the original Note – even after Apple sold a record number of the iPhone 5 units in its debut weekend.

As for its legal fight with Apple, you already know how Apple is looking to triple the $1 billion in damages the court awarded to them in August, when a California jury ruled the South Korean firm violated Apple’s utility and design patents.

Now, according to The Korea Times, Samsung mobile chief Shin Jong-kyun is turning for help to its partner Google and major U.S. telcos.

Samsung has already been in talks for the development of modified products aimed at escaping from Apple’s design-related patents.

The paper goes on to note that Apple’s slowing innovation in products and Samsung’s shortened product cycle make it tougher for Apple to compete.

Matter of fact, I’d like to hear what you think.

Is Apple losing out to Samsung in the marketplace.

Here, it’s a simple YES/NO poll.

As always, feel free to explain your vote and opine on The Korea Times story and these new ads down in comments.