Fix for “Cannot connect to iTunes Store” error in iOS 6

By , Sep 20, 2012

Since updating my iPhone 4S to iOS 6, I’ve been having problems with the App Store. Specifically, when I was in the Passbook application and clicked the App Store portal, I was met with the following error: “Cannot connect to iTunes Store.”

As it turns out, I’m not the only one having this problem. A thread has started in Apple’s support forums regarding the issue, and it has already garnered 5,000 views. Luckily, it appears that some folks have managed to come up with a fix…

MacRumors passes along the fix, which was spotted in the forums:

“Go to Settings > General > Date and Time > Set Automatically > Off. Set the date one year ahead. Try to update the apps again or press the button from Passbook. If you get an error message, go back to the Settings app and change Date and Time > Set Automatically back to On. Then go back and try again.”

Believe or not, this worked. Now when I tap the App Store link from within the Passbook application, it opens to the Passbook section. This is especially nice, since at the moment, there isn’t a way to visit the Passbook section any other way.

Did this work for you? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Maribel Bodle

    didnt work for me either! Been dealing w/tech support for over a month & its starting to piss me off!! I just want to access my itunes

  • ornella

    it worked for me ! thanks

  • Wiktor Mazin

    Found an alternative solution: Went on the internet via my mobile (mobile wi-fi-hotspot via telecom company) – then I can connect to App Store. However, as soon as I log on to my home wi-fi, no connection to App Store which works for my other not-ios-updated Apple devices?!?! Any idea of how to get home wi-fi to connect with App Store in this case?

  • Annie Murphy

    Good lord. Moved it ahead one year, than 25 years ahead. Moved it back to just the current date but only 1 (not 2, not 3, just ONE!!) month ahead – and was able to finally open up app store. YOU CANNOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES EVER OPEN PASSBOOK!! (yet.)

  • Riley Huber

    Worked for me!

  • Master Burns

    Thank you. New iPod touch 5 was giving me headaches until I found this. Very grateful.

  • Lesia Talpash

    Worked for me on my iPhone 4S. Thanks!

  • rahul247rocks

    There are new and improved ways to fix the “Cannot Connect to iTunes” issue.

  • BigB

    I have a 3Gs and its not connecting to Itunes. the message comes up “We’re sorry, we are unable to continue with your activation at this time. Can anyone tell me what i can do.

  • Soumadri Roy Chowdhury

    Worked for me…set it to future, and then reset to automatic. Worked like a magic

  • Polly Say

    Hey! It worked!! Tks a million!!!


    It worked. :)

  • David B Lyon

    Did not work

  • sam

    It has to do with your wifi or wireless router. I have 2 source routers from one, i was connected to guest. i went ahead and connected to the locked connection of my router and it worked…for now

  • Vhino

    Thanks a lot! It work for me!


    u are awesome, it worked just fine, its all that when u change the date u have to open passbook and then appstore, and before changing date back to normal u have to close all the working apps in multitasking.

  • Ummu Syafiqah

    it worked ! thanks ! should try it couple of times. the key is patience :)

  • Rowan

    I get it now on my iPod touch 4, iOS 6.1 when just going to the App Store to update apps. I have to manually tap the Updates button and then it works fine and I can tap another button like Featured and that works fine too (it initially brings up a blank Featured page with “your request produced an error” in Times New Roman.

  • Lisa Smith

    It worked!!!!!!!!!! Thankyou

  • Steven Asch

    All I did was change the time setting to manual and then manually reset to the correct date, time and year (note before resetting date, time and year were all incorrect and way off) now all is fine. I’ve not reset the time setting to auto over concern the problem will return. Good luck!

  • Jubilee Adeoye

    does not make sense, but this worked

  • irine

    I’ve tried so many sites and so many times to sign in on itunes and apple..thank you so much!! should’ve seen this’re awsome thanks again!:)

  • Trisha Cali

    thanks. this worked for me. :)

  • Brenda Mia Manzo

    It worked for me,thank you!

  • winston

    Turning auto date/time off, setting the year ahead, turning off location, then turning auto date/time back on worked for me! Thanks for the tip!

  • Cait

    It worked for me. I changed it to a year ahead, then changed it back to auto set… I can’t believe that I couldn’t connect to the app store until I did this though.

  • Corbin Brile

    Turning ON location services and then turning ON automatic time worked for me. Apple has some janky software!

  • Valdo Raya

    It worked, but HOW???

  • Crystal Fouts

    That actually worked…Thank you!! I have tried other tips on a few different sites that didnt fix it. :)

  • Paris Felder


  • Cabbage knees

    Holy crap it worked

  • Nicole Hume

    I can not believe that this worked! I have been getting the unable to connect message in itunes on my iphone 5 all afternoon. Changed the year to next year, got the error message, changed it back, and then it worked!

  • Carlos Castillo

    Thanks works for me!

  • Hm

    Listen, it didn’t work for me but i tried something else, go to settings> Itunes & appstore, sign out and then sign in back again, double tap the home bottom and close the appstore, reboot ur device and then u will be able to use appstore or itunes :)

  • RJL

    Worked for me, yaay

  • Joy

    it worked for meee!! Thanks!


    I tried all the so called fixes of changing dates, etc. but none of them worked on my new iPad mini. I decided to delete the last app I had installed and it worked, end of problem. I suspect others are having this same problem.

  • Guest

    I have two apps where you have “energy” so I kept setting the clock ahead. Setting it at the right time seemed to work, but now my mom has to sign in again. ? x 10. Anyway, thanks for the help! I saw this tip on a thread, but following the directions exactly didn’t work.

  • Knaughty Emostar

    awesome,, thanks,,

  • GIO

    I had a problem downloading an app. i could search for it and find it and i even downloaded it from another device with my account but on my ipod touch 4 it just did not work. so i did as it said in this topic and i’m glad its OK now. THANKS A LOT!!!

  • Marquis Jones

    Thank you very much it is now working perfectly

  • Robert H

    it worked for me thanks xD

  • Matthew Fidler

    I realize this is 8 months but the same issue just happened to me this weekend with my iPhone 5.

  • Rielle Nellie

    This is LAME my phone has mental issue.

  • Margarett Angel Haka

    Worked for me… I do not understand how and why such idiotic errors occur like this for Apple products. Such a damn headache all the time with errors for itunes, icloud, etc. I truly do not think I will ever buy another Apple product again.

  • Abdullah

    didn’t work when i change it a month ahead it says the certificate of this server is inavalid.

  • czbird

    This is the exact process that has worked for me:
    1. Turn off auto-time and set time 1 year and 1 day ahead
    2. Try to log in (fails)
    3. Hard reset (power+home until it reboots)
    4. Try to log in (fails)
    5. Set the time back to normal, keep auto-time off
    6. Try to log in (success)

    I have no explanation for it. It’s just one ugly bug :-o

    iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1.3

    • egobaby

      IF NOTHING ELSE WORKS, TRY THE “1 YEAR AND 1 DAY AHEAD”.. it did the trick for me and nothing else had.

  • Anil Gupta

    Wow thanx so much sir its relly 100/:working

    • Alejandro Maximo Marez

      Dang! This post was from a year ago… 0_0

  • Arne Dahlberg

    How can a tool from Apple need such troublesome solution? Sounds like DOS….

  • GNR

    i have same error. in can not connect to itune store..
    how to solve error ?