Apple started prepping for its highly-anticipated iPhone event last week, hanging colorful banners outside of the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco.

The company’s venue decorations are typically more interesting than they are insightful. But this time, they may contain clues to its upcoming announcement…

MacRumors passes along a discovery from a reader that the colorful streaks in Apple’s adornments are made up of stretched iOS icons: Game Center, iTunes and Music.

As you can imagine, speculation has ensued that this indicates Apple will be unveiling an iPhone with a “stretched” screen next week. The rumor mill has been calling for a larger 4-inch iPhone display for months, pointing to reports and leaked parts for confirmation.

If that consensus holds true, the new iPhone will feature a taller, but not wider, 4-inch Retina display with a resolution of 1136 x 640 and a ratio close to 16 x 9.

Banners or not, we are fully expecting to see an iPhone with a bigger display and a number of other changes next week. But we have to admit it was a pretty interesting Β find.

What do you think?

  • Quite clever, no doubt they’ve patented the idea… jk πŸ™‚

  • presidentwalter

    I would have never thought of that. Very interesting. I wasn’t hoping for a stretched out iPhone though. I would have been happy if it was widened as well. I guess we’ll see on the 12th.

  • seyss

    Passbook app icon might fit in that black spot, except the yellow part of the icon

  • What time is it in the USA

    • markfulaytar

      About 4:40 new York time

      • Johnathan Jennings

        He meant the event jack weed.

      • markfulaytar

        Hahaha my bad lol

      • lololol I was also thinking of replying with my current time hahaha

  • sackboy

    Where’s the Phone icon?

  • It could be the phone icon missing


    I think there will be more people around the world think that they would much rather have a wider phone than a longer one. I see limited reason to have it only longer. Saying this i would of prefered a wider iphone4S.

    • Ok… the screen size of the iPhone is perfect, but we want 16:9 ratio screen, that would only happen if Apple make the iPhone’s screen taller and bigger.

  • I’m also not to happy with a longer-not-wider iPhone. Would someone be able to tell me the advantages of having a longer iPhone? Why wouldn’t Apple make the phone wider? I’m just curios to know since every other phone on the market is wider and longer.

    My only speculation is gripping the phone. Gripping the Galaxy S3 and the iPhone is completely different. iPhone fits perfect in my hands, while with the S3, I had to extend my hands a little bit to be able to fully grip the phone (must be my small hands).

    • 1337lolzorz

      The longer display forms a perfect 16:9 screen

      • Who fricken uses their tiny iPhone screens to watch long movies etc. 16:9 isn’t that amazing! Especially when we are using our phones mostly vertically! It would look weird!

      • Galaxy Nexus has a 16:9 display, which also happens to be 1280 by 720, and it doesn’t look like LG BL40.

  • nima

    i would like a wider and streched display please, make it a to go , i need it fast! πŸ˜›

  • nima

    i like it wider!!!!

    • That’s what she said….

      • OBAMA OBAMA OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Johnathan Jennings

      I like it longer.. Fits in deep and feels better
      Edit:.. That is, in your pocket..(;

      • J_GellerDoesDallas

        You’re definitely from San Francisco πŸ˜›


    Look at the reflection the black one has a green shadow?

  • johndhynes

    It’s a tree

  • gh1234564

    stretched 5 in the invitation leads to…

  • Stormy08

    I don’t know about you guys, but I can hardly wait to see the new iPhone. The Galaxy S3 is an amazing phone. And that makes the iPhone 5 amazing+

    • Uhh… the screen is unbelievably big… I’d rather wait for another nexus.

  • It phone app

  • If iphone 5 is stretch like those leak pics, i m gonna skip

    • Shandeep Segar

      Y skip ?
      Those pictures show the phone is way better than all the latest android phones in the market and it will take another month or two for the latest Windows phones to come in to the market
      i would say the iPhone 5 is the best option

      • So with your logic, if something LOOKS better, it obviously is…get serious. That’s like saying if I think the One X looks better than say, the Lumia 920, it is because looks are everything.


        Looks aren’t everything.

      • Yes. Look is not everything but its impotant. It is one of the reason i bought myself an iphone

      • Agreed.

      • No more Obama

        exactly @facebook-1849765376:disqus…also, nokia 920 is better looking that this 6th gen iphone. the nokia 920 has a far better camera. amazing stabilization and the photos it takes in the dark are amazing. iphone has always had the best camera. but now it has the 2nd best. nokia also has the most responsive and brightest screen. hopefully we will see more from apple this year.

  • Irfan Tarique

    Maybe they’re just trolling.maybe I am

  • macboy74

    Big deal Android has had bigger screens for a year now blah blah android is better blah blah isheep blah blah blah closed os blah blah blah we have more features and are more open blah blah blah isheep suck blah blah blah I have had LTE for months blah blah blah no innovation blah blah blah Apple sucks blah blah blah Samsung had more features blah blah blah Wheres my update? I am 2 android operating systems behind blah blah blah stupid carriers and oems blah blah blah Android is perfect and has no flaws blah blah blah I blow Andy Rubin in my dreams but I have no clue who he is blah blah blah isheep isheep blah blah blah I love my fragmented, laggy, choppy, slow, unstable, plastic, cheap made, unsupported, half baked, viral, malware, two updates behind Android phone blah blah blah Apple is playing catch up blah blah blah Apple fanboy fanboy FANBOY blah blah blah

    • apple is always gonna come out with something better and it is ALWAYS years ahead of the android copycats like your beloved Samsung. HAHA APPLE WON A BILLION DOLLARS IN THE TRIAL!!! WHOS PLAYING CATCH UP NOW FANDROID?????

      • macboy74

        Umm I was being sarcastic dude. My comment is what these Apple haters come on here and say on a daily basis. Please don’t call me a fandroid, its kinda insulting. Take a look at the avatar and the nickname before you call me certain names.

      • Kok Hean

        I think I did something similar πŸ˜€

      • ohh sorry… i was actually trying to reply to the first guy sorry. no harm intended.

      • The fact Apple won a billion in the trial only shows how Samsung copied Apple’s design, and not how the competition is the one playing catch up. Only brain damages fanboys can make such claims.

      • Kok Hean

        Why didn’t you read his reply to Stanley Traub that was posted 12 hours ago?

      • Hello? Earth to Kok Hean? I was replying to Stanley Traub.

      • Kok Hean

        I dislike Disqus πŸ˜›

      • go troll on fandroid sites. im NEVER switching to android. once you go iphone you NEVER go back

      • I never asked you to switch. Your extremely defensive attitude shows how insecure you are about your smartphone choice.
        Once you go iPhone you never go back? Do you have any statistics to back that statement up? Or are you just talking out of your ass?

      • actually im speaking out of common sense. btw you are very insecure of your smartphone choice because you keep trying to convince others about the cheap switch you made to your shit s3 which i couldnt give a fuck less about

      • Common sense implies that people will never switch from the iPhone? You seriously need to wake the f up.

        You might want to look these things up before making such unfounded claims. And I don’t think you’re aware of it, but I don’t own an S3, but a 4S. That “shit S3” works far better than my 4S with stock iOS 6.

        Like I said a million times already, denial isn’t just a river in Egypt.


      • (I’m guessing your caps lock accidentally turned itself on again?) Truly innovative? I don’t know what you consider to be innovation, or how low your standards are… But what apple has been doing since iOS 5 (even iOS 4) is nothing but ripping off features already available in Cydia or on other platforms (Android or Windows Phone). Newsfalsh! That ain’t innovating.

        With that said, I’ll only ask you to stop commenting about something you obviously haven’t used. Goodbye.


    • Wow your mature. STFU!!! moron.

      • macboy74

        Eat me moron. Do you tell the idiot android supporters that utter these words that? You want to talk mature. Talk maturity to people that say isheep and fanboy. Computer tough guys these days lol.

  • So cool

  • Isn’t this a bit of reading too much into it? I mean sure they used the app icons and I don’t doubt that, but the idea that they hint at a taller iPhone? That’s almost bullocks, unless they plan to announce a 50 inch phone.

    • Read the comments just to see if anybody else thought the same (ok i always read the comments :O, but). I think this is just their artistic style. I mean taller iphone so that icons can get bigger? nahh, if anything, i think it hints a new app πŸ™‚

  • I really can’t wait for the coming event, not because i want to see the iPhone but to stop rumors and expectations about it………..

    • No more Obama

      get ready for…”When’s the jailbreak for iOS 6.0 coming out???”

      • True , πŸ˜€

      • Oh god no…. then [insert developer name] posts a video on YouTube of an untethered jailbreak boot and people start complaining about them not releasing it even though it is heavily bugged lol.

      • No, they will jailbreak the NEW iPHONE the first day it is released, and then it will be 4 months before a public release.


  • Got an interesting leak you can read it on my blog mouhammedaliamer.Blogspot.Com

    • Kok Hean

      What a reliable leak!

  • Irfan Tarique

    Why is there two Game Center icons?

    • One happens to be upside down, I just realize that when you Said it lol

    • there are also 2 iPod icons…..Who cares.

  • stretched screen? dont we know this already?

  • I can’t believe you guys don’t see it. The last blue icon is actually the AppStore icon. Below the black icon, though it’s green at top, it turns blue with a reddish spot in the middle, which is obviously the needle in the middle of the Safari icon. As for the blue icon in the middle of the banner, still can’t figure it out. It could be the Stock icon as they say, but it’s kind of meaningless among the other ones. I’d rather go with the email icon instead. I’m eager to see what’s to come next Wednesday.

  • I think that might be a bit of a stretch…

  • shadyside4fyr

    Only apple can advertise the ipodtouch as a gaming device and cripple it with only 256mb ram heck serious games don’t even run on it some developers don’t even support it( horn, Avengers initiative) As a typical consumer when I want to buy a game what is my business with how much ram my gaming device has? Imagine a phone runs games than a gaming device from the
    same company from the same year…intersting….

  • LOL is Apple trolling?

  • Really? I think that those tall splashes of colors are hints of…… tall splashes of colors. 😐

  • Dont trust the rumors. Still remember last year announcement. When everybody expected to see a thinner, bigger screen iphone with all-new design, the fifth generation came out as a same design like iphone 4. Dont expect too much!

  • Shadowlink

    This is getting ridiculous just release the damn phone already so i can decide if ill stay with apple or move on

  • i hate this long iphone idea… the 4s is already

  • Why is there two music icons?

  • Can’t wait for an unthethered jailbreak for ios 6!!!(am I hoping for too much?)

  • rick

    lol the question mark is the Phone icon! Which means iPhone…

  • Hiding whats hanging inside the building so people cant spot it.

  • 289v8

    These are STREAMING icons, not stretched icons. A stretched screen does not stretch the icons, but video streaming does in an abstract way that makes more sense graphically.

  • John Wickham

    How come Game Center’s upside-down?

  • That once you can’t see, could that maybe signal a new app? Or am I thinking too hard πŸ™

  • OBAMA OBAMA OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    THOSE ARE ICONS!!!!!!!
    THIS IS PROOF!!!!!!!!
    BIGGER IPHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!