Following up on news of Samsung’s upcoming anti-iPhone television commercial and sighting of an amusing print ad appearing in certain newspapers and focused on a laundry list of iPhone 5 and Galaxy SIII features, a fan of Nokia’s newly introduced flagship handset, the Windows Phone 8-drive Lumia 920, has taken it upon himself  to re-work Samsung’s advertisement with a little Nokia touch.

Replacing the Galaxy SIII with the Lumia 920, the new ad proclaims Nokia’s device “the heawyweight champion” of smartphone wars, which have grown uglier with the iPhone 5 introduction (which shattered sales records), patent fights, Samsung’s nasty ad attacks and March 2013 release of the Galaxy S4.

Now there’s a new “ad” ready to become viral, coming from Nokia fans (or maybe Windows Phone fans). The unofficial commercial is entitled “Flyweight contender, meet the heavyweight champion” and pits the Nokia Lumia 920 against the iPhone 5…

Here’s that Nokia concept ad, via AndroidAuthority.

Click to enlarge.

I wonder whether this one goes viral.

By the way, the Lumia is 73 gram heavier than the iPhone 5, which is a lot considering that many reviewers have noted that the iPhone 5 feels substantially lighter in hand even though it is only 28 grams lighter than its predecessor, the iPhone 4S.

On the flip side, the device has a larger and crisper multitouch display that can be used with gloves, it sports NFC and wireless charging and apparently better cameras, if Nokia’s faked PureView ad is to be believed.

Apple passed on NFC and wireless charging, according to its marketing boss, because the former isn’t mature enough and the latter requires another device that plugs into a wall socket, which doesn’t really solve the problem.

Oh, and comparing Microsoft’s voice recognition TellMe to Siri?


Be that as it may, I find this ad amusing and am surely glad that Nokia fans are not sitting on the sidelines while Apple, Google and Samsung dominate headlines.

The Lumia 920 is slated to arrive some time in the fourth quarter of this year. Nokia did not announce price points at post time.

This viral ad war thing is just the beginning, mind you.

Remember last October?

Things could get even messier this time around, as Samsung is reportedly filming its new anti-iPhone television commercial.

On a final note, Nokia’s Twitter channel exploited the “it doesn’t take a Genius” tagline from Samsung’s ad:

Lumia 920: Wireless charging, amazing camera, screen you can use with gloves on and much more. No, it doesn’t take a genius. #swithctolumia

Isn’t this smartphone rivalry getting out of control?

  • Nokia is just hateful because they lost the nano sim standard war with Apple.

    • And I quote: Now there’s a new “ad” ready to become viral, coming from Nokia fans (or maybe Windows Phone fans).

  • that’s how you would expect a brand fan to react, but it’s just silly whean a big company do it, S3 is crap in both design and software. this new lumia are great

    • bad in design but not software 🙂

      • I can tell the latest version of android is a big improvement but it is still slower than IOS or WP

  • The mp doesn’t matter lol

  • Kinda makes you wonder. The specs for the Lumia 920 listed above are all relevant!

  • kindergarten

  • Yeah but what isn’t stated is how ugly the Nokia is and beautiful the iPhone 5 is, there is a reason everyone has an iPhone

    • Agreed Jerad and on top they put things that are not mature yet or simply not working. I really think Samsung is overrated. Own the galaxy SIII and an iPhone 4 . The SIII is just packed with features that are either useless or simply not functional. I presume it is a good marketing strategy for them, the average consumer will succumb to the exaggerated list of features. As soon as the iPhone 5 is available, I will get one. At least I know that it will do what it says it can do and well.

    • ymcpa

      I’ve read a lot of comments and reviews. You are one of the few who think the lumia is ugly. Most tech site rave about how good the lumia line looks. Just curious if you put a case on your phone. I haven’t seen many people using their 4/4s without a case. As soon as you put on a case, there goes the good looks, the weight advantage, and the thinness advantage.

    • Guest

      Yeah but what you did not state is if your eyesight is 20/20, there is the reason why tech new sites have a lot of editors with good eyesight and good taste

      (same for romicom)

  • No Whammy

    iPhone 5: Panoramic photos, also works with gloves on, flat back surface so it doesn’t wobble around when on a table or desk, 8 billion apps, doesn’t run Windows, vector based maps, free messages to all other iProducts, reversible power plug, is not yellow.

    • Blake

      Best comment ever!

    • Since when does the iphone work with gloves?

      • No Whammy

        Since the day it was released. Try it. It may not work with snow gloves but I doubt any other multi-touch does either.

      • Eric L

        My buddy has a Droid X, yeah, that one from 3 years ago, and he has been using the voice commands since day 1. He speaks to the phone, and never touches it, and I am not joking. IOS sucks big wieners you fanboys. He constantly emails and texts me with the voice app. When he says period, it puts a . when he says question mark, it puts a ?, every time. He literally texts me so damn fast I am jealous.

        So I went out and got myself a Motorola Razr MAXX. I will never use any IOS garbage. My wife has an Iphone 4S. I bought it for her for a gang of money at the release just so she would be trendy and cool and all that crap. The screen is small, the device is ok in speed, but my Motorola destroys it. What a waste of $400 that was. I feel so ripped off. Screw you apple, never ever again.

    • I believe you are sarcastic…no you can’t use iPhone with gloves or with keys, no 8 billion apps yet

      • Blake

        You can use it with gloves. they just need a certain material on them. I happen to have a pair. And he was exaggerating, but nevertheless the app store has hundreds of thousands of apps, way more than any other app store.

      • SimonReidy

        The point is the Nokia has new screen technology that allows you to use anything (your fingernail, stylus etc) as well as being capacitive for use with fingers.

        I’d still prefer an iPhone 5, but you have to admit its a cool advancement on Nokia’s part with its new “sensitive screen” technology.

      • No Whammy

        I’ve explained it elsewhere in this thread. You can use iPhones with gloves on. I’ve done it with a bunch of different types, though never super thick ones. I can’t imagine any phone working with any accuracy with something along the lines of mittens.

    • ymcpa

      Nokia also takes panoramic photos. Where did apple say it will work with gloves? Old on never did. 8 billion apps and 7,999,999,900 of them are complete crap that even if you download you will erase withing 5 minutes. Reversible power plug? How about no powerplug with wireless charging. not yellow. Yeah it black or white. Plenty of choice there for iphone fans. Nokia is black, white, grey, yellow, red and possibly cyan. Flat back surface that is flat on a table but uncomfortable in the hand and more likely to slip and fall. Do you use your phone in your hand or on a table? By the way there is still glass on the front and back with a rigid aluminum frame. That means more cracked glass. But apple doesn’t mind because they know you will just buy another one.

      • No Whammy

        Have you ever tried using your iPhone with gloves? I do it all the time. I know it’s not “supposed” to work but it does with the vast majority of gloves I use. Surgical gloves, Mechanix, the list goes on. it also works through a ziplock bag, fyi.

        You obviously don’t care so I say enjoy your Nokia, you obviously found your soulmate.

      • ymcpa

        I care. I have a 3 gs and it doesn’t work with that. There were a few videos with a 4S where they used a cloth, not gloves, and it worked with the 920 but not the 4s. However, if it work then that’s great for iphone users. I live in S. CAlifornia, so gloves aren’t a big deal for me. I was more exited that I could use a pen as a stylus if I need it.

      • Eric L

        Yeah, I put my iphone 5 in a used condom, then in a plastic bag, and then I wear surgical gloves so I don’t get my fingerprints on the ziplock bag that is holding the phone, and it still works fine. I also wear a surgical mask when I talk on the phone, because I don’t want to get my germs on the ziplock bag that protects my iphone 5. I’m trendy and suave and (sexy and I know it) because LMFAO tells me so and so do my useless friends. Well they have one use, to stroke my already overinflated ego, or my 2″ wiener, if they can find it.


        Motorola Razr MAXX user, and very happy. Android kicks IOS butt. That is all. Linux>all. Thank you Linus Torvalds, you are great. Sorry Steve Jobs, you were always a douche, a rich douche, but a douche. Wozniak on the other hand…

    • Joshua Vargas

      iPhone 5: Panoramic photos that look too dark at night, works with gloves only if you cut finger holes or use capacitive touch gloves, flat back surface that attracts fingerprints and scratches, 700,000 apps (8 billion is the number of downloads, not the number of apps, stupid iSheep), doesn’t run Windows but runs a boring, 5 year old operating system that barely changes, maps that duplicate islands, put locations of bridges into Home Depot branches and turns business districts into nature parks, free messages to all other iProducts when you can get Skype or Viber and just send free messages to their users which include relatives without iProducts, reversible power plug that requires an unattractive-looking adapter for existing docks, and is not yellow but opts for boring color choices that are rarely exiting and do not attract attention anymore. Plus, may I mention light leakage = the world’s worst, most poorly constructed, most boring, iPhone ever. And “people” (read: iSheep) are still proud of it.

      • No Whammy

        Most boring iPhone ever? 5 million sold in the first weekend? You’re delusional.

  • Howard Ellacott

    It’s a tad more truthful than the samsung one though… What about iWork for iOS? Or the App Store, that kicks microsofts ass?

    • Last time I try iWork for iOS suck ass…not even comparable to MS Office…and also it doesnt come built in into iOS you need to buy from App Store…in WP8, Office 13 is preinstalled

  • Night76

    Nokia after buying that n96 junk i will never give u another dime. Atleast apple never sold me a junk phone.

    • Guest

      “Apple never sold me a junk phone”

      Yet it sold thousands of people a junk phone when iPhone 5 units arrived at doorsteps damaged, with scratches, and light leakage. You must be lucky.

    • Joshua Vargas

      “Apple never sold me a junk phone”
      Yet it sold thousands of people a junk phone when iPhone 5 units arrived at doorsteps damaged, with scratches, and light leakage. How about the iPhone 4 with Antennagate or the 3GS whose volume rocker comes off after about a year of usage? You must be lucky.

      • Eric L

        Yup. You are lucky if you get a solid year of the 3GS working. My phone had so much dust inside of it, and I had it in the otterbox defender. And then it crapped out. Repair shop said “oh I think the board is taking a crap”. He THINKS?! Thanks a lot asshat.

  • Kok Hean

    When I saw “Qi comaptible”, I thought that I can wirelessly charge it with my qi energy.

  • Dave_Lui

    Finally, Samsung can sue a rival with a valid issue, even if it’s a Ad campaign 😉
    “Nokia you just cropped the other half, didn’t u ?”

  • mr432

    for galaxy sIII and nokia lumia 920 fans “how many times have you use NFC technology?”

    • Joshua Vargas

      for iPhone fans “how many times have you actually used Ping technology?”

  • Guest

    Some of the crap the put on these phones is just over doing it.

  • Blake

    I forgot nokia was still a brand 0.o I thought they just made tracfones Haha

  • Zorvage

    Have used the iPhone all of my lige, and i dont care about specs. The phone rund smoothly and the os is way better. Fuck nokia, fuck samsung.

    • Guest

      If you have not tried a Lumia on a store and compare it to the iPhone 4S unit beside the Lumia like I did a few weeks ago, I understand your iLogic.

    • Joshua Vargas

      If you have not tried a Lumia on a store and compare it to the iPhone 4S unit beside the Lumia like I did a few weeks ago, I understand your feelings.
      Everyone has an opinion though.

  • form factor? thickness?

    • Joshua Vargas

      Lightness and polished aluminum and glass that makes it easy for the iPhone to slip and drop into the floor where it suffers big cracks, scratches and stuff? No thanks.

  • This just makes me sad nokia were once a great company with great hardware and software. But just were stubborn to move into the new age of ios and android remained in the past now just going down the drain all thanks to windows. Great strategy making a microsoft employee your CEO , dragging the company shares down the drain good strategy by microsoft wont be long when they just buy nokia.

  • In my opinion the iPhone is getting too black and white

  • Bonjour/Airplay is better than DLNA.

    • DLNA is standard, Airplay needs Apple TV and works only with Apple hardware not universal enough

  • sasan akbari

    Comparing iphone 5 with nokia lumia?!!!
    Nokia Vs apple?!! Come on! :))

  • Uhhh, look outtt, samsung and nokia, 2 badasses over hereee

  • prghon

    seriously, why would anyone think that watching an ad trashing a competitor product would discourage a potential customer from buying it? how stupid is that! what a waste of time, money and resources.

    • ymcpa

      This kind of viral ads are basically free. You won’t discourage someone who made up their mind, but a person who is still evaluating their decision might be swayed.

  • #swithctolumia or #switchtolumia ??

  • This would be nice, if the phone actually were available for purchase.

  • Just giving a thought out there. when you see a phone in a t-mobile store or an at&t store. you’ll see screen burns in the nokia phones. Although i do want to own a windows phone one day. just not one that easily leave screen burns on it.

    • SimonReidy

      You’re thinking of Nokia’s previous screens which used AMOLED technology (known for image retention), The new Lumia 920 has a Super LCD IPS display just like the iPhone5 (just larger, but with almost exactly the same pixels per inch).

  • i know im upgrading my windows phone 7 to 8 ! worth it new and the screen is not just larger, even though the new iphone looks good still not worth my money any more

  • Final Round..


  • shinx2ran

    they are too scared with Apple, so they made their own anti Apple poster. :)) pathetic

    • Guest

      you are too scared of getting behind the times, so you made an anti-anti-apple comment. :))